Original newsletter date – 5/20/19

A lot happened in the news last week that has “Piscean Age” written all over it. Obviously, I’m talking about the tsunami of “take-us-back-to-the-Stone-Age” decisions made by old white male politicans who feel they’re losing their place in the world. In response to their fear from not being able to get through or over the Brick Wall of 2018 (so their stuck vibration no longer belongs on the planet now), they’re trying to control the biggest threat to their “traditional” power-over by trying to control and punish women “for their own good”, in most cases falling back on religion to make it all seem righteously palatable.

Alabama started it off by passing a ridiculous, dangerous and strict abortion law that doesn’t even leave a margin for victims of rape or incest, and makes it illegal to get an abortion in another state. Missouri was quick to get on board and so are other states. All this legal wrangling is supposedly to get the impending fight to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade so men can once again feel they’re MEN by keeping their women under their thumb.

I’ve received several texts and emails from freaked-out clients asking what this means. “Are we devolving?” “Can this really be happening?” “I thought it was supposed to be getting better, not so much worse.” Their disgust and shock is intense and warranted.

Two things are going on. The first, as I said above, is fear. This is a fear-based push-back from those stuck in Piscean Age concepts. There is also a deeper fear that started in August of 2017 when the Earth turned her face from us and left us to figure our issues out on our own. And a young-soul-based fear that we are now our own teachers, which is like leaving a pre-schooler to figure out his own lesson plan for the rest of his life when he knows nothing. It’s scary.

The second thing is to incite reaction so everyone in the United States (and by extension, the world) is involved in making decisions about our future. Over the past 70 years or so, we’ve grown very complacent about our government and those who “represent” us in Congress. It started by trusting those we elected to follow through on what they said they were going to do once elected. And while there has always been duplicity in politicians to say whatever will get them elected, three things have united to bring us to this tipping point.

First, over the last 70 years, Big Money has been buying politicians and their actions in much more aggressive and complete ways than ever before. Second, with too many people on the planet, day-to-day stress has made the majority of us not care about what isn’t something we have to deal with right now. Just surviving, in many instances, is more than enough to deal with. Having to then get involved in politics is way too much energy when we’re exhausted just making it through. That goes for people of all walks of life. Stress knows no color, gender or economic status.

Third, the Aquarian Age challenge to the Piscean Age male ego is making a lot of young-soul men try to hold onto their power-over in any way they can. For at least 2,000 years, that meant taking out their fear and frustration on their women. They can’t do that so much now (and won’t do it at all in the future), but they can make laws to protect their power-place in the world, punishing women in a kind of revenge for things not being what they once were.

If we look at this in the bigger picture, perhaps we need this uproar to happen now to ensure the 2020 election doesn’t take us further backward. While Piscean Age holdouts are pushing back on the inevitable change the Aquarian Age demands, Aquarian Age-minded people are and will push back on what the holdouts are doing now.

Yes, this is a freak-out time. Good. It’s making everyone stand up and pay attention because we need everyone to participate in this transition we’re in. We’ve had these issues coming up over and over since the Idiot President was supposedly elected. He’s been getting away with things since before he took offer and people are still shocked at whatever new crap he comes up with. Some people complacently feel this is just a blip on the radar and we’ll all be okay in a while. But that’s not the case. This isn’t a blip, this is a 180 degree God-smacking turn that will not stop no matter what.

While it may not feel like it, since this kind of oppression seems to be continuing, there are more and more Aquarian Age thinkers than we might suppose. A lot of members of our government no longer represent the population, if they ever truly did (and I believe there was a time when that was the case). They will in the near future. We will (and do now) have a growing wave of intelligent, forward thinking Aquarian Agers who do represent those who elected them. Just look at the vast number of presidential hopefuls – only a few of them are standing in Piscean Age power-over mentality. Most are incredibly present, “woke” and standing “for the good of all”, not the “good of me”.

This abortion-law fiasco is total Piscean push-back. It has a lot less to do with religious beliefs than it does with maintaining male power-over, even though religion is a good catch-all reason because it’s supposedly the Bible’s Word of God or how individuals understand it to fit their own best and highest interest.

There was a post on InstaGram last week of a protesting woman holding a sign that read:

Viagra is government funded ($41.6 million/year).

If pregnancy is God’s will, so is a limp dick.

With that, I leave you to participate as you can in whatever works best for you, even if it is active prayer and meditation to move everyone into a higher understanding.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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