Because there is so much to cover with the energy that shifted with the elections, I’m doing two posts this week. This one is specifically about the midterms, while the other is about the energy and planetary shifts that just happened and how they affect 2019. Hint: it’s good news.


Within the next week I will be unveiling a new look for my website. I’m aiming for Thursday, November 15 (Thursday being Jupiter Day, which is good for all business), but it may be a little after. Hope you like it.


On Friday, November 16, Venus finally goes direct and less than fourteen hours later Mercury goes retrograde. While the intensity of love and relationship issues will subside slightly without Venus pushing our buttons, the Mercury retrograde will elongate the Venus inner work until it goes direct on December 8. Try to avoid heavy love and relationship decisions until after then, even if it’s shoved right in your face. Look inward not outward. This will be the easiest of Merc-retros this year, but it’s still wise to be aware of typical staples: avoid signing legal documents and buying big-ticket items, travel carefully, think before speaking.


So we’re on our own. No Divine Intervention stepped in. Still, we didn’t do too badly, even though we probably won’t have the final tally on several races for days or weeks.

While I’m very pleased how well people of conscience and seventh-generation thought did (not just Democrats: Republican Mitt Romney became senator for Utah and has already been calling out the president on his lying and fear-mongering), I’m also extremely disappointed and disgusted that so many people still blindly voted for candidates who are known liars and criminals. So many Americans who had the choice of staying in Piscean Age fear or moving into Aquarian Age hope made the “easy” choice of sticking with the old and comfortable (really uncomfortable-but-known) at the cost of our country.

However, considering the gerrymandering and voter suppression the GOP had set up over the last years which made it next to impossible for Democrats to win, there was a Blue Wave after all, or a Pink Wave if you think about all the women who achieved success in this election. So many firsts this time made it truly exciting. I will admit I was completely crushed that Beto, didn’t win, but I know he’s not done. I believe he will be an option for president at sometime in the near future. His energy is very Obama-like. Meanwhile the Stacy Abrams and Andrew Gillum outcomes have yet to be decided so there’s hope.

Even though the Democrats spectacularly took the House and many previously Republican-held state positions, the GOP still has the Senate, Supreme Court and White House, for what good it will do them. I’m holding to everything I said in the last post – I still see Trump being out in April 2019, stuck people having a much harder time functioning in power, and no matter the idiotic and un-American activity Trump gets us into, it only serves the purpose of pushing those final buttons for everyone to realize he and his way of self-involved, self-preservation thinking are really done. His Great Negative Lesson lingers but its power is over. The confusion and chaos he exuded in public appearances after the election made that pretty clear. Did you feel the difference?


I now turn this space over to Master Astrologer and Modern Day Sage Gahl Sasson for his take on the midterms with which I completely agree (as we agree on pretty much everything else). This is not his complete blog on the subject. If you want to read that, please go to

Gahl writes:

Even if you are not a US citizen or live in the southern part of North America, the US midterm elections were significant. Being a super power and a trend setter, whatever happens in the USA tends to ripple throughout the global pond. It is not only true for culture, art, fashion, and cinema but also for social movements.

What can we take from the results of midterm general elections? First, the rise of elected women and people of color. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29, right on her Saturn Return, is the youngest women to be elected to congress and she is one of 113 women who were elected to office. Among these women are Sharice Davids, an LGBTQ Native American in Kansas and two Muslim women Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan OmarIn. In addition, Colorado’s Jared Polis became the first openly gay man to win a governor’s race.

What does that mean to all of us? Simply that younger people, women, and diversity won. The congress in the US will look like this: on one side angry older white males who owe their victories to Trump and on the other side, younger, people of color, and diverse representatives that were elected based on their message of a better future. The sign of the times. 

White nationalism, or any color or shape of nationalism is by default based on fear and weakness. Fear separates, murders, and destroys. Nationalism is a primitive form of collective ego, an imagined construct usually created by men and women who want to lure ignorant people to their personal agenda and interests. However, the world is changing, the desperate attachment to the “old and familiar” or the “pure race” does not make sense any more. The train of globalization and unity left a long time ago, its too late to go back. We are all Africans. We migrated out of Africa in many waves and caravans hundreds of thousands of years ago. No one is really white or black. If you check the DNA of these so called white nationalists, you will find their genetics is a mixture of many colors and races. The future human being will not be white or black or red or white but a blended: homo sapiens mixtio.

Don’t get me wrong, I think you can be proud of your country and history. I am proud of the contribution of Israelis and Jews to humanity. But that’s where my pride lies, in the contribution of “my people” to humanity and not to themselves. This also does not make me feel less at awe from the contribution Muslims have made to humanity or Native Americans.

This processes has been predicted by Astrology for thousands of years. Aquarius is considered to be the sign that governs humanity. The sign is symbolized by an angel in Kabbalah and is associated with altruism, democracy, friendship, and globalization. Aquarius is also the sign that represents technology and no wonder the epitome of Artificial Intelligence is the android, from Andr the Greek word for “man.” The Age of Aquarius is upon us now. Some astrologers trace the initiation of the age to the early 60s with the convergence of planets in the sign, some push the date earlier to the end of the 18th century, when Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius was discovered.

Astrologers predicated that during the Age of Aquarius, that lasts around 2000 years, the world will become a global village. The Age of Aquarius represents the egalitarian principles of freedom, education to all, the spread of information, tolerance, acceptance, and democracy. The opening of esoteric knowledge such as tantra, yoga, kabbalah, to name a few, is part of the Aquarian revolution. Aquarius also represents aliens. In fact, the Tarot card of Aquarius is called the “Star.” in the Age of Aquarius we are not only suppose to let go of religious dogma, countries, and races but also go beyond species and therefore recognize all creatures on the planet are sentient. 

Since Aquarius symbolizes equality and democracy, it is no wonder we had to wait for the 20th century to give women, people of color, minorities, LGBT, or any other disenfranchised group the right to vote and be elected. In Alchemy, Aquarius represent the process of convergence, assimilation and multiplication. Aquarius glyph is composed of two horizontal waves of water representing the process of combining opposing elements, think of mixing black coffee with white milk (or Almond milk) in your mug.

In the Age of Aquarius women recognize they have a masculine side and men reconnect to their feminine part. After all, men and women have both testosterone and estrogen in them. The assimilation and integration does not mean losing who you are, but rather accepting those who are different than you. The Age of Aquarius is the age of loving the alien, recognizing that all is one and the victory of someone is not your defeat. The elevation of one group does not mean a depression of yours. Nationalism is anti-Aquarian and has no place in our future. It will of course perish over time, along with climate-change skeptics and the religious fanatic.

The Age of Aquarius is a cosmic force. It is like a celestial season. And yes, sometimes it snows in the beginning of spring, and for the last few years we have been experiencing this frozen snow storm as a surge of nationalism in China, Russia, India, the US, South America, Europe, and Israel to name a few, but this too will pass. And yet, it is up to us who believe in oneness, the fraternity of humanity, and love, to take out our snow shovels and clear the driveway so that our great grandchildren could enjoy the promise of the Age of Aquarius.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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