Ritual Drumming

Ritualdrumming has been used by our ancestors as far back as humansremember. It united us, strengthened our courage, scared our enemiesand lifted us into spiritual contact with our Earth and Creator. Inmodern times when we live with stress that adversely affects ourhealth, drumming is a way to release that stress through the physicalaction of beating on a drum and the vibrational healing that comesfrom the sound. In this time of Aquarian Age balance, drumming alsounites the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing us tolearn and remember things with our whole bodies, not just the logicalside of us. This is why it is good for anyone who needs help instudying, especially our Aquarian Age-minded children who are beingtaught Piscean Age concepts that confuse them. It also takes us deepinto trance states when ritual drumming is done live or played underany meditation.Asdrumming alone or in a group is rather specialized these days, I’veprovided two tracks of ritual drumming (at different speeds) to helpwhen you don’t have the time or ability to whip out a drum and spendten minutes getting yourself in balance. Please use this track forwhatever you need. Download and loop it for a continuous soundunder any activity that is helped by that extra push of inner-connection.