As usual, there’s a lot going on. Talk about an accelerated year. Once we got out of the first three months of 2019 that concentrated on cleaning up the intensity of 2018, we hit the ground running. It’s as if we’re making up for the seeming stuckness of forced self-evaluation and spiritual growth that “held us back” last year until we “got it”.

Now, with no restrictions or “brick wall”, we’re moving faster. Or rather, Mother Earth is constantly increasing and refining her level of vibration in her personal growth, which means her energy is moving faster, and we have to keep up or we don’t belong. We’re holding onto the dragon’s tail and dragons don’t slow down for anybody or anything. Neither does our Earth for us anymore.

From THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO 2012 by Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews on Cellular Frequency:
“As high-energy waves hit your body, they create an increase in cellular frequency. All the cells inside your body are vibrating. The rate of vibration is your cellular frequency. Everything that exists has a frequency. If everything that is getting hit with high-energy waves starts to vibrate faster, the result is acceleration. Even your thoughts and actions become accelerated. The rate of cause and effect is also accelerating.”

At this moment, we have very clear physical shifts that are helping us (and the Earth) in this vibrational transformation. First, three planets are retrograding right now: Jupiter (April 10 through August 11), Pluto (April 24 through October 3) and Saturn (April 29 through September 18). As these are all outer planets, their affect is deep and humanity-changing (vs. the inner planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars that are in-your-face deep and have more immediate personal-life-changing intention to them).

Everything about retrograde action is to “re” something: re-evaluate, re-pay karma, re-new self, re-generate, re-birth. During this time, we might have people come back into our lives from the past, which helps us re-evaluate who we were then compared to who we are now. We can have events and people show up for us to complete a karmic past. Or we could have dreams or nightmares helping us face our fears by showing them to us with intensity.

We will also get signs either through repetitive numbers (1111, 777, etc. which tell us we’re in harmony with the Earth’s vibe), or unusual encounters with animals or animal spirits (check out Ted Andrews’ ANIMAL SPEAK for explanations and messages), or significant items showing up out of nowhere to remind us of someone or something (a client’s father who passed puts dimes in her path to let her know he’s still with her). All these signs show us we’re on the right path.

So look at this time, especially through summer when Mercury will join the other retrograde planets in July (July 7 through July 31) and when the Hungry Ghosts come out in August, as not an interference with our “normal” lives (because it certainly disrupts our society-established rhythms) but as help to heighten our awareness and our vibration.

Second, we are being bombarded with unusually intense solar storms and cosmic rays which disrupt the electromagnetics within our bodies. Over the last weekend, we experienced solar storms caused by the huge sunspot that was once again facing us (we’re not done with them but on a break this week). We’re also being hit with energy from space as reported by on April 23 in the article “MORE ENERGETIC COSMIC RAYS NEARING SPACE AGE PEAK”:

“Cosmic rays penetrating Earth’s atmosphere are intensifying, and nearing a Space Age record for dose rates. What’s going on? The answer is “Solar Minimum.” During the low phase of the 11-year solar cycle, the sun’s magnetic field and solar wind weaken. Cosmic rays find it easier to penetrate the inner solar system. In 2009, the sun experienced the deepest solar minimum in a century. Cosmic rays reaching Earth naturally surged.

“Ten years later, solar minimum is back with renewed weakening of the sun’s magnetic field and the solar wind. Again, it’s a “perfect storm.” A panel of experts led by NOAA and NASA recently predicted that the current minimum would reach a nadir in late 2019 or 2020, likely matching the record-setting minimum of 2009. If they’re right, cosmic rays will continue to increase, with a new record possible in the near future.”

All this “space bombardment” causes confusion, brain fog and exhaustion. This is purposefully shaking us up to help us to let go of our Piscean Age left-hemisphere logical thought process to become more balanced with our right-hemisphere creative/spiritual side. We need the “shake-up” to allow change that we might not accept because we’re focused elsewhere (i.e. in our society-established rhythms). This bombardment forces us to become “unfocused” so vibrational changes can consciously and subconsciously transform us.

Luckily, we have an abundance of teachers and people already on this path who are now helping others. Here are relevant quotes from some of those individuals that are helpful as we go through this human ascension.

From Lynnette Duncan, #oracleofyoursoul:

“The more we tune into our feelings the more we become capable of raising our vibration. If we think of our mind as a radio that is sending and receiving frequencies, we have a clearer idea of how thought patterns work. A lower vibration will capture lower vibrational thoughts, negativity, judgment, criticism, etc., while a being who is vibrating in a higher state will begin to grasp thoughts that are more loving. In our essence, we are all one, and the greater our frequency, this truth becomes something that we not only know, but something we actually experience. A being who is resonating in a higher state is much less likely to inflict pain on another because intuitively they know that what is done to the other is ultimately done to the self, which is why compassion and love become their natural state.”

From Sherri Lane:

“There is a vast spiritual awakening in progress in our world. Quietly and soulfully, many are returning to the truth of who they are, seeing the futility of the world’s ego ways. If you surrender to this call from within, it may lead to a deep questioning of “the way we do things”. There will surely be moments of loneliness, where you feel that you no longer belong, as the world tries to pull you back in to its worn out paradigms; but if you stay in peace and follow the call, your soul will begin to see truth in a deeper way: the remembrance of perfection, your own, and that of others. This truth is the only freedom there really is, and its power is beyond anything the world can offer. It is your power. It can move mountains. It can heal you. It can heal the world.”

Just a note here, when she mentions “the world”, I believe she is mentioning the world of our civilization and how we humans created it, not the separate conscious identity that is our Earth.

From Aaron Rose:

“Unity consciousness will become our permanent state only after we account for the collective karma of our current incarnations.”

And from Matt Kahn:

“The easiest way to raise your vibration is to relax your body. The most essential way to relax your body is to slow your breath. The most effective way of slowing your breath is by loving your own heart. One “I love you” at a time, your breath is inspired into a slower pace, which reminds the body to feel safe enough to relax, as your vibration elevates into higher frequencies of light. This is the heart of transformation.”

Again, as the themes of this year are synchronicity, serendipity and trust (Let Go, Let God/dess), go with the flow. Allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable and discombobulated because that helps us get out of our own way. Avoid self-judgment, or pay attention to what it’s telling you. Happy Ascension!!!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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