We had another energy shift last week on Monday, July 11. This one came in hard and had the most physical affect that I’ve experienced so far. It hit me like an air pressure change, like when a plane makes a sudden steep descent. My ears got clogged and I lost partial hearing in my right ear (it righted itself by morning). I had to turn the TV off as I could feel the sound waves even at a low volume, like they were beating me up.

A client I talked with on Tuesday had a similar “ear” experience around the same time and a fellow psychic in Los Angeles got a sudden migraine (she doesn’t get migraines) so extreme it made her nauseous. Others I talked with also felt it but not as specifically. It hit them more like a deep irritability or dis-ease that came out of nowhere and lasted until Tuesday morning.

There’s nothing we can do about these shifts but I wanted to report what I (and others) experienced and observed in case you felt something and didn’t know where it came from. While this is annoying, it can also tell us issues we have gotten so used to within ourselves that we don’t pay attention to anymore but they keep us out of balance. It’s a summer of shifting and healing so please note what these experiences do to you.


Unconditional love is the strongest power in the universe, hands down. Pink is the color of unconditional love. The following meditation uses visualization of pink light to direct healing intentions that can change relationships, difficulties and even how we see ourselves and our past.

It’s easy to want to send unconditional love to someone you already love and this works well in helping people who are going through a hard time. But one of the strengths of this meditation is that it can be used to dispel negativity between two people. My mentor, Carolyn, used this to shift energy at work. She had a new boss who was a horror to everyone. Carolyn told me she did this meditation every night for almost two weeks, focusing on her new boss, and the next day when she went into work, the woman’s attitude toward her changed completely and they became great work friends. It didn’t change her toward anyone else, just toward Carolyn. Every working doesn’t necessarily take almost two weeks, it takes as long as it does for the individual you send light to to “see the light”.

The idea is that you get into a sacred, quiet space, call in the energy of the person you want to send light to then fill them with pink light from your heart. You keep feeding them the pink light until they glow with it and then are surrounded by it. This can last five minutes or half an hour, there is no limit, only how long you feel you are drawn to continue. When you’re done, thank them and let them go.

When doing this for someone who is in negativity that affects you (like Carolyn with her boss), the hardest part is to genuinely send them unconditional love even if you hate them. Every soul is worthy but many have had a hard time in this and other lives so their worth can be missed, especially if they are taking their hardship out on everyone else. But this must come from a pure place, soul to soul, or it doesn’t work. You can put aside hate and resentment for a short period of time to help heal the individual in regards to their relationship with you, but that might be the hardest part of the exercise.

If you are having a hard time within self, and a lot of us are with all the energy shifting these days, you can call yourself to be the recipient or, if you want to heal something from your childhood, call your child-self in.

The point is that this is a very healing exercise that doesn’t just heal the person you direct energy to. You can’t call up unconditional love within self and have it not affect you, too. The meditation is very simple because you don’t have to concentrate on sending unconditional love which can involve a lot of emotions, but concentrating on just the pink light.

I have recorded this in the podcast with Tina, with basic information followed by the actual guided meditation. Here is the link to that:

If you’d rather do this yourself, I suggest you record the following in your own voice and play it back to guide you through. Be ready: we don’t just work with visualizing the light, we call in the light with all of our senses, which makes it a total, powerful experience. So get yourself in sacred space, in undisturbed quiet and center your energy. Then begin…


Take several deep cleansing breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Imagine with each inhale, beautiful rich gold healing light fills your body and dislodges shadows representing any stress or anxiety within. With each exhale, see and feel the shadows of stress and anxiety leave your body. Feel yourself being centered, at peace and ready to do this work.

Imagine a sphere of white light around you, one foot beyond where you can reach in every direction. Create this sphere with all your senses. Be aware what it looks like, is the light bright or soft? What it sounds like, does it hum or crackle? Take a deep breath in through your nose and be aware what it smells like, is it fresh or fragrant? Take a deep breath in through your open mouth and be aware what it tastes like, is it sweet or biting? What does it feels like, physically – is it warm or cool – and emotionally – is it soothing or exciting?

With the sphere in place, now create another sphere of white light directly in front of you of the same size making sure the edges of your sphere and the new sphere are not touching. Use all your senses to create it, being aware, again, what it looks like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like and feels like, both physically and emotionally.

When you feel the other sphere is complete, call in the person you wish to receive your pink healing light. Call their name three times, silently or aloud, and imagine them appearing in the other sphere with as much clarity as possible. Be aware of them with all your senses recalling when you remember them the best. What does this person look like, what does their voice sound like, what is their scent, if appropriate, what do they taste like, and what do they feel like, both physically and how they make you feel emotionally.

When this person is clear to you, ask – silently or aloud – if you can send them pink light. Usually the response comes as a feeling of positive energy rather than actually hearing a “yes”, but that can happen, too. It is extremely rare for someone to refuse, but if you feel a strong resistance or receive a “no” in any way, release them, release their sphere, and leave this work. It is extremely bad karma to force another to take what they don’t want.

With the person’s assent, now concentrate on your heart chakra in the center of your chest. This is a sphere that resonates unconditional love, which presents itself at its highest vibration as pink light. Feel the sphere of the most beautiful pink light inside this chakra, spinning and growing. Be very aware of what it looks like – is it a bright pink, a soft pink? What it sounds like – is it singing or pulsing like a low drum beat? Take a deep breath in through your nose and experience what it smells like – is it fragrant like a flower or fresh like beach air? Take a deep breath in through your open mouth and be aware what it taste like – is it sweet or sharp? Finally be aware what it feels like, both physically – is it warm or cool – and emotionally – does it make you feel comforted or excited?

With the energy and light of your heart chakra clear, allow a beam of that pink light to come from your heart, travel through the edge of your sphere, through the edge of the other sphere and into the heart chakra of the person you called. Be aware of that light filling their entire body, from the end of each strand of hair to the tips of their toes. Continue sending the light, filling them to capacity, until their body glows pink.

See/feel the pink coming out their pores and with their exhale to surround them, so they are completely filled with and surrounded by this pink light. Keep feeding them the light until you feel both you and they are done. Be aware, you may lose clarity in imagining the person or the pink light clearly. That’s ok. Keep the feel of sending the light even if the clarity begins to fade – they are able to receive it with your pure intentions.

Pause this recording now if you need more time to send the light, then resume when you are ready to complete the meditation.

When you are done, stop the beam coming from your heart chakra and see/feel the tail end of it flowing into the person. Take a moment to experience them clearly, in the sphere in front of you still filled with and surrounded by your pink light, by your unconditional love.

Then thank them for coming and participating and let them go. The sphere can just fade from view or float away like a bubble getting smaller and smaller until it’s gone, whatever works.

Then pull the energy of your sphere into you, absorb it into your pores and through your chakras. Feel the strength of the work you just did flowing inside you to heal and charge you. Send the extra energy through the soles of your feet into the Earth for her to do with as she chooses.

Take several deep cleansing breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Be clearly aware of the space you’re in, the sounds around you. Let yourself slowly come back to the here and now. Move your body gently starting with the toes, feet, knees, thighs, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head. Then open your eyes. Welcome back.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact me via email ( or via text (818-943-1027).

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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