Last Friday/Saturday, we had the first New Moon of 2020 in Aquarius (our New Age), heralding the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Rat. No more cleaning up what was left of 2019 (that’s what January was for). We’re in some pretty intense and cool new energy. More on that below, but first…


I recently added over a year’s worth of new clients to my address book. So for those of you new to receiving my posts, here’s what’s going on: every Monday evening I post a newsletter about the energetic changes we’re facing in the Aquarian Age to offer a heads up and to help understand and maneuver through what’s happening and what’s coming. Sometimes I cover a single subject, sometimes I cover several things. Of late, it’s been the latter as there’s so much going on this year. These are my opinions gathered from insight I am given through readings and meditations, but sometimes I quote people I resonate with and respect.

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As previously posted, I have changed my schedule and rates starting Monday, January 27. I am reading the first Saturday of every month between 1 PM and 6 PM Central Time – no more Saturday readings for the rest of each month. And my new rates are $10 more per reading:

  • $45 for 15 minutes instead of $35
  • $70 for 30 minutes instead of $60
  • $85 for 45 minutes instead of $75
  • $105 for 60 minutes instead of $95

The schedule and rates sections on my website reflect these changes now.


The Friday/Saturday New Moon was very powerful and releasing. The energy was HIGH. I got two hours of sleep from Friday going into Saturday because of how enervated I felt. Luckily when I’m tired in a reading, my Guides, Angels and Ancestors take over and work through me. I’m still kind of knocked out now but I know the BIG RELEASE of the Dark of the Moon before the New Moon hit prepped us for the energy that is 2020.

This is going to be a spectacular year. Changes made on deep levels of human evolution in 2020 will reverberate for decades. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime year of change. When we look at it that way, perhaps we can understand how important our challenges are when they show up in our lives and not disregard them as just “getting in our way”.

I’m also finding that 2020 is going to be quite remarkably wonderful for those who stand in awareness and the positivity and hope that our Great Negative Lesson brings. We’re all tired because of the stress and rhythms we’ve been living in, and because of the energetic work we’re subconsciously doing while we continue to live our conscious lives – double duty that many of us are unaware of. We take for granted stress and negative rhythms are the way it has to be. But they are seemingly so strong only because they no longer fit the new vibration. It’s like straining to hear a phone conversation when the connection is really bad. The more we’re in the new vibe, the clearer everything is.

We’re also tired of trying to help others wake up when it’s clear they don’t want to because of their own fear. This is the year they get to choose their growth over fear or vice versa. However, this year takes over doing that work for us. God, Goddess, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Creator, The Universe or The Force (whatever you want to call it) is stepping in to get people to pay attention. If we as human beings couldn’t get a loved one to listen, the energy of 2020 can. Or those people become obsolete, by their own choice, as much as the Piscean Age vibration becomes obsolete by the end of this year.

It is inevitable that they change or let go. And this New Moon over the weekend brought us the energy that will enable that change. We’re in a quiet time for a while, for us to recoup our energy to prepare us to take on the lessons of 2020, for us to get our ducks in a row. Even though Mercury retrogrades on February 16 until March 9, we’ll be in this quiet time until the bigger shifts of the year start the last week in April. Mercury always takes us into ourselves for a recap of where we’ve been and where we’re going, so allow that to lead as it will bring the clarity that helps us through the Summer of Retrogrades (and all the other astrological events).

Sleep as much as we can, when we can. That doesn’t mean we’re lazy or coming down with something. Sleep is healing and sometimes the only way we get clarity. We need to gather our inner forces and the best way to do that is to allow our subconscious to do its work shifting our bodies into the ever-changing new vibrations (most effectively done in sleep or meditation). Doing that will make clear to us what we need to release in our daily lives, how we look at our world, and what we need to build up within ourselves.

Meanwhile, here are some wonderful words from two ladies I resonate with and respect on the subject of the New Moon we just had and what it means for us going forward:

From Alex Myles:

The first New Moon of 2020 brings powerful clearing, cleansing and charging energies that remove blockages, create major change and deliver life-altering transitions and breakthroughs. From now until the New Moon on February 23, the lunar energy will amplify all your desires, plans, thoughts, feelings and intentions, so be cautious and aware of what you wish for, as during this period anything you try to manifest will likely rapidly become a reality.

So far, January has been a chaotic and highly challenging month for many of us. Fortunately, as this New Moon rises, much of the highly charged intense energy that has been reverberating since the solar eclipse on December 26 will finally start to settle down. We are now entering the “eye of the storm” phase where all begins to feel calm and settled, and where major aspects of our lives click into place and begin to make sense.

This New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and will impact all zodiac signs, but particularly those with Aquarius in their chart. Aquarius is known as being a game-changer, bringing regeneration, plot twists, transformation, breakthroughs and progress, so expect emotional, mental, spiritual or even physical shifts and changes over the next few days, and continuing on until the new New Moon on February 23.

Aquarius can come across as quite aloof and detached when it comes to emotions, feelings and connections, preferring independence, freedom and autonomy over their lives. This means we may notice we feel quite rebellious and find ourselves yearning for space, wanting to break free from outdated traditions or tear down dynamics that have felt confining, limiting or controlling. We may suddenly feel bored with normality and want to detangle from anything that feels too restricting or repressive, preferring to walk our own unique path, regardless how that looks to others.

From Lynnette Duncan (#oracleofyoursoul):

An entire dimension is falling away right now that holds identities, emotions, wounds, ways of living, careers, relationships and old beliefs. A lot is surfacing to be worked through in order to ground into the new highest timelines. More healing, more honesty and more self love.

I’m watching the whole world wake up …each soul in their own way. We are, I feel, rapidly entering a space where we will experience a quantum shift of intention to resolve anger, war and bloodshed. Perhaps we will see success with this in our lifetime, maybe we won’t…but WE ARE HERE…NOW…doing what we can, changing ourselves, evolving, improving, healing. The world is already a better place because of it.

You wouldn’t realize that the world has greatly improved already based on media…everything is geared for FEAR, but when you get really curious you will find that things are so much better now than they have been in the past, success across all areas, poverty, hunger, death.

It can be so easy to doubt based on what you see and tune into, but if your mind immediately goes into “yeah, but what about this or that?”…you are still part of the problem. If you are holding tension, fear, anger at how you perceive things to be, you are actually against the exact thing you are trying to shift.

We are AWARE.

And there is still work to be doing, and we are doing it! Be joyous, even hopeful, in the changes, even in the disruptions…for they are what we’ve prayed for.

Your love reflects all love. You are more powerful than you know.


If you’d like to consciously work on what the subconscious is shifting within, you can use my Freezing Spell to help remove the rhythm of bad habits such as negative self-image, self-doubt, anger at others that is unjustified (i.e., a release of anger on those who don’t deserve it because it can’t be released on those who do), etc. While the Freezing Spell is mostly used to stop other people’s negativity from bothering you, it can also be used to stop your own negativity from directing you.

Look up the Freezing Spell on my website ( – access to it is on the home page if you scroll down to the direct link to the Metaphysigifts page. Instead of putting the name of someone’s energy you need to freeze on the paper, put the habit or whatever it is about self you’d like to release. If it’s a really old, stuck pattern, use the extreme version of the spell (there are several versions listed, depending on how much negativity is involved). It won’t release it for you completely, but make it easier to do the work yourself. 

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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