Mars Retrograde

The last week of February was off-the-charts difficult. Not only were we in the end-time of the especially testy Mercury retrograde, we had some of the most powerful solar activity of this cycle of Solar Maximum. The Merc retro was especially unbearable as it was more focused on our miss-communication with self (i.e. how well do you know yourself and if you don’t, LOOK HARD!) as well as the general miss-communication with everything and everyone else.

 Then as the Moon waned to Dark then New, a time when we all become more introspective anyway – and the New Moon on March 1 was in introspective Pisces, no less – we got hit with that sunspot/solar flare energy. That made us all itchy in our own skin and behave as if we were temporarily, magnetically-instead-of-chemically, bi-polar. So if we weren’t beating ourselves up for something, we were trying to not beat up someone else. And often not succeeding.

 With all that done and gone (well, not the solar flares – we still have several months before this Solar Maximum runs out), we continued this year’s lessons with Mars going retrograde on the morning of March 1. As I’ve said before, the planets that are closest to us and the fastest in their orbits (Mercury, Venus, Mars) have the most obvious affect on us. Since this year is all about those intense and heavy Master Class lessons, here comes another one.

 One of the sites I subscribe to is astrologer Gahl Sasson’s Cosmic Navigator ( He relays his astrological knowledge in a very accessible and easily understood way. Here are excerpts of what he has to say about Mars retrograde:

What is Mars retro?
When Mars retrogrades, the aspects the planet governs: initiation, liberation, assertion, sexuality, intimacy, leadership, energy, passion, drive, anger, desire, courage and valor, appear to be out of balance, either too much or not enough. Or even worse, both those aspects at the same time. 

When Mars retrogrades, your inner-army’s General is running amok. Either he is missing in action or drunk on the floor of some brothel. Mars’ energy is directed inward, at war with himself. This can cause us to second guess our decisions, delay actions, start futile campaigns, fight with our allies instead of our foes and misdirect our energy and assets. Chose your battles wisely during this time.

During Mars retrograde, our vitality is lower as well as our confidence, which means our egos are more fragile and exhibit the tendency of being over defensive: “Are you talking to me?!” kind of attitude. You, as well as people around you, might experience indecisiveness and uncertainty, as words might not be followed by actions. To make it more complicated, your actions might be misunderstood. For example, you extend a lending hand to a coworker and he perceives it as if you don’t trust his abilities to carry out the task himself.

Mars retrograde in Libra
Libra is the sign of peace, ruled by Venus, goddess of love while Mars is the god of war. Sounds like opposites, and they are. And of course, they attract and are attracted to each other. However, in Greek mythology, Mars, the ultimate symbol of masculinity and Venus, the personification of femininity, were secret lovers. In one of their rendezvous, Venus conceived and gave birth to a beautiful girl called Harmonia (harmony). “Harmonia” means completion, whole and balanced.

 So while Mars does not like being in Libra, it is a good place for him to focus on fighting for peace. Mythology shows us that when opposites meet, they create beauty and balance. As Mars (war) retrogrades in Libra (relationships), be mindful to avoid fighting with partners. Try instead try to fight for them.
In addition, on a larger scale, skirmishes can go out of proportion into a full fledged war. Watch Ukraine/Russia (!), Middle-East, and the Sea of China island dispute.

What not to do?

(Laurie’s note: I’ve changed the following to indicate “avoid” rather than “do not do…”)

  • Avoid staring a fight. If there is a battle, remember the Mars Retro Prime Directive: “first one to shoot loses.” Mars retro is the worse time to take someone to court or begin a lawsuit. If someone wants a fight, let them throw the first punch.
  • Try to avoid starting a sexual relationship, it might not lead to intimacy and fail to produce oxytocin, the hormone that leads to cuddling and long-term attachments.
  • Avoid hostility, being nasty, aggressive, mean or unkind, as it will follow you long after Mars goes direct. Our actions (Mars) have a strong long lasting reaction (karma) during Mars retro.
  • Avoid buying big machines. If you absolutely must, make sure you insure them.
  • Avoid over-training; be careful of iron (the metal of Mars).
  • Avoid taking extra risks, be careful of injury, you can dare the devil but do avoid challenging Mars.
  • Avoid beginning a new exercise regime. You can refine and reevaluate the one you use now.
  • Avoid any surgery unless you absolutely must.

What to do?

  • Like with all retrograde planets, it is safe to engage in activities that start with a “RE,” as in RE-define,RE-examine, RE-evaluate etc.
  • Specifically, RE-view: your strategy, sexual relationships, intimacy, how you handle anger, projects, leadership, insurance, and taxes.
  • Change direction of your fights, struggles, battles and conquests.
  • RE-conquer something you once had or once desired. A past intimate relationship might resurrect.
  • Be nice to your computers; they can be sensitive and emotional (in a binary way of course).

Since Mars will participate in the Grand Cross lurking in April, take heed especially around April 8-23 and especially on the eclipse awaiting for on TAX DAY! April 15.

Good stuff all around. I really like what he has to say. That last bit about the Grand Cross is covered in my next newsletter. So keep your head down and be aware, as with everything this year, the work – and challenge – is a lot more inward than outward.

With love and gratitude…

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