MARS RETROGRADE REACTIONS – Recognizing Retrograde Behavior

Recognizing Retrograde Behavior 

(because it may sneak up on you)

(…and some other pertinent stuff)

Last Thursday, June 28, the House Judiciary Committee’s Republican Members of Congress “questioned” FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to, in a nutshell, force them to shut down the on-going Russia investigation. It was quite an unusually aggressive occasion with venting and shouting rather than questioning. That night, Rachel Maddow commented on the event on her MSNBC show: “I don’t know why Republicans in Congress are boiling up with such froth about the Mueller Investigation. But Congressional Republicans really do appear to be trying to pull out all the stops, all of a sudden, right now! I don’t know why “right now”, but something has got them very upset.”

It wasn’t anything that Republicans suddenly discovered that made them froth. It was the effect of Mars retrograding two days earlier. If you didn’t see the news coverage about it, check the internet because it is worth seeing, if for no other reason than it being a really good, high-profile example of how this Year of Karmic Catch-up combined with Mars retrograde is showing up in everyday life.

Most, if not all, of my readings over the last week, including several days before Mars went retrograde, were because of the effect it’s having, not just on men, but on women, too, in ways we might not recognize as reactions because they seem normal, just a lot more intense. Such as:

My client, Mary, has been vice-president with a national charitable foundation for about a year, having done similar work for some high-powered foundations. She is one of the smartest and most “on-the-ball” people I know. Yet on Monday, the day before the retrograde, her 67-year-old male boss called her on the carpet, leading with, “I’m very disappointed in you”, as if she was a child and he was a disciplining father. A jealous female co-worker of Mary’s had put a bug in his ear about her lack of professionalism (she wants Mary’s job). That gave the boss a reason to vent all his under-the-radar discomfort that this time forces on the stuck Piscean Age mindset. He used his failing “power-over” position to attack someone he felt threatened by – a strong, capable, balls-to-the-wall woman.

He handled it in an aggressive, unprofessional way, treating her not as the equal she had proven herself to be, but falling back into the male righteousness of the past, with vehemence. He would never have treated a male VP like that and had never treated her like that, until Mars retrograded in this significant year. This was about his subconscious awareness telling him that his previously automatic male position of power was no longer in sync with the changing world. Mars retrograde highlighted that by showing him what he needed to face within himself to grow into the New Age. He didn’t like it so he struck out.

Even after she explained every “wrong” she had done, showing that his information was incorrect, he still held onto the power-over righteous anger because she wouldn’t let him bully her. He couldn’t take it out on her anymore, but he still wanted to. Generally, when men feel uncomfortable in their own skin, mostly being unaware of the “why”, they traditionally don’t look at the cause. They focus instead on the blame and bullying to make themselves feel better. That worked in the Piscean Age. It doesn’t work now. Nothing they can do to others can make them feel better because the lesson is all about self. Fixing, adjusting, achieving peace and balance within self is the only answer. 

On the female side of reacting to Mars retrograde: another client, Cecile, met a “perfect” man several weeks ago. She is beautiful, talented, super-smart and currently taking the Nursing Boards (having graduated with a 4.0 grade average) and being interviewed by two high-profile hospitals. Meanwhile, Tony (a surgical resident) and she had seen each other only a handful of times and had gotten along very well. Both fell into the categories of what the other was looking for but had yet to spend the time together to find out if this was going to be serious.

As Mars retrograde approached, he pulled back a little and wasn’t as attentive. He hadn’t turned away from her; he was just dealing with his personal growth, facing inward, as the energy demands. But she didn’t want to understand. She’d always gotten a certain, positive response from men, and always looked for a man who could be in the traditional male role for her: a good earner with a prestigious position, coming from a good family, wanting marriage and children. Even though she knew their time together was not enough to even think about a relationship and both were extremely busy (not counting the summer’s challenging energy), she overreacted by being unusually fixated on why he wouldn’t “step up”.

The Mars retrograde was hitting her in how she viewed men, in the Piscean Age traditional way, without realizing that “role”-playing was over or that the energy was pushing her buttons. She needed to look inside to abandon her pull for a “traditional man”.

Another case on how women are dealing with Mars retrograde is from my client Lorie. She’s been in an on-again-off-again relationship with a man 14 years her senior. They had a nasty falling out a couple of months ago with no communication since. She was, and is, stuck in believing he had somebody on the side and, without that person around, “knew” they’d be perfect together. No matter how many times he (or I) told her there was no one else, she was completely convinced there was as it was the only way she could explain his lack of attention. It couldn’t be because he was pulling back from the image she wanted him to be or that he’d been through a bad marriage and wasn’t keen on jumping or feeling forced into another. It had to be because there was another woman and because he wasn’t falling into her line. “He makes me go crazy!” she said.

