In the spirit of giving back, here is a page that offers information and instruction on things I talk about all the time, and others that are just helpful.

All of them are available to be be downloaded FREE to help whenever you need it.

Candle Burning Instructions

CandlesI obtained this small, self-published booklet from Cosmic Connections, a metaphysical store in Chatsworth, CA that shut down years ago. It completely explains everything you need to know about spell-related candle burning – how to choose the right type and color of candle, blessing oils and incense, the time of month, day and hour to start the work; how to anoint the candle and set up the altar, and everything in between. This has been my source material in all of the spells and prayer work I’ve done since. I never met Sharon, the author, but am grateful for her knowledge and now share it with you. May this info help you as much as it has helped me.


House Clearing Instructions

abaloneshellandsageBased on accumulated methods of energy cleaning from around the world, here are very detailed instructions to rid your space of negative or stuck energy and recharge it. This can be done in its entirety or used partially, for the whole house or just one room. The full method is time and energy consuming but if you have an issue in your living or working space and need a cleansing, this will definitely do it for you.


The Power of the Word

Words-Have-PowerWords have power. Without being aware, we use wrong words every day which defeats what we’re trying to accomplish. This article, originally from a class I teach and published as one of my newsletters, defines those dangerous words and offers help in breaking the patterns of using them. Knowing these problem words and avoiding them is especially important when doing any spells, chants, prayers or intentions.


Ho’oponopono Instructions

Ho'oponopono InstructionsI often recommend people help their relationships – all types of relationships – by chanting the Ho’oponopono. This Hawaiian Shamanism chant is made up of four short statements (in English) that when said regularly, heal the relationship, the other person and yourself. Very powerful. Look up “Ho’oponopono” online for Dr. Hew Lin’s successful work with mental patients to get a better idea of the impact of this chant.


The Gandarvas Meditation

heart handsThis sweet, gentle, vocal meditation fills you and your space with healing, unconditional love in a few simple steps. It can be done alone or with friends, or with a group of strangers without any prior knowledge of, or experience with, meditation. It’s great for calming self (and others) after everyday chaos, or for rebalancing and recharging your soul with the power of unconditional love – the strongest power in the universe. By doing this meditation, you also help heal the Earth and all life on her.


Connecting with the Earth Meditation

52The Earth is a living, breathing being. Sometimes we forget (or never knew) that. Here is a simple meditation that allows you to experience and connect with the energy of the Mother Earth. This helps you stay grounded and, if doing work with Nature or any of her creatures, helps in the communication.


Spirit Mail

spirit-mailWhen having trouble communicating with someone, when issues or circumstances make it difficult-to-impossible to be heard, Spirit Mail gets your message to the individual. This can be used when there is a break-up, to ease things in a work misunderstanding, to connect with someone out of reach (i.e. someone in the military who is unable to call or email) – any situation where you need to be heard by someone when regular lines of communication are either not working or impossible.


How to Remember Your Past Lives

lightWe all carry the knowledge of our Past Lives within but most of us have never been taught how to access them. Here are step by step instructions to help you call into consciousness what is being held in your subconscious and imagination about where you’ve been, who you were and what you experienced in your lives before this one. This is not a meditation but a way to bring your Past Life memories into your consciousness by looking at what you’re already aware of in a different way.


border leaves_Horiz

NOTE FOR ALL SPELLWORK: Do this suggested work with positive intentions – for yourself and others. If it is not “For the Good of All, According to the Free Will of All” (i.e. without manipulation or selfishness), it has no power. If spellwork is done without “The Good of All” in mind, it backfires and comes back at you three times. These spells may seem easy, but all intentions have affect, so take responsibility for what you are putting out.

The Glamour Spell

light3This spell creates a temporary aura around you that brings out your beautiful / handsome and charming qualities so you can be seen in the best light, many times helping people see your point of view. While this can be used to get a certain person to pay attention to you, I have used it in business meetings to great success. If this is done to get that certain person’s attention, know that it gets you noticed. It does not manipulate that person into doing your bidding or wanting you if there is no desire to begin with.


The Freezing Spell

Goddess 3This stops other people’s energy from bothering you, whether they are intending you harm or are sending out negativity unknowingly. This does no harm to the other individual. It’s more a method of protection. I cover the different levels of blocking another’s energy from affecting you, from improving communications to stopping people dead in their tracks.


The Mirror Spell

Mirror-spellSimilar to the Freezing Spell, it reflects energy back at an individual who is sending it, whether that person is trying to harm you or doing it unknowingly. Again, this does no harm. I usually use this as a follow up or in addition to the Freezing Spell for some especially stuck individuals, but it can be used on its own.


The Love Spell

loveIt is well known that whatever energy we put out is what we then call to us. In order to attract love, we first must exude self-love. This 40 day spell helps you focus on your positive aspects to send them out in the world. Then Spirit brings you the perfect person who matches and fulfills you both (although, be aware, it may not happen the day after you complete it). This spell requires a time and energy commitment. But as with all spells, the more you put in, the more you get out.


Ritual Drumming

Drum PicRitual drumming has been used by our ancestors as far back as humans can remember. It united us, strengthened our courage, scared our enemies and lifted us into spiritual contact with our Earth and Creator. In modern times, when we live with stress that adversely affects our health, drumming is a way to release that stress through the physical action of beating on a drum and the vibrational healing that comes from the sound. In this time of Aquarian Age balance, drumming also unites the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing us to learn and remember things with our whole bodies, not just the logical side of us. This is why it is good for anyone who needs help in studying, especially our Aquarian Age-minded children who are being taught Piscean Age concepts that confuse them. It also takes us deep into trance states when ritual drumming is done live or played under any meditation. As drumming alone or in a group is rather specialized these days, I’ve provided two tracks of ritual drumming (at different speeds) to help when you don’t have the time or ability to whip out a drum and spend ten minutes getting yourself in balance. Please use these tracks for whatever you need. Download and loop it for a continuous sound under any activity that is helped by that extra push of inner-connection.

Variations on the 40 Day Spell

The same instructions to call love in can be used with slight variations to call in a job, success, financial security or almost anything that is considered missing in life. I explain how to alter the 40 Day Spell to fit your intentions.