We roar into March this week with the first Mercury retrograde of 2019 starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, followed by a New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday, March 6. As MercRetro takes us back to the last time it retrograded for us to reexamine what was shown to us about ourselves then, we will now revisit its attachment to the Venus retrograde at the end of 2018 and the lessons for women to remember their own power-within and men to balance out their feminine self by finding out who they are in the Aquarian Age enlightenment.

That means communication between the sexes can very easily be misunderstood. We can also take what others say to us far too personally as we try to “find ourselves” in the most difficult sign of all. Pisces is the least grounded of the Zodiac. That can be great for those who are really together and on a spiritual journey. But for most of us, it can be scary and discombobulating, like we’re just off shore and constantly fighting the waves to reach land so we can return to our comfortable old reality. That’s normal Pisces. Add Mercury retrograde and we feel even more disconnected (with the pressure to reconnect even stronger and sometimes more desperate).

In his book: “2019 – Birthing Your Inner Child”, Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson has this to say about March’s Mercury retrograde: (It deals with…) “…miscommunications around your intuition, mystical experiences, addictions, enabling people’s dependency and co-dependency. Lack of boundaries. On the other hand, it is not a bad time to start meditation or dancing. Any activity in water is recommended.”

During this retrograde period, we also have a Full Moon on Wednesday, March 20 which is the first day of Aries, the beginning of Spring and the Vernal Equinox. For many agrarian cultures of the past, this was the beginning of the year. So after we’ve already had a calendar New Year on January 1, a Lunar/Chinese New Year on February 5, we now have a cycle-of-the-Earth New Year on March 20. Even though it’s a few weeks away, start planning for some kind of ritual or celebration to honor this. Even though Mercury will still be retrograde until March 28, think of the Vernal Equinox as a release for (another) new beginning as we prepare to move into the speed of 2019 in April.

Speaking of ritual…if you want to do something this coming New Moon on Wednesday, work on being open and accepting the core molecular/energetic shift on all levels of consciousness and existence (with help from our Guides, Angels and Ancestors) to make this next couple of weeks easier and move us forward with less stress.

The energy of extreme transition we are in now is uncomfortable, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Coming out of the “looking to clean up the past” of the last seven to ten years (with 2018 being that “brick wall” year), we are moving into the “looking to our future” of the next seven to ten years. We can feel it, we can taste it as if it’s right in front of us but we’re not ready to start it even though we really, really want to. But…not yet.

Transition is the key word in our state of now. That will probably be felt more in these next few weeks than it has been for a long time. On a spiritual level, it’s similar to going through the process of decompression for a deep-sea diver. It’s as if we’ve been in the denseness and darkness at the bottom of the ocean for a while. Now, as we move to the lightness and light of the surface, our body/mind/spirit needs to be adjusted to the lack of pressure. The energetic transformation we’re in is as extreme as that.

We will see in coming months those who refuse to allow their own transformation as they will come down with the “bends” and implode within their own stuckness. Look for that to happen to any holding onto the Piscean Age mindset, especially in politics and on the world stage.

From “@oracleofyoursoul” who says we are in an energetic vortex as we move toward the Spring Equinox: “Universal energy is about to do a massive flip over the next two weeks. You can already feel it. Expect the unexpected. Karmic tides of change are rising to clear away situations and people that no longer share our divine paths. We are entering a whole new energetic territory.”

That’s great. But for right now, that energetic territory is still foreign to us and we have to adjust. But, again, we can feel the future of us being in harmony as if its current and not yet arrived.

Two weekends ago, my best friend of fifty years, Anne, came for a visit. I hadn’t seen her in three years. Both of us are completing difficult cycles in our lives and know we’re getting ready to start the next new one. We have been each others’ sole emotional support system for decades, even though we’ve lived apart a great deal of the time. We have long desired to be old ladies together. That’s on the horizon. It was extremely difficult for both of us when she went home to Michigan…as if we’d had a piece of Heaven for five days and then had to return to current reality. That meant having to deal with the day-to-day challenges alone until things not under our control changed. It was very hard.

We’re not the only ones seeing/feeling/knowing a glimpse of our future (experiencing it as if it’s now), then coming out of that euphoria to find ourselves seemingly stuck in reality (which brings sorrow, depression, loneliness and a need to shut down). We’re not really stuck, as in “not moving”. What’s moving and changing us now is all under the radar. It’s not surface, physical change we’re experiencing, as in a new job or new location (even though this under-change can make us want to change both). It’s vibrational, subconscious, soul-shifting change from one paradigm into another.

We are so tired after last year. We can’t take any more challenge. We’re overwhelmed and burnt out. The “energetic vortex” that’s happening now can seem like it’s more of the same difficulty from 2018 lessons. It isn’t, but when we’re recovering from the trauma/drama of last year, the last thing we need is more energetic stress. We’re being forced to look at what is in front of us that’s left over from lessons of the past seven to ten years, even though we want to escape into the future that is coming but not yet here.

The only thing we can do is really deal with the now, not what is coming. Even though it’s uncomfortable, look at what is happening (or not happening) in our lives and dissect the “why” of it. Not “why is this happening to me” as a victim, but “why is this happening” to lead to enlightenment. Then act on what is revealed. This is not a time to escape but a time to face who we are, why we are here and what we need to do to be the best selves we can be. We get more lessons learned when the energy is challenging. Look at our now as an opportunity to face our inner selves at a vital time in human evolution. This is bigger than all of us, yet has to be personal in order for human growth to be achieved.

It’s a bitch time, for sure. Own that and deal with it without allowing self-pity to creep in, no matter how well deserved. Ask for help from our Guides, Angels and Ancestors as they are more than willing to work right along side us. Be agile to change, to the feeling of change. Know there is a rainbow ahead, but live in the now. It’s not yet time to surf the future. That won’t come faster because we ignore the challenges. The rainbow comes faster when we deal with what’s right in front of us.

Have patience for ourselves. This has been the longest January and February I’ve ever experienced. March may seem just as long in its own way. But it’s leading us to a great adventure in Humanity. Take responsibility for choosing to be here, even if all that means is living in the now.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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