Mercury Direct July 2014

Have you been having fun with our four retrograde planets pushing us into self-evaluation and self-judgment? The best result of this energy has been bringing us clarity on our ascension into the Aquarian Age. The worst is that self-involvement and self-righteousness can run wild. It’s all about refining the ego and it’s up to us whether we do a good or bad job of it.

But hold on. We’re almost done with the hardest part of the journey when Mercury goes direct on July 1. It won’t be completely over but there’s definitely an ease. Then there’s good news ahead (we sure need it) coming toward the middle of July and running for over a year.

While on this self-realization journey that has been so intense, heightened with Mercury being retrograde, the most obvious surface outcome has been the lack of awareness of, or care about, anyone but self. With everyone focusing on deep personal growth, whether we see it as being alone and misunderstood or purposefully taking a time-out from everyone and everything to look inward, it affects the bigger picture. When we feel out of place, lost on our path and self-pitying, friendships become mired and confused, romantic relationships stop working, family bonds are strained or torn and work situations are a nightmare.

And forget about safe driving. When people feel uncomfortable in their own skin to this extreme, most take their frustrations out when driving. “Drive Angry and Irresponsibly” has been the slogan for this Mercury retrograde.

As annoying and difficult as this energy is, it does have a purpose, over and above being extremely annoying and difficult. Recap on how we got here and what it means (forgive me for repeating myself from previous newsletters):

With the onset of the Aquarian Age on December 21, 2012, we stepped into a new vibration that requires us to be in harmony with the changing vibration of the Earth as she goes through her rebirth after 26,000 years. This energy has been leading us, or challenging us (depending on how we take it), since before the “End of the World” but has become accelerated and stronger in the past year and a half of our ascension.

We continue on this exponential growth spurt for the next 9 years with increasing intensity until we learn to accept and go with its flow (raising our vibrations). In the cases of those fighting any change (refusing to adapt), it defeats us.

In August of 2013, we got into the annual karmic clean-up month. It was a bigger deal than usual because it was the first karmic clean-up month of the New Age. Bringing crap from the Piscean Age hit a road block here, like trying to squeeze thick, lumpy mud through a sieve – only clear water could come through (our purest selves). But it’s hard to permanently leave behind everything we knew as “real” (the mud) so we’ve been adjusting to that ever since.

August 2013 also felt as if we had our roots to the Earth cut off and we lost the feeling of belonging. All that we had learned and known up til that point became obsolete. It was an energetic way of hitting the reset button. Like military boot camp. The army breaks recruits to reform them. We have been energetically removed from all we’ve known so we can better adapt to the new.

This didn’t show in the material world by making us lose everything to start again (although the market crash several years ago was part of the preparation for the vibrational change to come). It hit us in how we understood ourselves and the world, what we thought of ourselves, making us consciously aware of who we are and how we want to present that. We cannot be part of this New Age energy unless we truly know ourselves and stand in balance. Self is the place where we always have to start.

In mid-February of this year, we got into heavy self work and people started turning inward. In many cases, it meant feeling separated from everyone else. Not just feeling isolated in a crowd of friends or relatives, but the feeling of not belonging anywhere or with anyone. That’s been especially difficult for those in any kind of successful relationships that suddenly didn’t seem that successful anymore.

The Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23rd brought the heavy release of the Piscean Age energy and left us floating, seemingly even more disconnected from everyone and everything. Including what we’ve known about ourselves and our goals. Many people, not doing well in rediscovering self, have instead gotten stuck in self-indulgence and self-pity because it is a kind of comfort.

So here we are, ready to complete this Mercury retrograde period, looking forward to better energy everywhere. While I believe there will be relief with Mercury direct and communications might be better, the pressure on us during these last three weeks has been intense. Immediately after the release of energy this intense, we usually feel dizzy and stupid rather than clear. It’s as if someone had been pushing down on our heads without mercy for three weeks and they suddenly let go. We are going to be dizzy and stupid for several days, if not the entire week.

Then comes the Fourth of July weekend. Expect that the celebrations are going to be just as intense as the pressure and stress has been over the last several weeks. There will be over-celebration to compensate for the restriction and relentless self-awareness lessons. People will probably drink a lot more, be louder and more aggressive in having to have fun, and can easily cause problems for others with their continued self-involvement.

That means watch out for crazy and angry drivers, drunk or not, because driving in ego is a favorite, powerful way to take out frustration and aggression. This release-indulgence is not because of having to learn self but because of resentment that we had to go through the energy at all.

And while the full cycle of this self-awareness lesson doesn’t complete until we get through the upcoming August to purge all that we now consciously know we don’t want to take with us into the New Age, the good news is that on July 16, we head into a year of benevolence and personal success. That’s Jupiter moving into Leo. More on that in the next newsletter coming up shortly.

In the meantime, go with the flow, practice being self-aware and give yourself and everyone around you a break, even if you don’t feel like it. We’re almost there.

With love and gratitude…

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