On God

At the beginning of the Piscean Age 2,000 years ago, our consciousness shifted to accept a new paradigm. Beliefs that existed before – like the Earth-based Old Ways of Wicca and Paganism – had to adapt to the new structure that then, over the years, formed most of the organized religions of today. Concepts of God or Creator changed to accept that New Age.

Now we’re in another shift, into the Aquarian Age. And our concept of God/Creator and religion is changing again. While the structure of the Piscean Age taught us the power-over of how we perceived God with the mighty disciplining hand of judgment and damnation, the Aquarian Age is teaching us of God’s loving and understanding power-within inside each of us, learning because of connection to Spirit rather than fear of it.

As always happens when transformation and awakening take place, many find it hard to adapt, especially when the concepts are so different. In this case, “different” means “threatening”, because so many young souls in adult bodies are now having to find their beliefs within and have no idea how to do it.

We’ve had 2,000 years of the few telling the many what and how to believe, with many of those few ego-and-self-righteously-power driven and yet still revered as the “Voice of God”. With the Aquarian shift helping each of us hear God’s voice coming from inside, teaching our connections rather than our differences, those who are used to the comfort of the old structure are fighting back in their perception of righteousness.

There’s always a big push-back to hold on to what was when something new comes along. We are right in the middle of that big push-back, as is evidenced by the number of religious fanatics in our world. But ISIS does not represent the belief of Islam. Fundamental Christians like the Duggars do not represent the teachings of Christ. Condemning and punishing anyone for not believing the same as you is not God-like. Yet both are totally convinced they are following holy tenets – for their own personal good. Or their own personal God. And everyone else is wrong.

I came across this posting from astrologer and spiritual teacher, Gahl Sasson (at www.cosmicnavigator.com), that I thought spoke very well of how stuck people are in their fear of seeing God differently. And of how rabidly they’re “defending” their beliefs, like angry children who strike out when encountering a new opinion because it threatens their own identity rather than seeing it as an opportunity to learn something.  This is what he had to say:

On a recent retreat, I shared my frustration with organized religion, or more precisely, with certain religious institutions and individuals around the world who hijacked God and hold “Him” prisoner in a cage made of their ignorance and malice. Lately, I find myself unable to use the word “God,” as if it became a bad-word loaded with beheading, murder, rape, kidnapping, torture and manipulation. I used to see a white soft cloud in my mind when I heard the word God, now, all I see is a black-tar smog.

Why is it when I hear someone say “Allah is great,” I expect a bomb to explode or someone to be mutilated or kidnapped? Why when I see a bumper-sticker “Jesus loves you,” I can also see the list of stipulations and conditioning for that love detailed by some evangelists? Why when I hear “Elohim,” I can feel the judgmental attitude of an orthodox West-bank settler?

I love history and so I read the news every day, knowing that today’s news is tomorrow’s history. I am always disturbed to read and hear in the news of how many people use “God” as an excuse for inhumane ungodlybehavior. We used to blame the Devil whenever we did something bad. Recently, it feels as if the Devil stepped aside. After all, what we do in the name of God is far more terrible than the Devil could have ever come up with.

When did we lose God? Or did we ever really got God right?

An example for collective idiocy: how did slapping someone with a glove on the cheek in Christian societies become an invitation for a duel to the death. Was it not Jesus who specifically said, “if anyone slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also”? How could the Koran assert that “God is Merciful” and yet in Africa, Asia, Europe and America terrorists invoke the Koran before committing unspeakable atrocities in the name of that “merciful” God? How can religious Jews spit on an eight year old girl as she walks to school, calling her a whore, and throwing rocks at her? Well, the rabbi told them it is OK. And who told the Rabbi it’s OK to say it’s OK? Well, God, of course.

Pope Francis, said something that made me think there might be hope: “It’s OK not to believe in God if you have a clean conscience.” That is a big deal. This Holy See could see deep into the message of the founder of his religion. And I have to admit, it was a very brave deed to say it publicly, even for a Sagittarius (the sign of truth, religion, and mass communication).

I wish the men who kidnapped a goddess’ name, ISIS, to label their caliphate, would one day match the spiritual openness my iPhone’s Siri possesses. When I asked her about God, she simply responded: “it’s all a mystery to me.”

That is a great answer! Let’s keep God a mystery and stop assuming that we, as finite beings, can understand what an infinite entity thinks, wants and says. Binary Siri has a superior understanding of the divine than “holy warriors,” whatever their religious affiliation may be in this lifetime.

What I am asking is: How long? How long will we have to see movies like “Passion of the Christ” that focuses on Jesus’s pain instead of his unconditional love? How long will we have to fear for our lives or dress Muhammad in a bear-costume, as South Park creators had to do, in order not to offend the “sensitive” fanatics who in their profound sensitivity will not shy away from killing those who dare not believe in their creed? How long will we be enslaved to the doctrines we conjured to save and free us?

What am I trying to say? Not sure. Maybe I just wanted to vent out my frustration. Maybe I want to see us take more responsibility over our actions instead of projecting it on God. Perhaps as we step into the Age of Aquarius, the zodiac sign of Humanity, we will be able, at last, to become what the Sufi call a “perfect person,” someone who can see God in everyone they meet.

I wish that one day soon, people who behead others in the name of their God, will be able to stop and question their motivation so they can avoid creating so much suffering to others, themselves, and their…God.
Inshalla, Amen, and with the help of the GOOD Lord…

and with love and gratitude…

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