More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation 7/2/2013

More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation

As I’ve mentioned multiple times in my writing and teaching, the energy coming in with the Aquarian Age is about balance, harmony, communication and an awakening of Humankind instead of entitled Mankind. We’re realizing it’s not just “All men are created equal” but “All life is created equal”. Our general consciousness is seeing how everyone and everything has an equal and vital place and purpose for our growth as spiritual beings. 

I’ve written about our new Pope Francis bringing that energy to the Catholic Church. Recently, the news has been popping with Aquarian Age change. And several less showy items have come to my attention that I would like to share.

Obviously, the week of June 23rd brought big news. First there was the great awareness shift with the Supreme Court decision about the legality of same sex marriage and the legitimizing of the rights of same sex couples to file taxes jointly and receive federal benefits.

Some have said this decision finally recognizes gays and lesbians as humans with human rights instead of them being delegated to “less than human” because they “perform acts of beastiality”. Those last words come from stuck Piscean Age individuals who attack anyone not like themselves. It’s all based on their fear that they’re losing the reality they’ve been taught is “right”. They are. No matter how much louder they shout their self-preserving fear-based poison, their opinions are finally being seen as self-serving and petty rather than the voice of the people. Or of God. Or awareness, for that matter.

Secondly, Paula Dean was fired from the Food Network for using racist language. Even 40 years ago I don’t think this would have happened. It just shows our growth as human beings that so many are outraged, not only people of color, saying “This is no longer acceptable”.

On another uplifting note, I have been noticing the “integration” in advertisements of late. Those born in the 90’s and after may not think twice about this. But I remember the huge shock and condemnation of Julie Andrews by CBS in 1969 because she kissed Harry Belafonte on the cheek after they sang together on one of her shows. A white woman COULD NOT kiss a black man on TV! Or anywhere else! Even if they were friends. Even the sainted Julie Andrews who, at that time, was one of the most loved and respected entertainment personalities in the public eye.

I remember the big “advancement” in television in the years following when a token person of color was added to the white tableau. In those days that was advancement. Slow step by painful step.

So seeing a recent McDonald’s commercial where every actor in the ad is Asian was a welcome breath of fresh air. And a Cheerios commercial with a mixed-race family – white mom, black dad and their daughter a mix of the two – made me jump with joy. There’s also a Samsung commercial with every color in the rainbow and many, many more.

The best part for me is that I feel most of this isn’t noticed – it’s just a part of normal TV. And it wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t already accepted in the public eye; advertisers would never chance putting out a commercial they didn’t think was going to earn money.

Speaking just of the gay and lesbian contingent, gay people are not just written as characters on shows these days, gay actors are getting work as actors, not gay actors.

I love the soaps. I loved the story of Luke and Noah falling in love on As The World Turns before it was canceled (and their steamy hot first kiss). I love the current Will and Sonny story on Day of Our Lives. There’s a specialness to them because they are gay and that’s still ground-breaking on soaps; but they’re also special because both story lines have been good, old fashioned sweet romances (and all the guys involved are pretty cute).

On The Young and the Restless, Christian LeBlanc, a gay actor, has been playing a straight character since 1991. I wonder if Rock Hudson is watching all this with joy that this kind of recognition and acceptance has finally come, or sorrow that it took us so long to get here.

This might not seem like a big deal, but having lived in a very publicly white, straight Christian America that seems to have been slowly dragged into color, religious acceptance and sexual-orientation awareness, I believe it’s a very big deal.

We started the 20th Century in this country living in complete Christian white male entitlement (the epitome of the Piscean Age) where everyone else was considered less. After the subjugation of people of color, of women, of those from different countries and religions was once accepted as God and Nature’s Law, in less than 100 years we’ve worked on balancing and equalizing our concepts after millennia of being stuck in limited ideals.

It may not seem like it’s happening quickly when we live it every day, but if you look back on our history, we’re leaping forward in huge giant steps.

So give a moment to pay attention to the equalness of what’s happening before our eyes. It’s the Aquarian Age coming into its own. It’s wonderful that we’re here at this time to not just watch, but to be a conscious part of it in everything we do and say.

Obviously there’s still a lot of work to do and awareness to accomplish, but we’re on our way!

With love and gratitude…

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