Pets and their Grounding Capabilities 7/19/2012

Pets and their Grounding Capabilities 

A couple of weeks ago, in writing about the high emotions and over-reactions we’re dealing with in this transformative 2012 energy, I mentioned that herd animals used to ground this excessive energy for humanity as a whole.  If they were still around, they would have helped us emotionally deal with tragedies like Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.  And they would be helping us now.  But the last great herds were killed off with the Chernobyl disaster.  We’ve been on our own ever since.  Mostly.

Pets also ground our energy but in a more personal way.  They take on the sorrow, anger, fear, depression, etc. of their humans.  It’s one of their purposes, one of their jobs.  Stray, homeless, abandoned and feral animals also do the same, but it’s not as personal as pets.  And as wildlife doesn’t typically gather in herds, the impact is not nearly as strong.

Have you ever noticed when you come home really angry or have an argument with someone in the household that your pet can get annoyingly energetic?  Just when you need to have the peace and quiet you haven’t felt all day, the puppy wants to PLAY NOW, or the cat chases invisible creatures with a vengeance?  That’s your animal soaking up all that anger and grounding it so you don’t have to feel it anymore.

All this changing energy we’re experiencing ups the challenges and lessons on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, which puts us in more stress, which then puts our animals in more stress.  They don’t just feel our stress, they feel the energetic shifts that cause our stress.  They’re doing double duty.  And they do it out of love and devotion.

Even when they’re mistreated, they do it out of a deeper love, a God-like love, that sometimes doesn’t make any sense.  Like abused animals staying with their abusers.  Sometimes they can’t get away, but it’s also that they took on this “assignment” which is to help humankind get to a better understanding of self, even when they have to sacrifice themselves to do it.

This love and devotion can cost them.  They not only take on our energy, they take on our physical, mental and emotional problems.  I had an eight year old cat in perfect health who died of a heart attack six months after my mother (who had heart issues) came to live with me.  He was a very generous, loving cat and she needed someone to save her.  It was too much for him.  I was extremely fortunate that two years later, a year after my mother died, he came back to me reincarnated as my current perfect kitty, Katie.

There are lots of dogs in my neighborhood.  Since this summer of karmic God-smacking hit high gear, they have been howling for long periods of time every day:  long, deep, soulful howls that are so much more than expressing hunger or loneliness.  The dogs are feeling the energy shifts, those that make us crazy.  I sometimes think they’re howling for us because stopping in the middle of an insane, bitchy workday to howl for five minutes probably wouldn’t be accepted in the human world.  Although I also think that if we could do that, we’d all feel a lot better.

My cats have been alternately needy or testy these last weeks.  As my work is to help others understand and deal with the energetic challenges, I ask my guides, angels and ancestors to make these challenges clear to me so I can explain them to others.  One of the ways I get this information is to watch my animals react to the energy first thing in the morning.  Needy and testy shows me a pattern.

So, please, not only observe the animals around us, pets and wildlife alike, but be aware of the energy we’re bringing home to our animals.  As everything these days is a mirror to help us see where we’re out of balance, let our animals teach us how to be better individuals.  If what we bring home affects them, know that it’s also affecting other people.  Take note and try to ground or heal the issues before the pets (or others) take them on.  Be responsible for what we put out into the world.

Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the manner in which its animals are treated.”

In being sensitive to what emotions and problems we don’t want to face that we unconsciously put on our pets, we learn to treat ourselves and each other better.  And we become Human Beings, instead of just being people.

with love and gratitude…

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