New Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Direct and the Holidays

As we end this very energetically active month, here are some things to be aware of as we head toward the end of this very spiritually eventful year.

On October 23, we not only have a New Moon but a partial Lunar Eclipse and the first day of Scorpio. A New Moon always brings new beginnings on a higher level after lessons learned. This Moon is extremely powerful not only to end the refined release started by the Full Moon two weeks ago (with it’s hit-you-over-the-head Solar Eclipse), but to re-start with a clean slate after the Year of Karmic Atonement.

As Astrologer Lorraine Castro writes:

“This is the second eclipse in October and serves as a bookend to the most highly eccentric aspect of the month. Take some time today to just breathe. It’s as if you have just witnessed the most radical circus act and your adrenalin is settling back to normal. If there is any way to take a bit of a retreat here just to honor yourself and your authentic self with gratitude and awareness of your many talents, do it. It could just be that you give yourself an hour to be in contemplation or you leave work early to take a walk.

“This new moon is a re-set point where you get to decide who you are and what you are up to, what you want to do and how you are going to express and support it. If you truly don’t know, start with what you are not and do not want to do and work from there. The energy of the eclipse period as well as this New Moon will feed these inner realizations with much power and help carry this new alignment forward.”

All this is supported by the Scorpio energy which brings awareness of the cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth, celebrated in full on All Hallow’s Eve. (Please be more aware of the significance of October 31 as the incredibly important rebirth that it is than as the watered-down fake- scary candy celebration it has come to be. More on how to honor this in the next newsletter.)

And, according to the research of Jewish scholars, October 23 is officially the Earth’s birthday. It’s also mine, so Happy Birthday to us both!

Then on Sunday, October 26, Mercury finally goes direct and the communication with self and others can get back to normal. As Mercury Retrograde always forces us to go over the lessons of the past months from when the previous Mercury Retrograde ended, it brings additional restart energy with it. Since this retrograde was more about refining communication with self, as it goes direct, we should all feel a relief from self-judgment and be able to see how we fit in the world in a different, more positive way than we have before.

As Lorraine said above, it’s important to see who we are. It’s equally important to let go of the old-fashioned thinking that we’re not enough (or thinking the world is not enough for us, which is just a mirror of how we feel about ourselves). If we look at this as a truly energetic restart after the last two years of refining ourselves to adapt to the Aquarian Age and this past year of Karmic Atonement, we get how significant this rebirth time is.

With all we’ve experienced, survived and learned about self and how we fit into the world, this rebirth gives us the strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks. It’s almost as if we can connect with and channel the power of the universe. No matter what happens, nothing can move us off our course of evolution and ascension. Proceed without fear and take a chance on what gut/intuition is whispering until we can hear its voice clearly.

The only thing we might be unaware of is how to go about fitting into this new energy. There is no instruction manual for this – it’s all new energy. Trust your Guides, Angels and Ancestors. Through a combination of our personal efforts and courage to move ahead, and connection and trust in Higher Power, ALL IS POSSIBLE. We just need to know how to accomplish it in a different mode of thinking. The Piscean Age is over, no matter how much it may be lingering. So think Aquarian Age. Think ALL IS POSSIBLE. Think HUMANKIND, not Mankind. Think HARMONY AND BALANCE. Any thought process that tells you otherwise is already obsolete.

Prayer and communication with higher spiritual energy, whether it’s directly with Creator or through Guides, Angels and Ancestors, is still at an all time high in getting response through November 5. If we’re unclear on who we are as we harmonize more fully with Aquarian vibes, ASK FOR CLARITY AND HELP. There’s a non-interference clause on the other side so there is no help without a request. If we haven’t done it before, now is the time to make that connection and bond with our Higher Selves and the spiritual energy around us stronger..

Many of us will still feel lost as we move forward, but it’s without the intensity of how lost we’ve felt over the last year. We’re in new territory now, so we will continue to be uncomfortable just like moving to a strange city without knowing anyone makes us uncomfortable until we settle in. We’re settling in to the New Age.

And beware with all this new enlightenment we’ve just achieved, our first test is to experience the holidays. The chaos the combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukah and New Year’s Eve brings has already started. It begins earlier and earlier every year (I saw my first Christmas shopping advertisement toward the end of September). And with the importance of this All Hallow’s Eve as a huge rebirth energy, we can feel even more uncomfortable in the forced togetherness and joy we’re supposed to feel as these times approach. Going against what we want for ourselves inevitable comes up.

Even though expectations will be rife – with family, friends, co-workers – try to stay as balanced as possible. Allow the difference of thought just established to sneak into what has been tradition for as long as our current generations have been alive. Try to avoid doing something you don’t want to do because it’s expected or will cause family or friend repercussions. Or, at least, be aware of the compromises you make and see them as gifts to others who have refused to experience any of the rebirth.

While so many of us have already taken advantage of this intense learning, growth and rebirth energy, unfortunately many more have already shut off and can only hold on for dear life to what they already know. Have compassion for them but try to avoid compromising self because they’re stuck.

Happy Rebirth!

With love and gratitude…

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