My Book: Into the Aquarian Age

Into the Aquarian Age: Understanding the Consciousness Shift

a book by Laurie Johnson

Now available exclusively on Kindle (Paperback Coming soon!)


Into the Aquarian Age

The New Age is on us. We are at the beginning of a monumental shift moving us out of the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age into the next 2,000 years of the Aquarian Age. We’re moving from the concept of “power-over” to the concept of “power-within”, with the Aquarian Age energy bringing balance, harmony, equality, communication and “humankind” as opposed to “mankind”.

More than anything, this is a vibrational and awareness shift that has come without an instruction manual. People feel lost without knowing why. What was believed before doesn’t work anymore. Roles are changing. What inspires and leads us is changing. Intuition is stronger. Becoming self-aware and taking responsibility for all actions is more important than ever. Many are threatened by changes they can’t see and, in trying to stay in control, become stuck and push back at any change with vehemence and fear. Others just don’t know what’s happening and are trying to go with the flow, but the flow is different than anything previously experienced.

Every difficulty is easier to handle when we know what it is. This book explains what’s going on, why this time is so significant in the development and evolution of humankind and our planet, and what we can do to understand and adapt to the vibrational and consciousness shifts that only get stronger and more demanding as we move into our bright and exciting future.

The book includes what this shift means in how we think and shape the world differently, how it incorporates a growing awareness of our place in the span of time (i.e., reincarnation and past lives), the emerging awareness of the role animals play in human development, plus self-awareness exercises, meditations, chants, and spells to help the reader meet the challenges of change head-on.

If you don’t know why you’re suddenly uncomfortable in your own skin, why relationships are changing on a dime, why traditional expectations just won’t work anymore, this book can help guide you through the challenging but uplifting time of the Aquarian Age that has just started.


Laurie Johnson’s collection of essays about the shift from the “power over” Piscean age is just the right book for this exciting (but intense) transitional period. Her insights into what’s happening and her suggestions about how to handle the changes (SPOILER: you can’t fight it so you might as well go with the flow) are insightful and empowering. –Berkeley Hunt

Common Sense Advice for an Uncommon Time

It’s been a confusing couple of years—this changeover from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age—and you don’t have to be particularly sensitive to know that there’s something momentous going on. Or to feel its effects, for good and bad. If, like me, you’ve been a little battered by the convulsive cosmic shift going on, Laurie Johnson’s Into the Aquarian Age will strike a chord. But the advice and explanations in this collection of essays goes beyond the scope of the usual “New Age” user’s manual and offers down-to-earth strategies for dealing with stressful situations, unpleasant people, and complicated lives. The chapter on “appreciation circles” is a reminder to embrace “an attitude of gratitude,” and express that attitude often and sincerely. The chapter on the role of pets in their human companions’ lives is a reminder of how deeply connected all beings are. There’s also an excellent reading list for those who want to explore topics in more detail.

This is a book made to be dipped into, much like a book of meditations. The chapters are self-contained, and offer something new with each reading. Whether you’re looking for a way to understand this millennial cosmic consciousness shift or simply looking for a little clarity in dealing with everyday life, this book is for you. –Katherine Tomlinson

Laurie Johnson “gets” it. As a long-time spiritual counselor, she takes the “long view” and her exploration of this millennial shift in consciousness is simple, understandable and … really comforting. The best is yet to come—not just in our own lives, but for our planet as a whole. And that’s very good news in these troubled times. But like any change, this shift comes with birth pangs and the remnants of the Piscean age are still cluttering up the collective consciousness. This book offers observations about how to lessen the emotional/spiritual/physical impact of these changes and how to move forward as a more enlightened soul. After reading this book you’ll feel you have a better understanding of what’s going on, and that’s good news too. -Lyla Roberts