Mercury Direct

Mercury is direct on Wednesday, February 11. Yeah!

While this is good news for us being able to get on with our lives, we always have a reaction for the first couple of days. As we become more sensitive to the shifting energy and vibrations of the Aquarian Age, we feel all planetary activity more intensely: the retrogrades of all the planets, the phases of the Moon, the oppositions and sextiles and conjunctions. We don’t need to know astrology to be affected by what’s going on in our solar system.

Mercury retrograde is one of those activities that affects us most acutely. When it goes direct, the relief can be profound but can also mess us up a little. It’s like having your head in a pressure cooker for three weeks then having that pressure suddenly go away. Our first reaction, which is actually quite physical, is a sense of lightness, a little confusion and quite a lot of stupidity.

When we no longer live in the restriction of having to go over our recent past and re-examine ourselves, we normally want to burst forward and do and take care of everything held back for three weeks. But, really, that only causes stress which can cause bigger issues.

In moving out of the retrograde, if the ability to concentrate isn’t quite there, or decisions are hard to make, or emotional reactions are inappropriate, take it all in stride and give it a couple of days. While we might be raring to go, first take it easy and ride the confusion. Being aware of how we feel going through these days helps us adapt more quickly. Let people around us be a mirror – if they are acting unfocused and over-emotional, recognize it for what it is. Take a breath and know it all evens out in a matter of days.

Just in time to get out of the miscommunication mode to be better equipped to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine’s Day

As we move further into the Aquarian Age, we find that, as a society, we have reached a plateau. We are spending more time maintaining what we’ve achieved rather than achieving anything new. This is true of every society on the planet and has happened repeatedly throughout history when change is on the horizon.

What’s different now is that we are at the end of an arc of 2,000 years of learning based on a specific concept. The arc of the current Aquarian Age vs. the past Piscean Age. Our evolution brings us new goals that have their basis in far different concepts. That shows itself in everything, even something as simple as celebrating St. Valentine’s Day.

We’re in transition to know ourselves, know who we are and how we fit into this new energy before we connect with others on that deep, soul, love level. But our sometimes needful drive is to BE WITH SOMEONE NOW! Whether that’s true life-long-lasting, twin flame love or just to be with someone in the moment, the gut-desire can be overpowering. In many cases, that makes the celebrating of a day of love ruled by ego-fueled desire, desperation, expectation and an importance that has nothing to do with love.

Some of this is left over from the roles of the Piscean Age when a woman had to be with a man to have any kind of presence or respectability. Or, in many cases, just to survive. And a man had to be with a woman for her to take care of him.

The deeper pull, however, comes from the core desire to come together. When we started our individual journeys with the Big Bang of Souls when we were released/created into physical existence, our goal has been to know ourselves by connecting with others. It’s the microcosm to the macrocosm of reconnecting with Creator. Every time you connect with someone, it’s a re-creation of belonging in perfect harmony with self and Creator.

However, with marketing and expectations, this special day of honoring love and that soul connection can become a surface expression of duty rather than a true pleasure. Yet what could be more celebratory than acknowledging love, in all its forms, and how it’s present in our lives?

So try to see the relationship in front of you – whatever level its on – for the love in it, not what it should be or where it can or should go. See that other person as a reflection of your love and the love of Creator rather than a goal. Please be sure if you’re giving or expecting flowers or candy or a present or having a planned dinner, both of you are aware there’s a better “why” than it’s just the day you’re supposed to prove your love with stuff.

Unconditional love is the strongest power in the universe. The more you love who you really are, the more you can express that to others. And the more you love others, the more you can understand how to love yourself.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

A New Me

While I didn’t specifically intend to reinvent myself with my move to Austin (I just followed the urge to relocate), it happened anyway. Being Scorpio, with that great rebirth energy as part of the package, I’ve reinvented myself multiple times throughout my life. Here’s my latest incarnation.

This picture now goes on my website and all social media as my public “presence”.

With love and gratitude…

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