There was a moment in the 1980s when I felt an overnight energetic shift in how the younger, coming-of-age generation perceived lying in the media. It dealt specifically in how “truth in advertising” was suddenly and consciously questioned and then disbelieved. I became aware of the lies that advertisers were presenting in ways that I hadn’t noticed before. Then I watched as, over decades, lying became more and more commonplace not just in advertising, but in how we see the world.

Let’s go back to what started the change in how we accept lying as standard now – the “modern” awakening in the 1950s. Obviously, there was a whole system of lies before the 50s – the lies that the Piscean Age mentality used to keep people in their place, such as “Black people are inherently stupid” and “cigarettes are good for you”.

These lies were quietly accepted rather than overtly advertised. Then the 50s brought us the single biggest significant change to shape future generations: the boom in media as radio moved into television to make reaching and influencing the masses so much easier. And the simple stretching of the truth in advertising started an avalanche of lying we’re facing today.

With the 50s trying to hang onto their “innocence and honesty” after our lives and values were shaken coming out of World War II, advertising simply touted the greatness of individual products (or people or ideas). One-upsmanship naturally increased the greatness of products (or people or ideas) into exaggeration of that greatness.

And the lying began without conscience. Only then it was perceived as justified marketing for getting more sales (or votes or attention). No one saw it was the beginning of fear and desperation anticipating the profound concept changes the shift from Age to Age would bring.

Then came comparison advertising. “Not only is our stuff (person or idea) the greatest in the world, it’s greater than their stuff.” Exaggeration (lying) was taken to new levels. It was just the bump needed to get people’s attention. And showed more growth in desperation.

We got a new identity with the revolution in the 60s after a decade of feeling lost in the 50s. That brought an entirely different thought process. At the end of the 60s, Baby Boomers started recognizing the lies around them, not just because they questioned our involvement in Viet Nam. The younger generation, coming into their Aquarian Age awakening even then, saw a conscious responsibility that was different from previous generations. The lies from “The Man” and “The Establishment” were pointed up every place we looked.

Then the 70’s brought a kind of split-personality of identity as we recovered from the huge leaps in conscious responsibility coming out of the 60’s. Advertising tried everything they could to regain Piscean Age influence over its radical-thinking younger generation by saying whatever they thought would get them on board. But the reversed happened: cynicism grew and the schism between generations, and Ages, became more prominent.

What this changed for us as a population was that kids who grew up in the 80’s and beyond were able to see lies and the stretch in truth easily, not just because they were more aware than older generations (and they were and are on many levels), but that the proof of lies was so easily apparent. Advertisers weren’t even trying to cover their tracks.

In the last twenty years, advertising came to obviously reflect, as it always had subliminally, how we perceive our world and how our societal leaders, from politicians to businessmen, influence us. Growing up with them lying so blatantly became second nature. Lies became accepted as the norm because that’s all younger generations knew. It wasn’t upsetting, it was expected.

Then, more recently, came the negative advertising. Comparison wasn’t enough. Competition wasn’t just “less-than”, it became bad! If yelling the lies of greatness wasn’t getting the kind of response desired, it was moved to the next level: attack! Advertisements stopped building one product up by focusing on how negative the competition was. This signaled the obvious escalation in fear and desperation of the Age shift.

Blatant lying is accepted as everyday life today. Those losing power or influence (the Piscean Age entitled male) will do anything to maintain that power and influence. Lying to achieve a greater personal goal, with the pretense that it’s for the good of all, is now mainstream. It’s accepted that a child lies to protect himself when faced with being called on doing something wrong. It’s part of our growth process when we’re young. But those who are lying now are not children and their influence has yet to be completely recognized for the protection of self and the old ways that it is.

In the last several years, as the push to grow out of Piscean Age concepts has intensified, so has normalcy – and desperation – of lying. Social media gives us lies and self-deception in a “fun”, easily accessible way, so we don’t even think about it. How many people involved with on-line dating really tell the complete truth about themselves or their intentions? Or how many don’t exaggerate or outright lie when posting something on Facebook? It’s easy.

Last week, Stephen Colbert sarcastically reported on the new word that Webster’s Dictionary added (they add a new word every year). This year, it is “post-truth” described as “the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true.” He was sarcastic about it because, at the beginning of presidential campaigning almost two years ago, he had coined the word “truthiness” which means that “if you say something with enough emotion and conviction, it’s truer than if it’s actually correct” or “the belief in what you feel to be true rather than what the facts will support”.

Growing out of lying in advertising, we have come to this: we are a Society of Lying.

Now, as the strength of the Piscean Age wanes and young-soul men are having a harder time being listened to and honored for just opening their mouths, the lies are rampant and aggressive. These men don’t even have to take responsibility for what they say, which goes back to the Piscean Age man-in-charge, power-over concept. It’s desperation personified.

The thing is, we all have a natural ability to tell when someone is lying. Many choose to ignore the ability for a number of reasons, the least of which is that we’re so numb to lies we have lost the desire to recognize the truth. But it also includes accepting lies because telling the truth is harder and and might annoy someone who has power.

A physical dissidence happens when the vibes of the words being said don’t jibe with the vibes coming from the speaker. Whether we want to pay attention to it or not, we do recognize it in some level of our consciousness. Part of our vibrational shift into the Aquarian Age is that this ability – and all intuitive abilities – are coming to the surface and being developed. That’s happening. We can’t avoid it. When we try to avoid it, that dissidence grows and the “off” vibes affect much more than just the person listening to the lies – it changes our entire culture.

So please be aware of the lying around us and pay attention to how widespread it is. Instead of listening with our ears, try feeling the vibes that make you feel comfortable (the truth) or uncomfortable (the lies).

Although a lot is shifting next year with us stepping into a calmer, new energetic beginning (a “10” year), we still have six more years of revolution/evolution on fast forward to face. Even if we can’t call people out on their lying yet, start conditioning ourselves to be able to recognize it. Honor truth within self. As always, how we shift our own personal energy into harmony with the Aquarian Age vibration changes how others shift which changes how the world shifts.

It is said, “the truth will set you free”. With what we’re facing in our society and around the world, that freedom might seem a long way off. But we are in accelerated times. It’s not a long way off. It’s much closer that we think.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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