DISCLAIMER: Here’s what I’ve been getting about what’s coming up, which includes political energy because that most obviously represents our growth (and lack thereof) in this year of transformation. The politics part of this post comes later with a warning title so you can skip it if you want.

On with the program…


Covid-19 Coronavirus is not gone. It doesn’t matter if we’re tired of staying at home or social distancing or wearing masks or being afraid of getting it. It also doesn’t matter if we don’t believe it’s real, or we do believe it’s more important for our economy to flourish than to save lives because only “old people get it”. IT IS NOT GONE. It’s the tip of the iceberg of 2020 change, giving us something physical to concentrate on while the bigger, heavier, deeper vibrational stuff is happening under our feet. And we still need it for the transformation we’re in.

Gauge it this way: if it went away today, do you think we’d rebuild society into a better version or slip back into old ways of thinking and doing? It lasts until we all get the memo, or enough of us take action to make things change. We’re seeing that happen daily. But even the monumental impact the protests are having is, again, just the tip of our physical iceberg. We can tell where we are in this journey by how things are actually changing, not just being talked about. Good news: the tide is definitely turning.

A couple of things to know about the pandemic:

  • It’s already mutated twice and will mutate again before the cold/flu season in the Fall.
  • The second wave hits during the summer then eases off after the Autumnal Equinox.
  • The third wave comes with the cold/flu season in mid-November and lasts until early Spring, which means we have a break between September 22 through mid November.
  • The virus will burn itself out naturally in Spring 2021.
  • Any vaccine forced into early production will not work and will harm/kill many who take it. If there is a plan to force the vaccine on everyone, it will be stopped when it is seen that there is a negative reaction for those willing to take it early.
  • There will never be a vaccine that works, as there wasn’t one to stop SARS.
  • There was a “test” version of Covid-19 out at the end of 2019 so if you had a cold/flu more severe than ever before, chances are you were infected then.
  • By now, everyone is infected although most will never experience Covid-19 symptoms. However, it being in our system means we are more susceptible to pick up a cold or flu at the end of the year, and makes it harder for us to get rid of either.
  • The vaccine for the coming cold/flu season will not work as this Fall’s flu will have mutated from the strain targeted by the vaccine.

Part of the point of the pandemic is to make us more self-reliant, take more self-care (not sacrifice self-care because of societal demands) and build our own immune system. The currently existing way all big businesses, including the medical business and the insurance business, are run is due to start collapsing by 2023/24. This year helps us prepare for that.

Sylvia Brown predicted in her 2008 book, “End of Days”, that this pandemic would return in ten years. I feel the truth of that depends on our growth. It will only return if we need it to get our attention again karmically and transformatively…so it’s up to us.


Considering that throughout 2016, I KNEW Hillary was going to win (up until the night before the election when I felt the energy shift and then KNEW as completely that Trump would win)…

And considering I saw that something would happen to Trump by April 2018 that removed him from office (which was not assassination or death)…

And considering that neither of those insights came true…take this as you will.

Trump has a big personal issue coming to him in late June going into July. It could possibly be death (not through assassination) or severe illness like a stroke or brain aneurysm that may take him out of the presidential race in the Fall. Since I have seen other damaging things happening to him that haven’t come true (yet), I’m also taking into account that this depends on how much we still need him to be the poster boy of the Piscean Age. He is still doing so well at that, despite the energy of the world already vibrating in the Aquarian Age. If we still need something to push against so we can vibe with this new world, he will survive enough to make an impact. But he’s got some danger coming to him.

When he was first elected, one of the hits I got was that his demise would come when his approval numbers were in the low 30s. Since he has been in office, his approval ratings have been in the low 40s with a dip to 39 once or twice. But in the weeks after George Floyd was murdered, his approval ratings have consistently been 32 or 33. So I expect something leading to his demise coming shortly.

