Moving into September and Rituals to Help

As we come to the end of the grueling 13 month karmic “face-your-past-and-release-it” period from August 1, 2013 to August 30, 2014, we are adjusting to a new version of ourselves and the new vibrations of the Earth. It might feel like we’re newborn babies for a while, still holding onto thoughts and patterns of the previous life and still feeling awkward in the new. It takes us a while to become comfortable so take it easy on yourself and work on going with the flow (a new and difficult concept for many).

Just because most of us feel relief and a new sense of self doesn’t mean everyone does. The forced karmic-release energy may stick hard with people who are still fighting against lessons meant to help them clear their past. They will continue to be hit with challenge after challenge (each one getting harder) until they face their true selves. That means they will probably still be taking out their personal discomfort on everyone around them until they “get it”. Which they will. Eventually. It might take a long time. It might even stretch to the next lifetime.

Please be consciously aware of those who are still fighting their lessons and their place in your lives. Anyone who has become more balanced within self and with the new vibration shines brighter than before. Those who chose to be stuck are attracted to that light. They want others to either do the work for them, or will try to inflict punishment for doing what they haven’t done themselves. Please let them be without taking on their issues, or allowing yourself to take on the victim role in their retaliation scenario. See them as they are: stuck, spoiled children who are screaming their tantrums louder and louder as they get closer to losing their own battles against the changing world.

A quote from Abraham-Hicks:

“You’re not ever going to teach them how to vibrate, nor would you want to change them all to a place of vibrating just like you. Your work is not to fix them; they are not broken. Your work is to choose from among all of that which feels best to you, and fixate on it as long as it gives you pleasure and joy. And in doing so, you will align with the Energy of your Source, and you will live a magnificent experience. You just have to not let your joy depend upon what anybody else is living, cause that’ll get you every time.”

As this is still a very vulnerable time for all – that “vulnerable-butterfly-waiting-for-wings-to-dry-after-emerging-from-the-cocoon” stuff we experienced last year at this time – please take care. To help get us settled in our new balance and the accelerated pace of enlightenment that is ahead of us, here is a suggestion – a pair of simple Rituals – that helps us complete and balance with the new vibration. One is to be done on the upcoming Full Moon on September 9, the other is to be done on the following New Moon on September 24.

The importance of Ritual is something our society has ignored for centuries and that has cost humans in our spiritual growth. It is a way of centering us in ourselves, connecting us with the energies of all life (both physical and spiritual), being One with Creator, and bonding with others who participate in Ritual with us. Coming out of this last period of release and growth, we are especially in-tuned with the higher vibrations of the Earth. Doing these Rituals not only honors what we’ve been through and learned, but can give us a conscious understanding of our journey.

A couple of general notes, if you’ve never participated in Ritual:

  • Ritual can be done alone, with two people or a larger group. If two or more are participating, one individual needs to take on the Leader (not Ego) position, even if it’s just reading from a sheet as to what happens next.
  • Do the Rituals on the evenings of the Full Moon (September 9) and New Moon (September 24) for the most powerful success. Even though these days fall on a Tuesday and Wednesday, it is important to observe the time of power and not wait til the weekend. DO NOT do any Ritual during the dark period before the New Moon.
  • Choose a space where you will not be disturbed for the length of the Ritual.
  • Prepare the space and yourself beforehand, not at the start of the Ritual. Cleanse the space and yourself within the hour before.
  • Cleanse the space by dusting and vacuuming (if inside) or sweeping the area (if outside). Smudge the area with sage.
  • Cleanse self by showering/bathing and wearing clean clothes: dark or black clothes for the Full Moon; light or white clothes for the New Moon. Once dressed, you may also smudge yourself.
  • Start the Full Moon Ritual at five minutes after the top of the hour (8:05, 9:05); start the New Moon Ritual at five minutes after the bottom of the hour (8:35, 9:35).
  • A central fire is necessary so, at the least, have a candle (or several, preferably 7-Day or glass-enclosed) or an iron vessel (any size cauldron) with a chunk of manufactured log. The best is to be able to work around an open fire outside, but that may not be possible.
  • If using candles indoors, you can either let them burn down completely and use new ones at the New Moon Ritual, or let the Full Moon candles burn down half way then use the second half for the New Moon Ritual. If using 7-Day candles, it may take a couple of days for them to burn half or full, so have a safe place for them to burn which doesn’t have to be the Sacred Space (although it would be powerful if the safe place wasthe Sacred Space).
  • In making the lists of what you’re releasing (Full Moon) and what you’re accepting (New Moon), include your own personal behavior (“I release my jealousy.” “I accept peace in my heart.”) Include people you may wish to release or accept, avoiding trying to call someone specific. Try to avoid the material world this time. Instead of accepting financial success, accept joy of living. There are Rituals to call money and success – this is a much deeper, more spiritual ceremony.
  • If you choose not to make a list and speak from the heart, be prepared in what you want to say. Give it true thought. The more you put into any Ritual, the more you get out of it.
  • When drumming, really let yourself go and do it with passion and vigor. Use it as a physical response to the depth of emotion you’re either releasing or accepting. If you’ve never drummed before, start with replicating your heartbeat and go from there. It can run from five to 30 minutes. Please allow the drumming to take whatever time it needs without assigning a time frame to it. Try to avoid holding back because loud drumming might bother someone. Whoever it is can take it for the short time you’ll be doing it.
  • If you’ve never done Ritual before, it might seem easier to skip some steps, but please try to do each action in it’s entirety. The more you honor the steps of the Ritual, the more powerful and affective it is.


