Here is an example of incoming Aquarian Age energy, posted on InstaGram by Yvette Nicole Brown this week. Although I’m pretty sure the unknown author wasn’t thinking specifically about the Aquarian Age, the ideals fit perfectly:

Happiness is the new rich.

Inner peace is the new success.

Health is the new wealth.

Kindness is the new cool.

That’s what we’re working on. That’s where we’re headed. We may not be able to see it clearly right now, or in the days ahead in this very interesting year, but that’s our future. And this year offers more opportunity, and more negative lessons if we need them, to achieve these very ideals. Remember them as we move through the year. They can help keep us grounded knowing they presage the inevitable.

Over the last weeks, I’ve done divination on what’s coming up for 2018 outside of the knowledge given by the incoming Aquarian Age tendencies, numerology, and the astrology of the Year of the Earth Dog (more on that when we get closer to Chinese New Year on February 16). I checked into world issues and our (the United States) place in it all. I asked about natural disasters and themes not previously covered. And while a lot of the information below can seem to be rough because we’re still in huge upheaval and transition of ideals and energy, there was a lot that was positive. Like the above post shows us.

Let’s take the challenges of inner-planetary influence for 2018, in order of appearance: When a planet goes retrograde, we move into a reflective, inner-self phase, focusing on the specific qualities of that planet. These times can produce tremendous growth, self-awareness opportunities and heal past issues.

They can be challenging, too, as inner-work is not how our society runs. Needing “quiet time” while still keeping up with the bigger-harder-stronger-faster push of our expected work ethic is defeating and exhausting. But if we go with the flow, balance self-reflection with the need to continue pushing, we make it so much easier for ourselves and the people within our influence (because, even if we’re good at being aware of how we affect others by our moods, we still affect others by our moods).

  • Mercury is retrograde from March 22 to April 15. Be careful, accurate and triple check all tax preparation. Or don’t wait til the last minute, get taxes done ASAP to avoid mishaps with the mail. Generally with Mercury retrograde, avoid signing legal documents, buying big items and having important communications as they may not end well.
  • Mars is retrograde from June 27 to August 27. As Mars’ natural state is action, passion and self-assertion, extrovert energy becoming introvert energy may not be taken well. Inner reflection on why we are aggressive helps this time pass productively. Also, Mercury will be retrograde while Mars is, so extra challenges are added.
  • Mercury is again retrograde from July 25 to August 18, within the Mars retrograde, and during the dreaded karmic catch-up-month of August. The challenges during this time are extreme as God-smacking self-lessons will be at an all time high for the year.
  • Venus is retrograde from October 6 through November 16. Take extra care to avoid disagreements and “come-to-Jesus” encounters, especially with romantic partners.
  • Mercury is lastly retrograde from November 16 (the last day of Venus retrograde) to December 6. The reflective challenges brought up in Venus will linger into this time while the extremity of holiday preparation and expectation can make us crazy.

We also have outer planets influencing us in deeper ways. Some of that I’ve already written about (or passed on what Master Astrology Gahl Sasson has written), some of it I will report as we get to them. All planetary activity has far-reaching and much stronger affect than ever before and will continue to get stronger over the next five/six years. Be aware of the Full and New Moons, especially the Dark of the Moon (the day before the New Moon), as emotions are high and surety of self can get lost. Mark these times on your calendar to remind yourself why you and others are feeling differently than normal.

On February 16 we move into the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog, which tells us our natural challenges this year will involve the Earth, as in more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions rather than danger from water (hurricanes) or fire. In the United Sates, the quakes will be in more unexpected areas like the Mississippi Valley and the northeastern seaboard rather than the usual Ring of Fire (west coast). Watch out Oklahoma and the Dakotas as, at some point, there will be a reaction to all that super-destructive fracking.

