So, basically, we’ve got a ride coming up over the next two weeks, with the energy leading into April 9 and finishing off on April 15 being especially challenging.

First off, on Sunday, April 9, Mercury goes retrograde until May 3. We know about this: miscommunication and misunderstandings run rampant during these three weeks (plus three days). We focus on looking at what hasn’t worked in our past and must avoid starting anything new, especially signing legal papers or buying any big items (house, car). We also have to be aware of glitches with electronics, automobiles and travel.

While that in itself is enough, be aware the end of the current Venus retrograde overlaps the beginning of Mercury retrograde. That adds another level altogether.

While Venus normally rules relationships, money and talents in a positive way, expect its retrograde influence to continue the arguments and conflicts within relationships, about money and questioning talents that started on March 3. That self-doubt and self-judgment have been hitting us especially hard this time around, making many of us feel lost and unsure which easily brings in depression, fear and the need for understanding from others who are having their own issues with not receiving understanding for themselves.

Adding the miscommunication and misunderstanding of Mercury retrograde to the existing energy means it’s a good time to purposefully and consciously compromise and imagine every situation reversed (how would we feel if what we’re doing and how we’re behaving is happening to us – i.e., the Mirror Effect).

It’s a good tactic (at least until April 15) to shut up and give everyone, including ourselves, some space.

That’s the Saving Grace: when in doubt, or when too frustrated, step back, even if that’s not what we want to do. It saves important relationships and situations and our sanity. Things said and done during this time in the heat of retrogrades can come back and haunt us in very significant ways. Save them until at least after April 15, or better yet, until after May 3, when we’ll find out our issues with others aren’t as important as we thought.

To add to all this fun, the Moon goes Full at the very end of Monday, April 10. Leading up to any Full Moon causes over-emotionality for no apparent reason, or the over-reaction attaches itself to an existing issue causing it to blow out of proportion. This Moon in Libra normally brings a natural attraction between people and a desire for harmony, balance, justice and teamwork. But with it happening in the midst of the Venus/Mercury retrogrades, the energy will be just the opposite. While feeling an innate desire to connect with someone (even with self), frustration will come when the miscommunication and self-doubt get in the way.

And just to make things even more fun, we’re experiencing our first very large Sun spot in almost nine months, this one directly facing the Earth (it’s rare when one actually faces the Earth). That means it’s spewing solar flares and magnetic energy like crazy directly at us (and has been since this last weekend). While that seems like it most obviously affects in-the-airways communications (basically our entire communication systems), it also affects the electro-magnetic levels within our bodies making us irritable and jumpy and very, very touchy. So while computers (especially computers within automobiles) can easily go haywire, we can also go a little haywire ourselves.

When this kind of build-up of challenging energy happens at the same time, it’s telling us something. In this case, it’s teaching us all to take a step back and look at every situation and feeling with as much clarity as can be found. Get out of the first emotional reaction (which can be to strike back, or take offense, or clothe self in righteousness, or be hurt) to look at the bigger picture – everyone is affected. So everyone will be over-stressed, over-emotional and afraid. If we weren’t feeling our own issues so strongly, we would have compassion and sympathy for everyone else. It’s what an emotionally mature individual does and what we’re being taught to grow into.

While it’s good to be within self at this time, that doesn’t mean self-indulgent. Find our roots, our rhythm, our grounding. Try to avoid taking our own issues out on others, even though it may seem justified.

Over this next weekend, starting as early as right now with how all the energy is coalescing, be very aware of our reactions, and the reactions of others, if we can get out of ourselves enough to observe them. Give everyone (including self) a break.

This is a good time to be alone and be surrounded by green. Not just the color green (although that helps), but living things that are green. Walk in the park or in a forest if you can. It not only eases our personal energy, it enlivens us with the soul of the Earth.

One more thing – be aware that the lower back and kidneys are going to be especially sensitive and vulnerable for the next week. Try to avoid over-indulging in substances (especially alcohol, but also toxic, impure foods) for your kidneys and avoid any strain on your lower back. Issues with the lower back represent lack of support from others, so when we are aware others aren’t supporting us, it will center in lower back problems. Instead, learn to support self without resentment. At least for the next week. Our bodies will thank us. And probably so will everyone we encounter.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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