First, I’d like to thank Michelle Giliberto, intuitive healer, for her contribution to this post.

This isn’t intended to be dire, but it’s what I see coming for the beginning of the new year and it’s not easy. I hope I’m wrong about all of it, but this is what I feel we will be facing in the first five months of 2021. I believe forewarned is forearmed, so here we go.

We are not even close to being done with this pandemic even though people have extreme Covid-fatigue or still don’t want to face it, or don’t believe it’s real, especially with Christmas on the horizon. We’ll get a spike response in infections, hospitalizations and deaths right around Christmas from those who were careless or arrogant during Thanksgiving, with another one, again related to the end of November, that won’t hit until the beginning of the year. Basically, there will be a lot of illness at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Yet that won’t stop stores from staying open until Christmas and after, or people shopping and visiting and traveling. We’ve had the kind of year that makes these holidays extra-needed as they are supposed to be a release for us and a reward for making it through, and, for some, a push back from being told we can’t celebrate them the way we have before and want to now. For many retail establishments, this is their biggest income for the year and, after having had to be shut down and lose customers, they’re desperate to recoup some of those losses.

But as with the rest of 2020, there are higher stakes at play here and a lot of us are purposefully missing the bigger picture because “we don’t wanna!” Or, as I saw one older woman in an airport over Thanksgiving say to a reporter when asked why she was traveling against doctor’s advice, “You can’t keep me from my babies!”

Because of how people will be nonchalant or defensive about holiday plans, there will be another spike in the middle of January and probably again at the end of the month (spanning that time because people are infected at the beginning of the Christmas holiday and then because of New Year’s Eve activities). From there, we don’t start recovering or getting lesser numbers. The cases will maintain that spike number or go up.

Please know that these numbers are not accurate. They’re less than what’s going on because there are flaws with the consistency and quality of tests and flaws with the way statistics are gathered. There are a lot of inaccuracies happening that we want to take as fact because we need the black and white to make us feel in control. The reported numbers give us a baseline but it’s only a partial baseline. Look, instead, to the number of hospitalizations and deaths for more truth of the situation. Yet also know not all of those hospitalized are due only to the Covid-19 infection, but can be caused by underlying issues that the Covid-19 infection makes worse to the point of death.

With the number of people needing medical attention, we get to another problem that will surface strongly in January and last until the pandemic ends: medical professionals. We don’t need to worry about hospital space because the government (local, state and/or national) can always build a temporary medical unit. The Army Corps of Engineers are geniuses at getting that done, as we saw in the beginning of this journey. But the doctors and nurses and support staff will not be there. Not because they’ve burned themselves out (which most of them have), but because there will be so many sick, there won’t be enough help to go around.

Imagine one doctor for 100 to 200 patients, or more. It takes a team of about six medical professionals to deal with a single Covid-19 patient in extreme distress. Granted they take care of more than one at a time but not 100 to 200 at a time. They’ve already started triage practices in heavily hit areas that don’t have the facilities or staff. They’ve been having to select who they can help, who will probably die and who can take care of themselves. That’s a terrible position for anyone to be in. But it will become more the norm between now and the end of May. Even if we try to bring medical professionals in from out of the country, other countries are going to be experiencing the same spikes so they won’t have medical professionals to lend. Perhaps their infection rates won’t be as bad as we have it in the United States, but this is a world event.

Then there are the illnesses and deaths that will be caused by hospitals not being able to keep up with those that are not Covid-19 related. Not all medical professionals deal with the pandemic directly. There are still those who are treating diabetes and heart problems and cancer, etc. And those treatments will continue, but the chaos and fear of the pandemic will overflow to every medical situation in one way or another, not necessarily with infection but with how active and able treatment will be.

Then the pandemic runs like a freight train through the end of May when it will burn itself out like H1N1 and SARS did. While some are looking for the vaccine to “save us”, sorry, that’s not going to happen. First of all, even if it’s approved immediately and we have enough doses made and ready to go, we are still dealing with chaos of how that gets distributed. Even with Biden coming in and having a plan to hit the ground running, it takes time. With the de-structuring of government over the past four years, getting infrastructure up and running to handle such a nation-wide event does not happen with a snap of the fingers.

Then there’s the vaccine itself, rushed through partly to be a solution and partly because who wins the race gets the most money and recognition. That’s not cynicism, that’s based on precedent. Corners were cut, many, many corners were cut, to get this vaccine ready and available. And they still don’t know what kind of reactions the general population will have, nor really how effective it will be. But we need some kind of success to give people hope so there is the general opinion, fueled by most of those in power who want to be perceived as having solved the problem, that this is the answer of answers. It isn’t.

