We’ve made it to the last full week of May (the challenge week of the challenge month of 2021) and we’re still stuck between feeling the stressful end of Piscean Age holdout-energy as if it’s never going to let us go, and the lightening and enlightening high of the impending Aquarian Age summer. We can feel the energy changing and shifting in power but it also feels like nothing is actually changing.

Trust your inner voice to recognize and feel the truth and hold onto that uplifting hope rather than wallow in the fear we can pick up from others. Things are changing, quickly and completely, even if we can’t see it in the moment.

(Although, if we watch the news, we can see things coming to a head in our physical world in many areas of Piscean Age holdout-energy, like the unfinished war between Israel and Palestine that responded to the aggressive May energy—no, it’s not done yet—and at home, the swift progression of the Matt Gaetz debacle that will dominate the news in June.)

What starts the enlightening summer off is the powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse that comes on Wednesday, May 26 ending with its sister event, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Thursday, June 10. Full Moons bring old release, New Moons bring new beginnings. These two events happen at the exact time when so much energy is releasing and beginning on a higher level, it can feel overwhelming to us mere human beings. But it’s also very exciting.

Eclipses always move things forward with speed and intensity, both releases and beginnings. With the ending of the growth of humanity and the return to the growth of individuals, and the ending of Piscean Age holdouts who have been running on fumes and the practical beginning of Aquarian Age enlightenment, these two weeks between eclipses can feel like a roller coaster ride as we adjust to the shift.

It’s only scary if we allow Piscean Age fear to lead, rather than our intuitive hope for the future. That puts into practice the lesson from last year which is to trust, especially trust self/intuition rather than the physical world that is itself in chaos. We bring the calm to the chaos by our innate “inner knowing” that tells us what’s happening even if we can’t see it in the physical world yet. We really can, but we haven’t used those senses for quite a while. See with different eyes, i.e., feel with all your senses, and stand in your self-awareness and this becomes exciting rather than fearful!

When the Mercury retrograde starts on Saturday, May 29 (until June 22), it just enhances our ability to go into self, which is how every retrograde effects us: by making the physical world difficult, changing our expectations, so we can look into self rather than what is physically around us. Use this Mercury retrograde to be clear on who you are, why you’re here and where you’re going. If you can’t get clarity, ask angelic energy for help. They’re ready to get us all to that next level.

Right now is the big challenge/change of the year, at least in shifting focus from looking at the past to looking at the future, and it can feel unwelcome if we don’t stay on top of it. This two-week energy change (from eclipse to eclipse) will heighten the God-smacking that May is doing to the holdouts, meaning, as usual, that the holdouts will make everyone around them pay for their discomfort and fear. It’s good to take a step back, to not engage in personal righteousness even if it’s justified. It’s just the energy pushing our buttons which is not aimed at everyone, but everyone seems to feel it. If we observe from a distance and explore why we’re feeling what we’re feeling, this will be a lot easier.

We’re in the home stretch, but it’s like giving birth. After hours of labor (or for us, years), the final pushing is upon us. We know it’s worth it, but boy is it hard. We’re still in the hurricane, and even when May is over and the birds start singing to us in June, lifting our energy and showing us rainbows, we’ll be recovering in its aftermath. Keep singing “We’re Out of the Woods” from the Wizard of Oz to remind us that we’re day-to-day, minute-by-minute, working on the biggest transition humankind has ever experienced. In summer, we can pull our heads out of the minutia and see the bigger picture we can only get a glimpse of now.

Knowing that might help us put that day-to-day, minute-by-minute physical reality into perspective. Ride the coaster. But also, on each eclipse, choose what it is you want to release and embrace what new beginnings are being shown/given to you. We’re in charge of our future only in that we’ve programmed it before we came into this life, but we’re being led by angelic energy now to show us the way. That’s one of the biggest changes we as mankind moving into humankind faces: from “power-over” to “power-within”.

Choose the high road here. We’re ready to start walking the Yellow Brick Road and it’s right around the corner.

Please be aware that our animals are doing double duty along side us. They’re picking up and channeling the energy of the change and picking and channeling what we’re processing. If there is abnormal behavior in our animals, it’s just a way of showing us how much we’re being affected and might not consciously know it.
Also, the general rule of summer “Serendipity Happens!” All the time. Without us trying to program it. Trust and Let Go, Let God/dess!

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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  • Janet Demeter says:

    The first paragraphs explains me to a T…boy am I glad I read this. Thank you also for the run-down on the moon–so important, these opportunities! Thank you, thank you Laurie.

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