Because there is so much to cover with the energy that shifted with the elections, I’m doing two posts this week. This one is about the energy and planetary shifts that just happened and how they will affect 2019 (it’s good news). The one yesterday was very specifically about the midterms.


Within the next week I will be unveiling a new look for my website. I’m aiming at Thursday, November 15 (Thursday being Jupiter Day, which is good for all business), but it may be a little after. Hope you like it.


The shift in energy following Tuesday’s election was palpable, even though it still seems to be coming to light as votes continue to be counted (and recounted). The victory for women, people of color and the Aquarian Age sensibilities of equality and humanity proved that the Piscean Age is really on its last breath. It’s as if we finally caught up to the new vibration the Earth brought us in 2012.

There are still many people who are holding onto the old sensibilities, even if they don’t know it. In a conversation with a friend the week before, I mentioned the election coming up and he said, “What election?” He was so involved in his day-to-day challenges, it wasn’t even on his radar.

For many who voted for the old way, it’s the same. This year has been so intense in demanding we wake up, getting through the day was a struggle even without worrying about politics. And what could change in politics, right? It’s always the same. No, not this time. As we shift into more awareness of self and our human place in the world, the macrocosm of national and world politics mirrors the microcosm of individual growth. And we are certainly growing – the outcome of the midterms proved that.

Sometimes, vibrations lift in the macrocosmic way, as they did with the Earth’s birthday on December 21, 2012, and we must adapt. Other times, less frequently but equally profound, it’s a commonality of human awakening (the microcosm or grassroots effect) that causes the lift. The energy shifted with the Earth and we’ve had a hard time adapting. So we were given Trump to speed things along. He was gifted every opportunity to spread his Great Negative Lesson, not for him to learn anything himself (he won’t in this lifetime), but for everyone else to learn. We did and we’re still working on it, but we broke a barrier with this election. Those who stay stuck coming out of 2018 are going to have a harder and harder time being comfortable in their own skin and having a place they belong or the influence they once enjoyed.

While the leading edge of humankind has stepped into the Aquarian Age, with the elections bringing an exciting year of action and balance for 2019, two major planetary events take that growth-spurt and open the doors wide for further accelerated awareness to be the norm rather than the exception.

The first happened on election day, November 6. Uranus, the planet of tremendous, unexpected and unavoidable change, moved retrograde from being in Taurus for seven years into returning to Aries until March 6, 2019. As Ara at sums up, Uranus returning to Aries brings: “Cosmic wake-up call. Major shake-ups. Change. Transformation. Inability to ignore things any longer. Going in the direction of truth. Stop settling. No more sleepwalking through life.”

Sounds like just what we need, especially “Going in the direction of truth”. The folks at agree: “The foundations are being shaken on all that we’ve had on autopilot. The areas where we have been avoiding change because it may be too uncomfortable will be coming into the light in a big way. Uranus wants to jolt us awake from where we have been merely existing, sleepwalking through life. It’s time to shake the dust off our souls and rebirth ourselves into what we desire.”

That gets us off to a good start for 2019, even before the inauguration of “The Blue/Pink Wave” starts balancing out the government. Then the second planetary event carries on the work. Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, wisdom, generosity, the higher mind, moved into its home of Sagittarius on November 8 through December 2, 2019. While Jupiter in any other sign brings good luck and exponential growth to those born in that specific sign, Jupiter in Sagittarius is so happy to be home, it spreads opportunity throughout the Zodiak for individuals and for humanity.

Master Astrologer and Sage, Gahl Sasson, writes:

Once in 12 years, for 13 months, Jupiter comes home to his native sign Sagittarius, the happy-go-lucky sign of the Centaur. When Jupiter moves into his own sign, he is able to express his benevolence in the purest form, and since Jupiter is all about luck, opportunities, and expansion, we can expect a big boost in our lives from November 8, 2018 until December 2, 2019.

The first new pattern we will see is revelation of the truth. Jupiter is the ruler of truth, and is also the light bearer. While Jupiter was in Scorpio (October 2018 – November 2019) we experienced the exposure of truth (Jupiter) regarding sexual harassment (Scorpio) and the re-birthing of the #metoo movement, which actually started in 2006 when Jupiter last visited Scorpio. Now, as Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, we can hope for the exposure of truth in the media as Sagittarius is the sign of mass communication. The Watergate scandal was exposed while Jupiter was in Sagittarius in 1972. Maybe while Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Trump will be forced to reveal his tax returns, maybe other investigations will bring hidden aspects into light.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can also bring forth new teachings and the spread of wisdom. For example, in March 1959, when Jupiter was in Sagittarius, HH the 14th Dalai Lama escaped Tibet into India and in exile began spreading the compassionate teachings of Tibetan Buddhism all around the globe. Jupiter in Sagittarius is elevating optimism, adventures, excitement and enthusiasm. In 1995, when Jupiter was in Sagittarius the World Trade Organization was created. Jupiter in Sagittarius could heal some of these trade wars and obsessions with nationalism.

In two words, Jupiter in Sagittarius is limitless possibilities.

(This was not his complete post. For that, please go to

Take it easy during the holidays. Enjoy family and friends. Be grateful for what we have and are doing rather than what we have yet to achieve. We’re still in the Year of Karmic Catch-Up, in the “looking into the depth of the lake (soul)” energy until next year. Then in 2019, buckle your seat belts. We will be quickly moving forward without apology or Piscean Age interference (although those still stuck will certainly try to interfere). The point is, the energy has already shifted. The Aquarian Age is already here and only growing us stronger and more humane every day.

Congratulations to humanity for finally getting with the New Age program. If we look at the span of an Age over 2,000 years, us being at this point in our development, in embracing the Aquarian Age vibe in a mere six years, we’re doing damn well!

I offer this with love, gratitude and a lot of hope…

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