On Friday, January 20, we enter the Age of Trump, which is going to be much shorter than expected. We’ve got about two years of him in office (I’ve seen two years, three months, other psychics have seen just two years). Given the length of the Zodiacal Ages that span 2,000 years each (Piscean into Aquarian right now), this is a drop in the bucket. Even four years would be a drop in the bucket. But an event that spans two years can be very long when we deal with the in-and-out details of issues that affect us adversely every day!

The Age of Trump isn’t going to be about the length of its time. It’s about the intensity of what will change and how quickly and aggressively we work with the change during that time.

There are two levels of “change” involved here: the short-term retro change the Republican Politicians are desperate to bring, and then the long-term change of vibrational consciousness from Age to Age. The short-term is defensive with lots of fear, desperation, and overlording leading it. The long-term is proactive and evolutionary and is, without question, the stronger of the two and will “win” in the end. Short-term is like a fly in the long-term hurricane. But it’s a really loud, annoying fly until it’s swept away.

If we sit back and let things happen (i.e., wait for Spirit to stop Trump’s backward-moving, power-over antics), change takes longer, is harder, and has more repercussions to repair. If we lead the change with speed and aggressivity (accelerated self-awareness and immediate action when negative situations present themselves), we won’t need the full two years.

Sidebar: I use “Republican Politicians” instead of “Republicans” because I believe there is a difference in what the general population wants and sees as progress vs. the self-satisfying and continued self-entitled power-over actions of their representatives. While they are similar, remember that during the past eight years, the politicians publicly dedicated their time in office to stopping Obama rather than helping their constituents, or their country, or their planet.

The point of the Age of Trump is to divest ourselves of the left-over, hanging-on energy of the Old Age thinking by having the extremity of it thrown in our faces. Then we can recognize it clearly and make conscious, active choices to let it go and accept and embrace the New Age. We will be forced to listen and automatically react to the Father Voice Trump represents (Our Country asks, “Why?” Trump responds, “Because I said so!”) until we break the Piscean Age conditioning and think for ourselves without the fear that has been used to control everyone and everything over the last 2,000 years.

There is absolutely no chance the change created over the next two years has the hoped-for return-to-the-Piscean-Age impact the hold-outs think they can accomplish. Nor will their changes stay. But as we live day-to-day and not in the sweeping saga of Ages, the impending chaotic short-term change will be disruptive. Here’s the kind of damage that will be done in the new regime:

  • While there will be no wall on the U.S./Mexico border nor a “Registration of Muslims”, there will be major change to our immigration system. Expect a quick and harsh “reform” within immigration laws that will demand deportation of illegal immigrants and much harder laws enacted to stop people from coming in.
  • Health care will be a mess. Trump will try (and may succeed) in repealing Obama-care but it will not be immediate and there will be nothing to replace it. This might be the hardest reality in our day-to-day lives and yet touches on the bigger issue of the corruptness of the American Medical Association which also needs the change that’s on us now. Don’t expect support from the medical community later this year. Make plans to have to deal with many things ourselves.
  • Climate Change and the need for protecting our planet will be denied. New laws to give freedom to the “rapers of the Earth” will be made while old laws that protected her will be repealed. However, while what has been set in motion over recent years to recognize and react to Climate Change may take a hit, the new administration will have a hard time affecting any long term damage. Other countries are working on this, not just the United States. When it comes to Trump vs. Nature, there is no contest. Except for giving oil barons, etc. their heads for a short period of time, this is, as with everything in this administration, more of a wake-up call than the wave of the future.
  • Administration’s reaction to minorities and crime will only accelerate. No new laws are needed (the ones we have are bad enough), but a revamping of the old ones won’t change yet. I’m sorry to say, People of Color, be careful. 2017 is not going to be your friend (at least until we all step up to change things). That being said, People of Color will also find out they’re not alone. We are headed toward long-term total acceptance of everyone with respect for heritage and culture. Look for that to be tested this year.  Focus will be on our differences but, oddly, that will only reveal how much we are alike.
  • Our relationship with other countries will be very strained, even with Russia, which is a weird situation on its own. Whether Putin has something on Trump or Trump feels kinship with a like-minded sociopath, that relationship will not go smoothly. While I don’t see a world war coming out of Trump’s time in office, it can indeed be threatened.

While these are big issues that may not affect everyone, all of our day-to-day lives will be affected by what Trump does and says, if by nothing else than having to deal with heightened fear as he and the Republican Politicians threaten to do this and that in an over-attempt to get their egos back in place. Fear, lying and the Father Voice were used to great effect during the campaign and Trump hasn’t changed an iota since then. However, while it worked well last year, 2017 is a different vibe altogether. 2016 was the hold-outs’ power year. 2017 is their chaos year as they find out they don’t have the power and support they think they do. Everyone gets a wake up call.

We damaged our country’s reputation as a world leader when Trump was elected. While other countries have done the same with their Piscean Age hold-out leaders, we were supposed to be better. It isn’t just the Piscean Age males who have had their egos bruised with the Aquarian Age forward motion of the last eight years, it’s the ego of our country. It will take a lot for us to create (not regain) a new identity to take that unquestioned leadership role again. It’s up to each one of us how quickly we do that.

But with all the positiveness about the long-term outcome, as the saying goes, “Never underestimate a large group of fearful people.” Actually, the saying is about “stupid” people, but those who will be having the biggest issue with what’s about to happen with Trump in charge are not his opposers but his supporters. They’re not stupid. They’re afraid. The vibration that once assured them of their place in the world and their role in society has changed. They don’t know what their new role is and they have no idea how to find it.

A client told me recently that before the election, her white, Republican, business-owner, Ohio-bred father worried that Trump wouldn’t come to power because if he didn’t win, it would be “totally bad for the white males”. She responded, “What are you afraid of? That we’ll be treated the same way we treat them (minorities)?” That stopped him cold.

Albert Einstein said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

That sums it up. Hang on, 2017’s political experience is going to be a bumpy ride. Don’t cower and hide. Stand and fight for our country and every single member of our population in whatever way we can. That’s why this is happening, so we can all grow from this Great Negative Lesson. If we didn’t need it to cause change, Trump wouldn’t have been elected.

Some think the Inauguration won’t take place because of recent developments in discovering Russia’s connection to Trump and hacking the election. Or because he refuses to divest himself of his personal businesses and hires relatives to work in his government – both of which are illegal. But as Trump’s behavior during the campaign and subsequently in his preparation to take office has been abhorrent and no one has stopped him, the process is still moving forward. And as Spirit has chosen him as the poster boy of Piscean/Aquarian change, he more than likely will be sworn in for a higher good, just not the one he thinks.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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