The reported success of the vaccine in volunteer trials assumes that all the patient reactions were included, not just the percentage that did really well. That’s not accurate. Again, not cynicism, precedent. The pharmaceutical companies (that’s plural as others will bring their product to market shortly) will be using the general population as their test subjects. The vaccine may have an effect on the people who get it, but this virus has mutated three times since it started and the next mutation will not care about the vaccine and hit those people who got any of the drugs even harder—to the point of death—because their immune system would have been compromised.

Assuming you still want to take the vaccine, by the time it’s approved, organized and front line workers receive it, there will still be problems and delays in getting it to the general public. That means by the time it is available to everyone, the virus itself will be close to burning itself out. So don’t look for anyone not in immediate danger to have this available until mid Spring.

We want this to work so much, we’re skipping details and we will pay for that. When the vaccine was first announced as doing well in trials, there was a lot of skepticism because of the speed of its discovery. We went from that skepticism right into “answer to all Covid-19 problems” with out skipping a beat because we were/are desperate to be saved. But that desperation doesn’t make it safe.

And please remember, we could have had the 2020 lessons come so that every place on the planet would be like Puerto Rico after the hurricanes: no available clean water, food, medical treatment, transportation or even a glimpse of when any of that would come. Obviously, the Earth and the Powers That Be didn’t think we needed that. We got the pandemic instead. But it means we still have to deal with what reality is in front of us, not the one we’d like it to be to make our lives easier.

Easy isn’t part of 2020, or even 2021. Transformation is on us, and the pandemic is one very hard way of getting our attention to participate willingly instead of by force (although we kind of ignored the “willingly” part).

The pandemic has a karmic purpose and part of that is to wake us up to our place in the world and is it not a place of arrogance. We are much more together beings within ourselves than we have been led to believe in the Piscean Age where control through fear was the way of the world. Part of its karmic purpose is also to get us to go inward, gather the truth within, develop tools we haven’t used for millennia. Even though it may seem like it, the pandemic isn’t a punishment. In the bigger picture, it’s an opportunity to complete karma on multiple levels and break a thought process that no longer serves: trying to control rather than communicate.

The virus is a living being. Not necessarily sentient in how we judge other life by how we as humans are. But for at least 2,000 years, we’ve tried to control and overpower everything that didn’t agree with us. We’re doing the same thing with this pandemic. And it’s trying to snap us out of our lack of growth to be able to take full advantage of the accelerated growth this New Age is bringing.

Unfortunately, all pandemics are in play to “cull the herd”, which is a hard and cold way of saying getting people to die. But it’s true. With too many people on the planet for the planet to sustain everyone, we are getting a population release. And it’s all karmic. Every person who is affected is fulfilling a karmic destiny by either getting sick or dying or being affected by those who do, or being economically affected by shutdowns. That’s the microcosmic karma of this virus. The macrocosmic karma is species transformation. This is individual, group, nation, world karma at play. Human evolution can be harsh. It can be horrid for the microcosm of individual suffering, but is also for the good of all in helping us see the macrocosm of our evolution.

We have an abnormally high percentage of young souls on the planet at this time. They have not lived past lives through an experience like a pandemic or war or famine or natural disaster. They don’t believe Covid-19 is dangerous because they can’t recognize it, and so it simply interferes with their single-minded, self-involved life-path. That’s not a smack at them, that’s just how youth is. Extreme situations teach what survival is really like, and our young souls are getting that lesson now. Unfortunately, their lessons are coming at the expense of the rest of the world.

Be aware. Make smart long-term decisions, not those that feed the ego right now. Humanity will survive this, learn a lot and be better for it, even if we can’t see that in our individual lives at the moment.

I hope my thoughts are received in a way that is more informative to help us prepare for what’s coming rather than seen as a doom and gloom prediction. If you hate what I’m saying here, please just unsubscribe as I don’t want to hear how negative and stupid you think I am. I’m putting this out in good faith. Some can feel the truth of it, some will be afraid of it and hence be angry about it. I understand that. We’re each on our own journey. You don’t have to read my stuff if you don’t agree. Just unsubscribe.

Given that…

I offer this with love and gratitude and awakening…


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  • Hello Laurie,
    I love your newsletters as always. I love how honest and to the point you are. Your thoughts about this virus echo my own. I am continuing to be careful and not rely on a vaccine to save me or to allow me to live a “normal” life. Love and blessings to you, Yvonne

  • Thank you for your Wisdom. I truly appreciate you. You’re helping us get through this tough time. What you say resonates with me, so I know it to be true for me. We are all on our own Journeys, and a big part of that for me is to help and support one another. You do more than your share, Laurie

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