With that, and depending on the outcome of whatever happens to him, he may still be around and possibly coherent enough to declare war in July or August, possibly on China, possibly on the American people who don’t agree with him. There will be no boots on the ground and no exchange of armament, because the purpose of him declaring war in the bigger picture is for the American people to stop him, not talk about stopping him. We’ve been given a lot of time to stop this guy, but apparently we’ve haven’t been shaken up enough to do anything as much as talk about what he shouldn’t do and how things he sets into motion shouldn’t be happening.

However it comes about, with Trump or someone else as the Republican candidate, Joe Biden wins the election in November. There are several karmic reasons for that. There’s the obvious one that Trump will destroy our country if he’s allowed to continue on (assuming he’s alive or coherent enough to run) and I don’t believe we need to rebuild this country from scratch.

But there’s also a karmic culmination for Biden in that he deserves to win, not because he’s going to be a great president, but for other personal past-life reasons. And many people still need that father-voice to get them over the speed bump of Piscean into Aquarian Age transition. As he is the kinder, gentler father presence of the Piscean Age, he soothes the fear we’re experiencing. But his purpose in getting elected is not to serve, but to make room for someone who has the strength and vision to take us into the Aquarian Age. Goddess bless Joe Biden, but he is not that person.

The person who leads us into the New Age is the woman of color he chooses as his vice president. The Tecumseh or Tippecanoe Curse says that in every 20-year or zero-year election, whoever is elected president dies in office. This has been accurate since 1840 up until 1980 when Reagan was shot but survived. It skipped George W. Bush, but I believe that was because he was needed to begin the Great Negative Lesson (a precursor to the GREAT NEGATIVE LESSON that is Trump).

If the curse returns, as I think it will, Biden will die (from natural causes having completed his journey of being elected) within the first year in office and our new president will be that woman of color. Every single woman of color who is being considered as a vice presidential candidate is more together, smarter, a better leader than anyone in office now, and already thinks with Aquarian Age sensibilities. It’s important that it not only be a woman but a woman of color because the challenges they’ve had to face in being part of the minority while growing up and fighting to get to where they are at this moment, have given them an understanding, strength and tenacity others don’t have.

All that being said, if Trump is alive to run and loses, know he will try to take the “fake” election to the courts to have them declare he is still president. It may delay Biden’s inauguration by a week or a month, but it won’t stop the inevitable. Biden has said that he will have the military remove Trump physically if need be, but I don’t know if everyone will be that clear. It may still take awhile. As the Piscean Age is still holding on by its fingernails, so will Trump.

No matter what I’m seeing for our future, it doesn’t remove anyone from the responsibility of VOTING!!!! We are all responsible for dragging everyone who doesn’t understand (or refuses to) into the Aquarian Age.


Finally, for those of us who are experiencing extreme exhaustion while doing nothing more than what we’ve always done, know that there is more to it than being drained by the fear energy that’s pervasive in 2020. Most of us are also now offering energy for healing and building our new world. We don’t have to be trained healers, energetically/metaphysically-minded, or consciously aware we’re doing it for us to participate. It’s automatic for those of us already vibing with the Aquarian Age.

We agreed to do this when we came into this life, and it’s as if, finally, we can settle into what we knew was coming and fulfill our higher purpose. It’s like a kid who discovers she’s got a superpower but has no idea how to use it until the need arises. The need is now. And the majority of us are stepping up. BUT, if we don’t know we’re doing it, we can translate the exhaustion to “we’re doing something wrong” or “we are physically getting ill”.

Changes are happening so fast, we’re having to adjust just as quickly on multiple levels. Everything is taxing these days. So give yourself a break because exhaustion means you’re doing triple duty with at least a third of your energy working on building our future.

It is a very bright future. But it is up to us how fast the brightness comes.

I offer this with love and gratitude…



  • Heidi Wachter says:

    Thank you! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now (I discovered you by browsing psychic mediums in Austin on Yelp). I haven’t had a session with you yet, but just wanted to let you know I always really enjoy your blogs and find them helpful for navigating the current times. Thanks for taking the time to write them.

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