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My father was in physical education with the YMCA all his life. He was the exercise guy, the sports guy, the team guy, the push-to-the-limit guy. He loved it. After he finished leading a workout and everyone’s muscles were sore, he’d say that soreness was a Good Hurt. The workout uplifted the body, got blood circulating, improved lung capacity, made everyone more agile, stronger, and feeling better about themselves…even though their muscles were really sore. Read More



JUNE 28, 2020 TO JANUARY 6, 2021

Last week in my post on “Upcoming Challenges”, I mentioned that on Sunday, June 28, Mars, the god/planet of war, moved into his home sign of Aries, the sign of war, until January 1, 2021. With that, plus Mars conflicting with Pluto and Saturn from July 27 to October 20, 2020, we could find ourselves dealing with a real war (or the threat of one), not just in the United States, but in any nation on the planet. Read More


We’ve had a lot of changes and turmoil in the last week—physical (pandemic resurgence) and energetic (personally tired and easily overwhelmed)–more than usual in a year that’s all about changing. That’s just part of our 2020 journey as we begin the Summer of Chaos, with July and August being the hardest months we have to face. Challenges continue before and after that through the end of the year, but with all that’s going on in these upcoming months, it’s best to get a handle on where we all stand within self, because we’re going to be tested. Read More


I took a break from the world over my long weekend… Which was very needed after the high energy of the last week… And will be needed for the higher energy coming in this week… Which means I didn’t get my post together in time… So I missed writing my thoughts on the powerful and life-changing Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse that happened yesterday… As my brain had yet to re-engage… So I’m offering two posts about yesterday’s events by my two favorite metaphysically-minded authors: Alex Myles and Gahl Sasson. Read More


Welcome to June in the year of our Great Transformation. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse with the government falling apart and the pandemic “destroying our health and our economy” (which is a one-dimensional way of looking at it), we get yet another brutal murder of a black man by white police. Since this is not even close to the first time this has happened, with little ever coming of it to change the corruption involved, why should we expect this time that George Lloyd’s karmic sacrifice will make a difference? Read More


The last two weeks have been pretty incredible, setting us up for the heaviest work of this transformational year. That doesn’t mean what’s happening on the surface—the ongoing pandemic, high unemployment rates, or our financial instability—will get worse (although it’s far from getting better). But our deep soul-enightening, vibrational, energetic, and cellular work has now kicked into high gear and will stay that way through the rest of 2020. Read More