Welcome to our last Mercury retrograde of the year. Four out of four. An appropriate way to end such a challenging year, but a pain going into the new one. This retrograde runs from December 19th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017, starting our chronological (not energetic) New Year in confusion with a greater need than ever to be self-aware so we can avoid long-lasting miscommunication repercussions.

Gahl Sasson, Master Astrologer, says about this retrograde:

“…(it’s)…not the most auspicious beginning for an enterprise, let alone a year, but it means that 2017 will bring back to you lost objects, people, projects and skills from this life and previous. However, please don’t start your New Year’s Resolutions before January 8th. Best to begin on the New Moon in Aquarius, January 28th, also dubbed the Chinese New Year’s. During Mercury Retrograde it is not advised to start new projects, sign documents or buy expensive products. All forms of communication and electronic devices act out so be kind to your digital friends. It is a good time to get out of contracts, let go of things that hold you back and edit.”

Yes, it’s our final push to let go of things that hold us back, to complete unproductive arcs, journeys and people and release stuck karma as our Nine Year of Completion draws to an end.

Also know that this retrograde is more about everyone not listening rather than communicating badly. We’re finishing off our year of self-awareness lessons. That can be frustrating when we want to be heard, but we’re probably not listening either, so take that into consideration and don’t expect anyone to listen when we’re not listening to them.

That being said, one of the things I noticed during our other three Mercury retrogrades in 2016 was that many people absolutely had to do those specifically inadvisable options, especially signing important documents, buying expensive products (cars) and (not mentioned) having surgery. Our society doesn’t stop because of a Mercury retrograde. Most people don’t even know what it is. And business, health and money matters certainly don’t care about it.

So while we’re waiting for this valuable information to be accepted by the masses, it seems the lesson of having to do inadvisable things is about using the knowledge of the difficulty and working around and through it. The same thing happens with intuition. Being completely aware of what our intuition tells us doesn’t mean we have to follow it one hundred percent. Wake up one morning and intuition says “Don’t go to work, something bad will happen.” But our responsibilities and rhythm in society make that hard or impossible to honor.

The point is to go to work (or sign important documents, buy a car or have surgery) with the knowledge that special attention and care need to be taken. Be aware of the energetic push back and take that into consideration. Be more careful and respectful of what’s going on around us. This is teaching us to balance our sometimes innate, sometimes learned knowledge with the practical, which is what we do every day. Now we’re just learning to do it on another, more Aquarian Age level.

Meanwhile, people are impatient for this year to be over. Most believe, based on societal myth and expectation, when we get to January 1st, the crap of 2016 will be over and the new year starts with new energy. Those reading what I’ve written here before know that’s not true. We won’t start shifting out of 2016 energy until January 28th with the first New Moon of 2017 bringing in the Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology (more on that when we get there).


That makes January a very difficult month. Once we get through the obstacle course of the holidays, we’re really going to want a breath of fresh air. When that doesn’t happen, people are going to be surly, testy and very, very impatient, not just because relief is needed but because it’s expected. Most won’t keep the testiness within but will vent on anyone around them – family, friends, co-workers, even strangers. Even the most advanced and aware people will be affected by this, although for different reasons.

Those who have done their inner work in 2016 are ready to move forward, not to escape the difficulties (they’ve already learned what they needed to), but to embrace what’s coming. They now feel like they’re restricted and are ready to move on but the day-to-day energy isn’t cooperating. It’s like being in a classroom to take a final exam. You finish it in fifteen minutes but have to wait until either the rest of the class finishes or the hour is up. It can be stifling and will be, especially in January.

Know that the young Piscean Age souls who are so stuck are having a midlife crisis no matter their age. Their fear only gets stronger as they refuse to move forward with the 2017 Ten Year of New Beginnings. They’ll be throwing their fear out like oily black clouds, which can piggyback onto anyone. We will feel this stronger in January than now and it will continue through the rest of 2017, but not with the same intensity.

So if we get inundated with unusual emotions – fear, anxiety, anger – that are NOT ours, simply ask, “Is this my fear (anxiety, anger)?” It usually goes away. We may have to ask several times to clear it, but it works. We will have to ask this regularly as these lost Piscean Age souls will be throwing their fear, anxiety and anger out in desperation not just in January, but all year long.

Here are a couple of things to know going into 2017 that might help us get through the next month:

  • 2016 was the big shot of ego-sustainment for the Piscean Age holdouts. They “shot their wad” this year (excuse the crudity). They got themselves an ego-based president (and other world leaders) that reflect their vision of themselves, but again, this was their big power year. While they think they’ve set themselves up for an easy restoration of the old ways and old ego power-over in the future, they are so wrong.
  • Next year, no matter how much damage they try to do to the world for their own sakes, their power to affect their version of back-stepping change is cut in half on January 28th. And will be cut in half again in 2018, etc. until they are completely out of power as the Aquarian Age sensibilities take over.
  • We have to go through the time of “for the good of me” before we can get back to “for the good of all” as we wait for our younger souls to finish their tantrums then get on with it.
  • Other psychics and I have seen that Trump has only two years in office (I’ve seen two years, three months from Inauguration) if he gets in at all. This happens due to impeachment or resignation, not through ill-health or assassination. More on this in the 2017 Prediction newsletter next year.
  • The damage that is done by the Piscean Age brat packers is necessary for everyone to stand up and take responsibility for where we go from here as a species. We will need to think outside the box for solutions as what doesn’t work in the system breaks down.
  • 2017 will bring the Wylie Coyote Moment – that moment after the Coyote has chased the Road Runner off the cliff, looks at the camera (“Oh, shit!”) then falls. That “Oh, shit!” moment lasts all year long as the Piscean Age holdouts realize there is nothing to support them in their old ways anymore and they lose their power-over.

In the meantime, here are some ways to look at what’s happening to bring peace and understanding while we get through the next month and into a very interesting New Year.

  • We have no control over what’s happening. We never did, although the last 2,000 years have allowed us to believe we did. Trying to control timing based on what we know is especially rampant right now. Wanting to move but needing a new job and a new car and juggling an unhappy spouse makes us think we can control how all that is going to happen if we organize it. All that does is make us temporarily feel we’ve got a handle on things which brings the extra blow of failure when they don’t work out the way we think it would be best for us. best for us based on what we already know  – there are possibilities out there heading for us that we can’t see so we can’t take them into consideration. Let the anxiety go of not being in control and try going with the flow of your own current in the river of the Aquarian Age.
  • Throw away expectations, especially in January when we all “expect” a better energy because we’ve be told it will be there. Consciously be aware of when we try to control and then expect things to fall into place. Neither will help and neither are real.
  • More than any other year, 2017 is the year to “let go, let God” or Goddess, Creator, Allah, Buddha, Spirit or whatever works. Learn to trust that we’re all taken care of and whatever is thrown at us is either to help us or others.
  • Fear of the future makes our muscles tight all the time and is based on us thinking we won’t be ok (which affects both mental and physical health). But no matter what happens over the next year, we will all be ok. Even those who don’t like falling off the cliff will still be ok (just not in power).
  • People of like vibe will find each other, so honor when that happens. Even though it may feel like we’re alone in this journey right now, we are not. We’ve just had to be more separate during 2016 because the lesson was about self rather than self and others.
  • A client recently quoted to me, “You shouldn’t “should” on yourself”. That sums it up.

All that having been said, I wish you a very Happy Holiday and a joyful and productive New Year! Yes, that is very possible.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you and any comments you may send my way.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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