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Welcome to the three-plus weeks of Mercury retrograde in July (starting yesterday, July 7 and running to July 31). While it feels weird in ways that aren’t consciously obvious, we are still consciously (and subconsciously) affected. Last week, I wrote about some of the effects. Below I offer Alex Myles’ take on it, which further explains how this time is so important to our human ascension (our Aquarian Age evolution) and energetic/vibrational growth.

But first…


My friend and fellow Psychic/Spiritual Counselor, Vicki Wells (www.vicki-wells.com) are getting together to offer a podcast about all things psychic, energetic and vibrational – from how we work as psychics to what is going on in the world. We’re still working out the details of how often it will be offered and what subjects we’ll talk about, but I wanted to open the floor to suggestions on what you’d like to hear.

Would you like us to cover past lives or energy shifts as they’re happening or how being psychic works in our lives or how to develop your own gifts or perhaps guided meditations? Please send your suggestions to my email address at lauriecjohnson@yahoo.com (or in response to this posting) and we’ll put it on our list.

I’ll keep you up-to-date as we progress and, of course, when it drops.


This has been a very hard week for me. I was on a natural high with the New Moon for about 24 hours, then I dipped into a void that I’ve been living in the rest of the week. While I knew it was a response to energy shifting, it was still hard. Then I read Alex Myles’ posting on the significance of this Mercury retrograde and my week made a lot more sense. Sometimes, even when you know something, you need to hear it from an outside source. In this case, Alex Myles was my outside source, for which I’m very grateful.

Here is what she wrote in different posting this week:

Regarding July 2 Through 17 – Eclipse Energy Shift (From July 2 Posting)

July’s Solar and Lunar Eclipse will bring life-altering transformation and huge transitions over the next two weeks. Old energy and harmful attachments are clearing. New and unexpected positive energy is arriving. This is an unpredictable period. The past will reappear to test you. Try not to get triggered. Focus on your soul growth. Stay grounded. Work on attaining inner and outer peace and harmony. Everything is aligning and it will soon make sense. Eclipse season brings closure and completion. This is an energy reboot. A reset. A positive restart. A brand new exciting chapter now beings.

The Science Behind Energy Shifts (From July 3 posting)

Yesterday (July 2) the Schumann Resonance peaked at an incredible 50 Hz (7 times higher than normal harmonic frequency 7.83 Hz). This spike directly followed the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse and the start of the Sirius Gateway, when Sirius (Earth’s Spiritual Sun – shining 23 times brighter than the Sun) is closest to our planet. These cosmic events are known to cause major shifts in our consciousness, as our human energy field (aura) elevates to vibrate in harmony with the surrounding energy. This huge Schumann Resonance peak is scientific evidence of the divine and transformational impacts celestial events have on our energy.

Mercury Retrograde Starts On The 7:7 Sirius Energy Portal (From July 7 posting)

July 7th marks the start of Mercury retrograde and the opening of the Sirius Portal – when the Sun and Sirius, the brightest star, rise in harmony and travel across the sky together. Mercury retrograde ends on July 3, the same day as the powerful and transitional Black Moon, the second New Moon in July. We have now entered a New Gateway.

This retrograde will be unlike any other. Cosmic energy is going to be amplified as Sirius, the Spiritual Sun, charges and magnifies the energy of our planet’s Sun. This is a period of total transmutation, one when negative turns into positive and dust turns into gold. This is a time for major detoxing. Clear out the old to prepare for extreme transformation Prepare for reflection, reunion, reconstruction, regeneration, rebirth and for resurrection. Mercury will force you to shift, re-emerge and then rise.

We are headed into Mercury retrograde while still recovering from the highly energized waves that occurred due to the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Those who are highly sensitive to energy will have been sensing the intensity in the atmosphere for the past week or two due to the shadow period that precedes Mercury retrograde, and may have felt highly perceptive, intuitive, and extra sensitive. Our emotions may have been shifting gears from extremely high to drastically low in a very short space of time leaving us feeling drained, pushed, pulled, jolted and overall as though we are losing control. We may still be experiencing some of the after effects from this, however, generally these intense whirlwind-like emotions will now be simmering down.

Mercury retrograde is here and it usually tips our lives out of alignment and causes flurries of arguments, troubles and strife to flare up – however, it is so important to remember that it is all for our highest good – purely so our awareness is raised and we see who and what we are prioritizing, where we are placing our energy and focus and what needs to be eliminated from our lives.

We are about to shed many layers of old skin and go through a major transformation and we are more than ready for it. We have been through a major period of soul growth and are now ready to release all the negativity that has been clogging and cluttering up our lives so we can make way for what the new reality has waiting for us.

Mostly though, it is important and essential to be kind, patient and loving to ourselves and others as we work our way through these highly charged few weeks.

Some initial signs that this retrograde is in force will be feelings of tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue and basically struggling to pull ourselves together to do anything but mull around feeling irritated and lethargic and wondering what it is that hit us. When the vibration hits us we can try to push against it, however, it will just exhaust us further. Instead, it can be highly beneficial to trust our intuition, have faith in the universe, flow with it and see where it wants to lead us.

It is worthwhile to tread lightly and with caution during this time. It is not recommended, unless absolutely necessary, to make life-changing decisions during a retrograde. This is a time for reflection, reexamination, discernment, introspection and caution. We need to remain balanced and rest in preparation for the life-altering times ahead. Retrogrades are catalysts for positive transformation and radiate immensely powerful bursts of supercharged cosmic energy that dramatically shake and alter our lives, giving us the opportunity to wipe the karmic slate clean and turn things completely around – always for the better.

Thank you, Alex. I am very grateful to have your wisdom this week.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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