We adapt to shifting energy on a daily basis – from within because of how we feel (didn’t get enough sleep, ate too much sugar, drank too much alcohol) – and because of others (arguments with lovers, misunderstandings with friends, oppression at work). Because we are in a time of great transition, moving from 2,000 years of the Piscean Age into 2,000 years of the Aquarian Age, we are also very affected by the shifts the Earth is going through.

On top of that, we are affected by the movements of the planets in our solar system. Not just by the astrological map of our birth charts, but by events such as Mercury retrograde and the new and full Moons. While those are quick phases that move through our lives in a matter of days or weeks, there are longer arcs of planetary movement that subtly teach and guide all of humanity in consciousness-shifting ways that may not be so noticeable.

One of those that we’re in right now, and that is having a significant affect on us, is the fifteen-year arc of Pluto in Capricorn. If we look at our daily astrological events as time spent day-to-day in a classroom at university, we can then think of Pluto in Capricorn as the degree we’re trying to achieve. All of humanity is in the same class. And this one will affect us for generations to come.

Pluto is the planet of destruction; it transforms the structure of society and conventional thought and sensibilities brought from one generation to another. One of Pluto’s “jobs” is to change or get rid of things that have become stagnant and no longer serve the greater good. Capricorn, an Earth sign, relates to our physical realm (the Earth) and corporate/industrial growth. When they get together, they bring in revolution and new authoritarian influence.

The key for us now is the “revolution” part. Or as we can look at it, “evolution” brought by change to the physical world. Think of this as our first master class in the Aquarian Age to help us acclimate to our new way of thinking and being.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1762 through 1778, and it brought on the American Revolution. Those born during that time later brought the French Revolution. Both of these were major changes not just for the individual countries, but on a greater scale.

How much has changed in the world because of American influence once we got it together? And how much of the world, not just Europe, has changed because of the revolution in France? What had reached a “point of no return” with versions of dictators (King George III, King Louis XVI and later Napoleon) brought new concepts of freedom and leadership to form group/self governance that is still prevalent in our cultures today.

In our current time, Pluto moved into Capricorn on January 25, 2008 and will move out on March 23, 2023. So, we’re right in the middle of this “university degree”. What does that mean for us now?

Since Pluto was last in Capricorn, we lost awareness of our environment and our Earth. Now we are becoming more and more consciously aware of what we have done (i.e. global warming, over-population, stripping or exhausting natural resources, etc.), and what needs to be done to help or fix the situation. And in our new Aquarian Age awareness, we are becoming more consciously aware of our symbiotic connection with our planet.

Note that the November, 2015 issue of National Geographic is completely devoted to global warming, with a big “Cool It – The Climate Issue” on the cover and with articles on “How to Fix It” and “How to Live with It”. How very appropriate for this arc.

Pluto in Capricorn has also brought the growth of corporations and established institutions to the point that their leadership (the 1%) is a greater influence on government and world trade than any individual or the will of the people. While this growth will continue to get stronger, events and individuals will be forced to challenge and push these corporations and institutions to shift from being the cause of much of the damage to our environment to being the leading edge that “saves” it.

Although we may only see the beginning of that shift during this fifteen-year arc, what’s happening now will have long-reaching affects. Caring for the environment and our Earth will be engrained in every soul reincarnated during this time. They will accept that part of their automatic responsibility of their lives is to care for our environment, as if its second nature. Remember the continuing affects of the American Revolution? Americans born into that time took their freedom as second nature and built on that.

Look for major changes in leadership (in some cases as dictatorships) surfacing and flourishing. Also be aware we can have very specific chaotic events caused by these new leaders/dictators coming in spring of both 2016 and 2017 and at the end of 2016.

Unfortunately, humanity learns faster and better when there is a great negative lesson. The challenge of the negativity brings forward an issue or concept that people don’t want to face but have to for their own survival. Pluto in Capricorn involves everyone in the destruction of what was to clear the path of what no longer serves a purpose so that growth based on new concepts can make a change.

Here is an excerpt from the great Annie Bones who had to stop writing her incredibly helpful yearly “Celestial Forecaster” due to health issues (and her take on astrological events and the world is greatly missed). By reading her daily insights, she taught me more about astrology than I learned in any class. In her 2008 issue, she wrote:

“Pluto in Capricorn makes it everyone’s responsibility to pay more attention to the physical. It may not be all gruesome. It is futile to take the doomsday approach to the consciousness that will be raised from these shifting earth changes through the year 2023. Pluto’s tests bring great rewards to humanity.

“Over the course of the next quarter century, Pluto’s influence will change things noticeably, permanently, and in no uncertain terms. Much of what we depended on in the past was a far cry from the things we depend on now. Take electrical power, for instance – we didn’t have it for centuries, and now most of civilization depends on it. How about our heat sources and our methods of transportation? Things have definitely changed in those departments, and changed permanently.

“Will we ever go back to the way we lived before? Not likely, but much of what we were capable of 100 or more years ago is not the sort of thing we are accustomed to now. Electricity, modern plumbing, computers, super highways, jet travel, all-night convenience stores, etc. are now considered necessities.

“This is an important time to record everything we know and love, and to recognize the impermanence of systems we have come to depend on . It is also a good time to understand emergency procedures, to examine alternative measures for handling power outages, natural disasters, and national emergencies.

“Pluto in Capricorn is poised to remind us the destruction of impractical or outmoded systems is imminent at this stage of our history. Have we not already seen the signs? The Pluto process takes a long time. If our systems shut down, how will we access the resources necessary to survive? Much like the past, our resources are the keys to the cultural and economic changes of the future.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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