  • Safe space that is prepared beforehand.
  • Fire in some form (candles, cauldron, fire pit)
  • A safe vessel to burn paper (metal bowl or metal waste basket)
  • List (or knowledge) of Release from the Past (Full Moon), and Acceptance of the Future (New Moon)
  • Food and drink (cookies or cake; juice, wine or ale)
  • Drum


(Getting into and out of each Ritual is the same, so I’ve only listed the beginning and ending of the Ritual once with the individual Full and New Moon instructions within.)

Take several deep cleansing breaths

(In through the nose, out through the mouth, to center yourself)

Light the central fire

(Candles, cauldron or fire pit)

Create a Circle/Sphere of Power

(Call down White Light from the center of the universe and Gold Light up from the center of the Earth with all your senses to imagine a sphere of light around your space)

If Wiccan or Pagan, Call the Quarters

Invite Divine help

(Call in your Guides, Angels, Ancestors and/or Deities, depending on who works with you by asking for them to be present and assist you in your work)

FULL MOON RITUAL September 9 (starting at 5 minutes after any hour after sunset)

Read the list of what you release, or speak it from the heart. Do this with passion and emotion, yelling and screaming the anger, frustration or resentment, etc. (if you need to) that you want to release. If in a group, you can do this either one at a time, or for a very heightened effect, have everyone read/yell at the same time. Some individuals may not want everyone to know their business, so the releasing at the same time helps – everyone is so concentrated on their own release, they don’t hear anyone else. Growl, scream, make animal noises – whatever helps you release completely.

Flick your hands and arms at the central flame, as if ridding yourself of the physical energy you are releasing. Feel shadows of doubt or pain or anger traveling through your body to be thrown out your hands into the flame. Do this with vigor, allowing the feelings to flow through you. This is a more aggressive experience than the one at the New Moon later in the month.

If reading from a list, when complete, light the list from the central flame and let it burn to oblivion in a metal waste basket or bowl. Be very aware of the safety factor, both indoors and out, with the hot ash that can float from the burn.

Hold your hands out to absorb the healing energy of the flame. Feel its warmth and healing energy come into your body through the chakra points in your palms. When done charging your hands, move immediately into Drumming. (Skip now to the Drumming instructions.)

NEW MOON RITUAL September 24 (starting 35 minutes after any hour after sunset)

Read the list of what you accept, or speak it from the heart. Try to feel the fullness of the emotions you accept – love, peace, joy – as you list them. If you’re accepting a loving partner in your new life, recall or create the feeling of ultimate bonding and satisfaction of that harmony and unconditional love (but avoid concentrating on any specific individual).

If you don’t have as many specifics to accept as you did to release, concentrate on the feeling in your body of experiencing unconditional love and joy, of accepting what you already asked for before you were born (whether or not you remember what that is) and of accepting Grace of the Divine. This is a more peaceful and gentle experience than the Ritual for the Full Moon earlier this month.

If you have a list, when finished reading, light it from the central flame and let it burn safely in a metal vessel or waste basket. Again, take care with the hot ash that may float.

Chant “I accept love and joy” or “I accept the Grace of God”. Make it simple and repeat it over and over until you feel complete.

Hold your hands out to absorb the healing energy of the flame, feel its warmth and healing energy come into your body through the chakra points in your palms. When done charging your hands, move immediately into Drumming, which may be more gentle and thoughtful than for the Full Moon Ritual.


(Drum hard and fast or gentle and profound – depending on which Ritual you’re doing – until you don’t need to drum anymore)


(Sit in the quiet after the drumming for as long as you need; take in the difference in the vibrations – within self and within the Sacred Space; then take three cleansing breaths. When ready, eat a cookie/case and drink juice, ale or wine to physically bring you back to Earth.)

Release the Divine help

(Thank and release the Guides, Angels, Ancestor and/or Deities)

If Wiccan or Pagan, release the Quarters

Release the Circle/Sphere

(Be aware of the heightened energy around you with all your senses. Breathe the white and gold light of the sphere into yourself, absorb it through every pore and feel yourself energized and healed. Send extra energy into the Earth through the soles of your feet in gratitude for her to be re-energized as well. )

Either put the candles out with a snuffer (never blow them out), leave them or the fire to burn itself out or let them burn halfway before you snuff them out.


Stay in the glow of the Ritual as long as you feel like it. Be careful going into populated areas afterward as you will be very vulnerable. If you must go out or be with unenlightened people, protect yourself psychically and energetically. You’ll shine very bright after this so you may just want to stay by yourself or with the others in the Circle for a while and avoid people until the next day. Protect yourself psychically and energetically when you are out and about over the next several days.

In the time between Rituals, be very aware of how you feel and what you notice, no matter how small a difference it is. Take stock in where you were in your self-awareness during this last year of forced change and where you are now. Allow yourself to see people differently, and through them, yourself. They are only a reflection of who you are and the energy you emit.

Also, pray or ask nightly for your Guides, Angels and Ancestors to give you messages, to teach you how to hear them better, to recognize and follow your heart and have the strength to do it, to be aware consciously and energetically of the vibrations and shifts going on within and without.

Notice that past life connections and reasons for behaving/thinking a certain way will be clearer and make more sense – especially if you open yourself to the understanding that most of your beliefs, blocks, talents, connections and actions are far more influenced by your past lives than even your childhood.

Please email me if you have questions about how to do the Rituals. And please let me know how they go for you.

With love and gratitude…


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