Mercury Retrograde May 2015

We’ve got a Mercury retrograde coming up May 18 through June 12. This brings the usual miscommunication, travel mishaps, electronic blow-ups and unexpected automobile repairs which can slow us down and be huge inconveniences in our busy, fast-paced, goal-oriented world. However, one of the reasons Mercury going retrograde can help us so much is that it gives us time to catch our breath even – especially – when we don’t want to.

On the larger scale, we’re in a period of tremendous downloading and detoxing of energy and knowledge as we transition from one age to another. While we are constantly getting the new vibes of the Aquarian Age downloaded directly into our beings, adjusting us on every level for what’s to come in the next 2,000 years, we are also detoxing from the energy and knowledge of the Piscean Age that is no longer needed and in many cases is a detriment to us moving forward.

So it’s as if we’re living in two worlds now, seeing ourselves leaping into what is to come while bungy-corded to the past in values, concepts and how we personally see ourselves. The duality in our lives right now will be especially noticeable during this particular Mercury retrograde as it’s the most powerful of the three retrogrades in 2015 because it takes place in Mercury’s home of Gemini – double air energy, double communication clarity.

Being in Gemini means that not only all normal retrograde activity is heightened, but more importantly that the Twin aspect focuses us on the duality in our communication: how we communicate or know ourselves – our Power Within – and how we communicate that knowledge and truth to others. This balance/polarity – the two sides of everything – forces us to be clear with what we really believe and how we present it, with seeing both sides: yours and theirs.

A lot of people don’t really know themselves or listen to their own inner voice. And rarely do we get to say exactly what we believe or what our personal truths are. We adjust to what is required of us in a job, in every relationship and even to how who we are fits into what we want. How many times have we had to stifle saying what we really think because it could cause problems at work or with a loved one? That changes how we think of ourselves, especially if that stifling is consistent and over long periods of time.

These issues are exactly what this Mercury retrograde helps us address: being consciously clear of what we believe about our deepest self, even if it goes against how society has trained us to behave; and being consciously clear of how to communicate that in the outside world. As each individual learns how to present their truth, their Power Within to others, we change what isn’t working in the world and move forward with that Aquarian Age shift.

Just as a note, knowing and expressing deepest self isn’t carte blanche for dumping stored anger and resentment on others. The anger and resentment aren’t any individual’s Power Within but an expression of having been stifled earlier in life. There is a very big difference between who you are and what are your reactions.

Some things to watch out for with this particular retrograde:

  • Be really, really careful in talking with siblings. THINK before you speak. Same thing with neighbors.
  • Avoid any important ONLINE conversations – especially with friends. Please, please, please avoid a text or email war over anything. Small things can get big VERY FAST with lasting repercussions.
  • Avoid jumping to conclusions because you think you heard something wrong. If words feel wrong or out of character when you hear them, they probably are. Find out if there’s a reason to react before you do.
  • We will all be more right-brain, more aware with our extra senses during this retrograde. Try to take this in stride and avoid getting freaked out if you see things out of the corner of your eye that “aren’t there”, or sense things that are unusual. This is part of how this retrograde is helping our awakening into where the Aquarian Age is taking us.
  • All our senses will be heightened also, so allow yourself to be aware of the different smells and sounds and sights instead of hiding from or being afraid of them.
  • Some who are having a hard time adjusting to the larger changing energy will feel their personal beliefs – their concepts of good and evil, of God and Satan – threatened and will be more vocal and adamant about being heard. Look for accusations of “evil” being thrown around almost indiscriminately, both on the world stage and in a more personal way. These people are unable to hear anyone else at this time so avoid trying to discuss with or get understanding from them.

Letting this retrograde take the lead instead of resenting it for causing delays or issues means we’ll come out the other side with a better understanding of how we fit into the world and how others fit into our world.

Also be aware that there is always an extended shadow period before and after the three weeks of every Mercury retrograde where it’s preparing and then recovering from the actual retrograde. That means the effects last – in varying degrees – eight weeks. Since those three main weeks of the event are bad enough with all the “re” energy – re-examining, re-evaluating, re-forming – having time before and after make this time seem overwhelming. It’s only overwhelming if we fight it. Trying going with the flow. That makes things so much easier and we learn so much more about ourselves and the world we share.

As the Llewellyn Planetary Guide for this year says:

“Remain flexible and allow extra time for travel. If you have to sign papers during this retrograde period, be sure to read the fine print. Then read it again. Then again.”

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With love and gratitude…

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