How did you make it through last week? The energy was out there in stress and fear that manifested in weird ways: insomnia, testiness, confusion, brain fog, and a push on anything already out-of-balance within, turned up to eleven. Stress was more stressful, resentment was harder to deal with, frustration brought more impatience. Sometimes the stress fed into physical ailments. I ended up using pheromone plug-ins for my cats because they could feel it so strongly. I wish there was something similar for humans.

After tomorrow, the energy will be vastly different. We’re out of the heavy male lessons of the summer and in the female version of that with Venus still retrograding. But last week’s stress was less about astrological influence than it was about our upcoming election and the fear mongering that represents so much more than an “invasion” of an immigrant caravan. Even though we may not have all the answers for where our country is going tomorrow, as some decisions will be down to the last vote counted (which may well take past Tuesday into the rest of the week or after), there will be change in direction and a release of the unknown.

I’ve spoken and written about the following before, so please forgive the repeat, but I feel it might be helpful to go over it again.

On the night before the presidential election in 2016, I went to bed with the certain in-my-gut knowledge that Hillary Clinton was going to win. We needed her expertise and experience in politics to lead the divided country. We would still be divided because a woman would be in charge of our country’s transition from the male power-over Piscean Age into the equal power-within Aquarian Age, but I believed she could do it.

However, when I woke on the next morning, even before most of the country had started to vote, I knew in my gut that Donald Trump would win. It was the same psychic clarity but for a different candidate.

This meant only one thing to me – there had been Divine Intervention overnight. For some reason, it was more important for a buffoon to lead the country and the world rather than a worthy and knowledgeable woman. I soon realized that the Piscean Age Poster Boy was going to offer us a Great Negative Lesson and would get us to step up faster and more completely than anyone could have done. We were thrown into the fire because human growth needed to catch up to the paradigm shift.

So we’ve had the Great Negative Lesson for almost two years. And it has kicked everyone in the ass. We are clearer now than we’ve ever been where each person stands (in self-survival or self-growth), how much fear is present and what needs to be done to move us out of repeating lessons that no longer apply to our evolution.

Haven’t we had enough of this? Haven’t enough of us woken up to step up? I believe we have. I believe there is great change coming with tomorrow’s election. This isn’t based on polls. It’s based in what I “feel”, the messages I get doing what I do and the fact that the lessons this year that have been so brutal are serving their purpose. Three significant energy shifts are on us now, two that manifest next year and one that has already happened.

The first is that Trump is no longer president as of next April. Before he took office, I was given a message saying that he would be in office “two years and three months” from inauguration. That takes us to April of 2019. I’d also heard from other psychics when he was elected that they received messages of his time in office being two years. I’m still holding onto that because every time someone talks about his next two years, it reverberates to my psychic self as false, that it’s just not going to happen.

I have no idea how his presidency is resolved. There are several ways we already know are possible (the Mueller investigation, impeachment, criminal charges), and some I can’t even comprehend. While I am hesitant to believe it completely because we’ve been living in an alternate reality since November 6, 2016, meaning “anything can happen”, the message has not changed to this day.

The second energetic shift is that once 2018 is done, those who remain stuck by choice – who have refused to learn and adapt to the higher vibration of the Aquarian Age offered so clearly in this year’s lessons, who have made others around them (personally, in their community and the world) pay for their ego and fear – will have a diminished effect on everyone and everything. They will become invisible in their impact. Many will still be in government or positions of power, but their voices will be heard like someone screaming into the wind.

One very clear way that both of these things would happen is for the election tomorrow to bring leaders to the government who put their constituents, their country and their world over self-aggrandizing and monetary gain. It’s good to remember that the majority of people who voted for Trump didn’t do it because they were all stuck Piscean Age hold-outs. Many voted because they thought he brought a disrespect for existing government that would be refreshing and very needed. He would stir things up. And he did. But not the way many of them expected.

Trump being Trump has exposed those like him: the many liars and white-collar criminals in government and the systems they created with laws to support and protect them. He gave them carte blanche to behave as he did, narcissistically and without morals. His example allowed the left-over Piscean Age white male power-over structure to come out-of-the-closet, so to speak, so it could easily be identified. They are terrified now of having their entitlement questioned and losing the power they’ve cultivated over their lifetimes. But the time has come.

That brings us to the third shift. The one that has already happened. The first time I saw Trump after the debacle of Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court, the energy was different. His personal vibe hadn’t changed, but the energy of how he was perceived had. At least in a vibrational way. It was like he had overnight become one of those voices screaming into the wind – unimportant, loud but saying nothing, heard but not accepted.

Based on how the news still covered him, not everyone saw or felt that. But the grinding in my gut whenever I’d previously heard or saw him had stopped. He had energetically become unimportant. That, to me, meant he had completed his purpose. His Great Negative Lesson was no longer needed. The country’s core had changed.

So here we are on the eve of the most important election of this lifetime. Yet even with everything I’ve felt with the change in the air, I’m still hesitant to believe it’s possible that sanity will prevail, as I’m sure many are. So I suggest if we pray or meditate or do spellcrafting for guidance or outcome in this election, first open up to Divine Intervention. The last one was to get us all to participate in the bigger picture and that brought us Trump which was for our own good whether we liked it or not. If, as I believe, most of us have seen the bigger picture and he has served his purpose, then pray for Divine Intervention to take us where we need to be. This time, it can put the leadership of our future back into sane, seventh-generation-thinking hands. It’s hard to trust that we get what we need in a positive way, but that’s what’s needed. And to vote, obviously.

However, please know that if the general population still needs these lessons for the greater good in our continued development and evolution as human beings, the election will change little except the number of people involved. If the majority of us still need The Great Negative Lesson, everyone will have to suffer while the young souls are forced to grow up. There is no choice but to grow up, to develop, to evolve. It’s just a matter of how fast and how many people have to pay for others taking their time in ego and fear.

Pray for Divine Intervention. Trust. And vote, if you haven’t already!!!!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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