My Perfect World 1/29/2013

My Perfect World

At the beginning of the year, my guides downloaded an idea to me of how to not just cope with this changing energy, but how to utilize our growing powers of manifesting in this New Aquarian Age to bring in the positive. I call it “My Perfect World”. It’s an exercise of fun that has profound impact if done right and well.

It’s simple. Write about your Perfect World as if it already exists. I started by describing the house that I will buy, even though I have no idea when or how that will happen. Here is what I wrote:

“I own a three or four bedroom house in Sherman Oaks, Studio City or Toluca Lake that is in a quiet and friendly neighborhood, away from a main thoroughfare. It is old Hollywood style but has been refurbished or updated. It has stained and leaded glass, letting in a lot of sun, and is insulated with central air and heat. It has a jacuzzi and possibly a swimming pool. It has a lovely stone patio, and enough room and privacy in the naturally green backyard for Circle to fit comfortably and welcomingly. It has a sunken or elevated room, at least one fireplace and a skylight or some unusual feature that I find appealing. There are old, healthy Peruvian pepper trees on the property and some protecting cactus. There are orange trees and jasmine bushes either on the property or nearby. I get it for a good price without difficulty.”

I then go on to describe my perfect job, my perfect working environment, my perfect state of health and agility, my perfect income and what I do with it, my perfect connection with people and friends and anything else I can think of.

This is similar to making a Vision Board which has proven to be very helpful. However, I find it’s hard using that concept of getting what you want without feeling the energy of “want”, “need” or “desire”. And, as I’ve written before, those words and ideas put out lack which means what you get back is also lack. Sometimes that subconscious drawback affects the success of the tool.

If what you get is what you put out, create your Perfect World as if you are living it right now: in the present tense. As you write it, use all your senses to experience it.

In writing of my perfect home, I saw the rooms, the color on the walls, the lushness of the backyard, the levels within the house and its features. I felt the breeze on a summer day coming through the open doors and windows and the sun coming in through the skylight. I felt the coolness of the stones of the patio under my bare feet. I heard the birds in the backyard, smelled the orange blossoms and jasmine growing nearby and inhaled the new oxygen coming from the pepper trees. I tasted the freshness of the air as I stood outside and felt the uplifting camaraderie and well-being of people joining me in Circle. I felt the contentment of my cats in their new home I felt the belonging of being “home”. I could go on and on. Basically, I made it real.

Writing as if it’s a sort of fantasy gives you permission to work with your fullest potential without the stops that we have learned to put on ourselves. The lessons from past lives or childhood about what we’re worth or should expect have no place in this exercise because you’re writing from a place of imagination. And in our imagination, we deserve everything that’s possible, we can accomplish anything.

And everything is possible even if we have no idea how it’s going to happen. That, in itself, is an exercise in trusting not only our own powers of manifesting, but also the energies that work with us, and it reinvigorates our trust in Creator and the Universe that everything is in its own place and happens for its own reason.

“If you build it, he will come,” says the Voice in “Field of Dreams”. Or in Laurie-speak: “If you create it in your conscious mind, it happens.”

Try it. Write it down…that’s important. Just thinking of it, keeping it in your mind, in this case, gives little impact to the power of manifesting and limits the little details which make it complete. Spend time on it. It’s taken me several days and I’m still refining mine. Obviously, as usual, write it without negatives.

Once it’s done (or mostly done) read it regularly, preferably before going to sleep or when waking as those are the times when our subconscious, our manifesting ability, is at its most powerful. When you read it, use all your senses to make it real for yourself. “If you feel it in your gut, you make it happen.” Keep it somewhere of honor, whether it’s on an altar or in a special box or envelope.

One warning, though. If you are creating a perfect love, avoid putting a specific name or individual in this creation. That borders on manipulating or influencing another and that is an automatic God-smack. Even if you have someone in mind, put out that you have perfect love and let the Universe bring that to you. It may well be the person you want it to be, but it may also be someone you don’t know and could never conceive of without Divine Intervention.

We are all manifesting right now whether or not we’re aware of it. This is an exercise not only to utilize our manifesting ability but also to refine and focus it. The more we do that, the more we create our own world.

When each of us accomplishes that which completes us, makes us happy, fulfilled and successful on any and every level, all the energy of happiness, fulfillment and success exudes from us automatically, naturally, and affects others in the most positive way possible. We then effect change merely by standing in our own perfection.

If you get a moment and would like to, please let me know how this works for you.

May we all have our Perfect World this year. We all deserve it.

With love and gratitude…

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