The last two weeks and the next two weeks are the crunch time of this year. And we sure can feel it. The Moon phases and all planetary activity feel like they’re on steroids in their efforts to get us to wake up into the Aquarian Age and let the knots holding us to the Piscean Age go. It’s important that we get what’s being given us during this time, and yet with the intensity of the energy, it’s very, very hard to pay attention.

Our conscious and subconscious are equally active all the time now and we’re not used to that. Our conscious is having a hard time adjusting to all the real-world changes that happen every hour, with the upcoming election a focal point strewing fear and chaos all over the place. Meanwhile our subconscious is trying to adapt to the vibration and energy shifts while picking up the fear and chaotic emotions that are pervasive. It makes it worse when we don’t recognize that any of this is happening. Then we feel like victims of circumstance or an angry God instead of in the middle of human evolution.

Here’s an example of the underlying energy that we feel but don’t recognize that is hitting us now: last Wednesday night going into Thursday early morning, I felt an intense wave of depression (planetary, not mine personally) so strong that I couldn’t sleep until 6:30 in the morning. Several clients said they were overly emotional all day Thursday, some unable to stop crying, for reasons that weren’t clear or didn’t make sense.

And then yesterday, Sunday, I went to the grocery store and every single person I encountered (no exaggeration) was discombobulated, lost, unaware of anyone else around them and, to me in my Scorpio bitchiness, annoying beyond reason. No one was paying attention, even to the things they were doing. People clogged the aisle with their carts askew as they stared blankly at soup choices and weren’t aware they were holding up several shoppers trying to get by on both sides, nor were they clear what kind of soup they wanted. That may be normal behavior in Los Angeles, if I remember it rightly from my time there, but that is definitely not normal in the very polite state of Texas.

But hold on! And, as usual, give ourselves a break! There are three upcoming planetary events that give us some much needed ease. They take us through the fire first (it is 2020 after all), but, honestly, we’ve been going through the fire almost all year. So this is one of those things where the fire isn’t new, it just may be turned up to eleven for two more weeks. And we’re all weary enough to let it slide off our backs as just one more thing we have to deal with.

The first event is Mercury going direct on November 3, Election Day. This is relief from the chaos Mercury retrograde has given us, which has shaken us up so we can get out of old thought patterns and into new ones. But after such an intense presence, Mercury going direct makes us stupid and crazy and more unbalanced as we find our new balance without it’s pressure. That will take at least a week. It will be reflected in the crazy-making of who’s actually been elected.

SIDEBAR: There will be no riots or violence when the results are announced because there will be no single point of declaration to focus on, like the election being called the night of November 3 (it won’t legally be). With Mercury retrograde/direct discombobulating and enervating us, few will have coherence enough to organize violence. More on that next week.

The second event comes on November 13 when Mars goes direct. That’s your end-time, fellas. The big all-male lessons of this incredibly long and torturous Mars retrograde stops helping our masculine side step out of Piscean Age overlord-behavior and wake up to Aquarian Age equality-identity. No matter where we stand in having gotten those lessons, they will be over. That can be a relief for many, but if someone got the memo and chose not to read it, it doesn’t bode well for how they’ll deal with what happens in December with our third event. Then they’ll be uncomfortable in their own skin, more than likely for the rest of their lives.

On the Winter Solstice, December 21, our third huge event hits, which is Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction. I turn this space over now to Master Astrologer, Gahl Sasson, to explain what that means. From his book “The Astrology of 2020: The Leap of Faith: The Dawning of a New World” (he has his “The Astrology of 2021” coming out but is saving it until after Mercury goes direct!), Gahl writes:

In astrology, there are four sacred days and they are the four cardinal points of the year: Spring Equinox (March 20), Summer Solstice (June 21), Vernal Equinox (September 22), and Winter Solstice (December 22). These dates change a bit every year. They represent the four types of relationships between night and day, feminine and masculine, and their harmonious balance.

The Equinoxes celebrate the perfect harmony between day and night. The Solstice captures a moment in the year when either yin or yang energies are more pronounced, hence the longest night (Winter Solstice) or longest day (Summer Solstice). Any planet or alignment that falls on these four points is dramatically magnified in significance. The “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn takes place precisely on the Winter Solstice.

Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct every 20 years and in the last 220 years their conjunction has always taken place in earth signs (except for 1980/81 when it was in Libra). For 220 years, we dealt with earth-related issues. For instance, the Industrial Revolution used coal as an energy source, which was later replaced with fossil fuel and uranium, all coming from the earth. But in 2020, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is moving into air signs. The air signs are open, accepting, and far less traditional.

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius is a return to the qualities that this sign represents: freedom, equality, emancipation, democracy, innovation, technology, sharing economy, awareness, and the recognition that all humans are created equal. Since the conjunction takes place on the Winter Solstice, the longest night (Northern Hemisphere), there will be a change in government in many places above the equator.”

And the Winter Solstice is the Divine Feminine showing her face, not to take over but to balance out. This feels to me as if we’re getting a clean sweep of energy that lifts the heaviness and intensity of 2020 lessons, giving us a fresh start for 2021. An energetic fresh start. We will still be dealing with the physical reality of the pandemic and how that has affected every part of us and our old society, but that’s just another avenue to bring change: shake us out of what’s comfortable, make us uncomfortable to give us the opportunity to find that balance in the New Age.

People who have already been living with Aquarian Age sensibilities will feel like they’re finally home, especially our children. While those who hold onto Piscean Age sensibilities will feel lost and frustrated because their presence and voices no longer carry any weight.


As we move into the next phase of the pandemic—which if you’ve read my posts I believe will continue non-stop til the end of May when it will burn itself out—Covid-19 fear will be married to cold and flu season. It’s already started. People who are getting symptoms are automatically in a panic that they have more than the standard winter ailments. It’s going to up the fear factor in the world by 1,000 percent. That makes sense, though. Rarely do colds or flues bring a potential death sentence, nor would you spend weeks in hospital under grueling treatment without comfort of family. It’s easy to go straight to the fear.

Most of us are run down after the 2020 we’ve had so far. The overall fear has affected digestion and sleep patterns while our bodies have been automatically changing to a different energetic, vibrational, cellular and thought-concept of reality. That’s been our underlying experience. But then there are the physical worries that also run us down due to constant anxiety over finances, work, health of self and those we love, especially our children and elders. And we’re still dealing with self-identity questions as we’re getting an upgrade, so we’re asking: “Who am I?” “Am I doing things right?” “What am I going to do when I have no idea how to move forward?” These keep us off balance because there is no answer from the outside where we’re used to getting it. It’s for us to find inside.

Even those who are able to appreciate the forced down-time because it’s given them a much needed pause to catch up and spend time with loved ones are picking up the fear and anxiety of the world population. And all of that runs us down, too.

So what would be our normally healthy, or at least functioning, immune system in past years has had almost an entire year to be picked at or depleted, sometimes little by little, sometimes in huge traumas, making our bodies vulnerable to what’s coming in now.

A NOTE: The cold and flu are more dangerous now, not just because of fear they could lead to Covid (and, unfortunately, no vaccine is going to help as the flu strain coming in is different than the strain covered by the existing vaccine). In our group anxiety, we can skip over taking care of ourselves because we still have so many responsibilities and things to do. Our already touchy immune system doesn’t get the rest and support it needs. We take drugs as usual if we get sick and keep going (which is the old way of doing things). Without letting our bodies heal, cold or flu can lead to pneumonia this time around and take much longer to get over because it’s all part of the same package of trying to get our attention.

This isn’t a dire warning that we’re all going to get sick and die. It’s a wake up call to get out of old rhythms and face what’s happening now instead of what we would like to have happen so our lives aren’t interrupted anymore. The change is here. It’s been here all year. Only those who are still fighting it are going to have a hard time.

Be present in the moment. Take care of our bodies, minds, souls, hearts. Build our immune system aggressively now. And don’t panic. It’s easy to do that with the planets pushing our buttons and the coming election and the powerful Mercury and Mars retrogrades making this very, very hard. Stay above the fray. We are so close!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

P.S. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ends next Saturday/Sunday. This actually makes it easier for us to take care of ourselves because some small primal part of us gets back into our natural circadian rhythm and that gives us ease.


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Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay healthy!


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