Planetary Influences in 2013 4/2/2013

Planetary Influences in 2013

In addition to what’s happening for us following the Spiritual Moon on March 27th and the ensuing three weeks of blockbuster planetary activity, here are a couple of notes on what I feel is generally coming up for us this year based on further planetary rumblings.

This doesn’t include the Grand Sextile coming in July or the fact that Feng Shui holds that August is always the worst month of the year, every year – both of which bring CHANGE! (More on that as they approach). This is more about how we deal with ourselves, others and our world on a daily basis and the lesser but constant challenges that offer us steps of development instead of forced leaps.

Mercury Retrogrades

  • February 23rd to March 17th
  • June 26th to July 20th
  • October 21st to November 10th

Something to know about how the Mercury retrogrades are going to hit us this year: The water signs they’re in (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) are going to hold onto the challenges that the retrogrades bring for the entirety of the sign. That means when Mercury goes retrograde on June 26th, we’ll already be feeling its full power as soon as Cancer starts on June 21st.

That’s not so bad; it’s only a couple of days. But when it goes retrograde on October 21st, the day before Scorpio comes in, we’ll feel it well after it ends on November 10th, all the way through to the end of Scorpio on November 21st.

Basically, with the extended shadow periods (the sometimes weeks-long warm-ups and cool-downs before and after a retrograde actually hits), the lessons and challenges while in the water signs and the general inner transformational energy, 2013 will seem like we’re on a Mercury retrograde wave most of the year, with weeks instead of months of “normalcy” between.

Solar Activity

While we have had a break from a lot of the heavy solar activity (sun spots, solar flares) of the current Solar Maximum in the last six or so months, May brings a whole new and stronger level than we had last year. Putting aside all the physical havoc these events have on our electronics (can you imagine teenagers unable to text or tweet for days at a time?), there is a huge energetic/psychic/spiritual side that will be assisting us in active transformation.

As we humans are electromagnetic beings, each sun spot and solar flare affects us by seeming to scramble our energy. Even though that can be annoying, there’s a really positive effect bringing in more self-awareness. Here’s how it works on us energetically 

When a solar flare bursts from a sun spot and throws out magnetic radiation, we feel it immediately.  Sometimes, if the energy build up forming the sun spot is excessive, we feel the preview before there’s a release.  

That throws us out of balance as if we’re all experiencing a temporary bi-polar condition.  Instead of being affected by the chemical imbalance of the disease, we become magnetically imbalanced.  The result can be similar:  severe emotions, depression, anger, mood swings, over-reactions on an extreme scale.
Then, within two days from the actual bursting of the solar flare from the sun, the geomagnetic storm from it physically reaches us and the imbalance and over-reactions skyrocket.  People drive even crazier, are more short tempered, take out their problems on others. 
If we are unaware what’s going on, unaware of a reason for emotional over-reaction, we think things are worse than they are and we turn it on ourselves, usually very harshly.  We think we’re not handling things well, or people are extra mean or selfish and we wonder “Why are they taking it out on me?”  It’s a natural reaction that can add to the stress.

As Mercury retrograde always brings lessons about going within, and the solar activity also focuses our attention on self, I’m sensing a theme here: 2013 is about an organic and gentle looking-inward to release and cleanse. It won’t happen like the sledgehammer God-smacking we’ve had over the last several years – that was Piscean Age energy. It happens in an easier, more natural flow in the harmonizing energy of the Aquarius Age.

With both of these cases – Mercury retrograde and excessive solar activity – know we’ve been through a lot worse. All the water/feminine energy of this year comes in to balance out the masculine energy of the past. The opportunities this year’s planetary activities bring to our transformation are no longer heavy-handed but inspirational and uplifting.
Think of it this way: The difference of getting lessons in the past as opposed to now is very dependent on the change in masculine to feminine energy. In the traditional male-dominated household of the Piscean Age, most kids would not want to be disciplined by the harsh hand of the Dad. We’re now in Mom, or rather feminine, energy. It’s more nurturing. The lessons will point to the same outcome, but will be much gentler than in the past.

We’re in a great time for purging and redefining who we are, what we don’t need in our lives (even if we’re not ready to let everything go) and what we can call in for the good of self, humankind and the planet. Everything that happens this year will be based on this. It helps us transform into that higher vibe energy I’ve mentioned before.

Of course, on the physical level with the solar activity, we get amazing auroras seen by more people than ever before (the last one on March 17th was seen in Colorado). To me, that’s like the rainbow at the end of a violent storm. It brings a hope and beauty to the world.

If you want to keep up on the solar activity, try

Take a look at this video from NASA. It’s an “absolutely stunning video of a solar flare and a coronal rain with plasma ejecting and then cooling and falling back to the surface of the sun.” It blew me away.

with love and gratitude…

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