When we came out of the major Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, how the Earth took care of her human population changed. She stopped sacrificing herself for our good and is now in a releasing state, hence the intensity of natural disasters after that time. Expect any natural disaster to be over and above what we have been used to. Take precautions, have food and supplies and an emergency plan

In world events, the biggest good news I can pass along from my Guides is that the United States will not be involved in another war, although it will be very close with North Korea. Kim Jong Un will probably have another nuclear “test”, this one above ground. This is horrible and devastating to the area and affects everyone on the planet but no humans will be killed. Still it will start a stand-off, with other countries getting involved, forcing China to stop using North Korea as a front and control their wayward “child”. No matter how blustery and insulting Trump can be with his tweets, he is basically a coward. Stupid and impulsive, yes, but still a coward when it comes to pushing the button.

The Middle East is still going to be in turmoil, but that’s their destiny in this changing time, whether or not the United States is involved. Even though Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel set off violence and reactions, those would have happened in some way this year anyway. It’s the energy. Trump, in his role as the Great Negative Lesson, just kicked it off and took us out of involvement. That energetic tension spurred on other countries flexing their Aquarian Age muscles against the Piscean Age restriction. We can not help with that, even if we were still respected enough to try.

On the home front, mid-term elections and more Trump antics will be our main news feed. Watch for the difference in the energy of the candidates, from those who fearfully hold to the Piscean Age power-over ways versus those who are leading us into Aquarian Age equality. Many will still try to curry favor with Trump because they don’t know how to think for themselves and so will continue pretending he is not a problem for our country and the world. This tests each individual’s ability to see and feel the truth when it is presented.

In November, Democrats will take over the House and even out the Senate. While impeachment proceedings are widely predicted to start once the House is under Democratic rule, there are other ways that Trump can be removed. But that removal only happens when enough people have stepped into the new vibration of the Aquarian Age self-awareness. It’s not as predictable as it is inevitable, timed by human growth and evolution rather than a change in politics.

Despite that, when Trump was elected, I said he had two years and three months before he was gone. I’m sticking to that. Impeachment may be the way that happens, but there are also criminal charges that can be used. There are choices that will be made within the inner workings of our government. One of them is whether or not to use the most extreme opportunity to stop Trump (i.e., not just collusion but that his Russian connections make him an agent of a foreign power). With these things coming to light, and more clarity on how Russia influenced our election (things Robert Mueller already has), both he and Pence can be thrown out. The choice can be made to not go that far to avoid upsetting the government in the extreme, even though that is what we need.

I do not believe there will be another election following Trump’s oust, nor will Hillary Clinton take over with Trump gone. More than likely if Pence is charged along with Trump, Paul Ryan will be next in line as interim president until the 2020 election. Whoever takes over, Pence or Ryan, they will pardon Trump so he will be disgraced but, as usual, blame others. He will spend no time in jail, and not shut up about his innocence and being framed by hateful Democrats. He will try to influence the public even though he will no longer be in office. Even though this can happen in 2018, it will more than likely happen in 2019.

In 2018, Trump will continue his reign of terror on anyone different than him – people of color, people of different beliefs and religions, people of different sexual orientation and every other country except Russia. China is tolerated (and that’s really our biggest threat). No major legislation will be passed. When the Democrats take over in November, the Tax Bill will probably be reversed or slashed in some way.

But Trump-chaos will remain and flourish specifically to make people think for themselves and follow a path of integrity and truth. Changes he wants to make to destroy our country will only be stopped by people waking up – not to a Democratic way of thinking, but by thinking for the good of all instead of holding onto self-status and Piscean Age power-over.

While all this seems dire, it won’t be. Day-to-day, we can be afraid of what might come from our government upheaval, possibility of nuclear war, no healthcare, being deported or just survival. There are too many changes happening this year to write about here. But every time there is one self-aggrandizing individual taking action to ensure survival of the old ways, this year there will be ten people for that one to stop him/her through actions and activism. Ten against one! That starts to bring balance and equality in the face of the lingering so far over-powering Piscean Age power-over that will be greatly diluted this year.

I offer this in love and gratitude..

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