But he wasn’t making her do anything. What she expected and how she wanted him to be with her was making her go crazy, but she didn’t want to see that. She was stuck in having her own righteous way because tradition said that’s the way it was supposed to be. To her, it was his fault for not growing up. He was going through his own self-awakening but it was much slower than she wanted it to be. And it wasn’t about her. Because of the past build-up of his lack of speed in changing to suit her, she became crazier and crazier in wanting him to fit into her ideal. She wanted the traditional male of the Piscean Age while also having a modern Aquarian Age sensibility about relationship. Mars retrograding was pinging both of them and they didn’t want to see it.

Self-righteousness is running high right now. It’s a defense mechanism. Many subconsciously protect themselves by throwing others under the bus as if we’re in a “me vs. everyone else” situation (which, unfortunately, is promoted by Trump’s ego-driven idea of leadership). It’s rarely consciously intended; mostly it’s a survival instinct, but it causes lasting damage. Each of us could probably name five examples of seeing or experiencing this in the last week.

Know that everyone is testy right now, even the most enlightened. The impact of this lesson is so strong, even if you are completely balanced within self, you can’t avoid feeling its push. There is a “pinging effect” where one person in their survival position of self-righteousness takes it out on another. That other person is testy themselves so their survival reaction jumps to extreme testiness which then pings on another who pings on another and so it goes. Piscean Age male-ego testiness hits reactionary testiness which equals asshole/bitch testiness all over the place. It makes everyone exhausted and many depressed.

Most of us are standing in the default “shoulds”. Example: in a new friendship, one party drops the communication ball because of stress at home. But the other, in self-testiness, takes it as an extremely intended snub (it wasn’t) and won’t respond or reach out because “she disrespected me first”. It’s hard to get out of our own way to see without the survival-of-self “shoulds” taking precedence.

It doesn’t help (or does it?) that we’re not grounded right now. The Full Moon on May 29 started that. Mars retrograding and the Full Moon the day after on June 27 made sure we’re discombobulated because it’s easier to face what we have to, and learn something from it, when we’re out of our comfort zone. Also, we aren’t thinking as clearly as we normally do because the energy that supports us is changing rapidly. That leads to dropping or breaking objects, being out of sync with our normal rhythms, saying things not meant or intended, not feeling in our bodies, seeing people we’ve known all our lives as if we don’t know them at all.

Please know that very few are purposefully hurting another to get revenge. Most are hurting others because they’re flailing in their own uncomfortable energy and don’t know what to do to make themselves feel better. This isn’t meant to drive us crazy. It’s meant to help us adjust by showing us what is uncomfortable. If your hand is getting burned in a fire, move your hand. If you are uncomfortable in a situation, look at what is making you uncomfortable and know it is for you to deal with. It isn’t anyone else’s problem, even though it might seem like it is. Seriously look at what is making you uncomfortable, not from what someone else is doing to you but from what you are doing and how you are reacting.

Also be aware, at times like these, when the energy is intense and constant, the weakest parts of our bodies are affected. For me it’s my eyes. In stress situations my eyes cloud over as if there’s a veil between the world and me. For others it can be lower back pain flaring up, digestive systems not working well, joints hurting more than usual – whatever is a go-to health issue. It’s our body’s way to force us to take care of ourselves.

We’ve got two months of this, during which world governments, showing us the macrocosm to our personal microcosm, will be reacting in crazy, threatening ways – to their own citizens and to other countries. Last week – in one week – the political turmoil in our country got turned up to eleven: citizens took on Trump to unite kidnapped, imprisoned children with their families while he doubled down by sending babies into court without representation, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement foreshadowing a bitter battle to protect the rights of everyone but the white male Piscean Age hold-outs, five people were killed and two injured in our latest mass-murder event in Maryland, and as mentioned, Republicans screamed their fear of being caught and forced out of power because of the Russia investigation.

This is a time where those who have sat on the sidelines, with either their heads in the sand or staying under the radar until this wave of change passes, are forced to look within and do something! This wave of change isn’t going to stop. Most of our government does not like what is happening, but the fear of the Piscean Age changing into the Aquarian Age has kept them silent and stuck. With what is happening now, and will continue to happen during the Summer of Retrogrades, all are being forced to step up. This is our biggest test to date as a human beings. Those who sincerely don’t want to change out of ego rather than staying stuck in fear will seal their fate and lose power quickly, mostly in shame and disgrace, over the next six months to a year. It takes those silent disagree-ers to finally speak out. If anything can force their hand, the intensity of this summer will.

Mars is the planet of male identity, and the planet of war and warriors. While men are being forced to discover their new place in the Aquarian Age world, fear plays a major part. While I don’t see war happening, we can get closer during the next two months than at any other time this year. Last week, at the end of the week, it was reported that North Korea is secretly stepping up their nuclear program as if the ridiculous meeting between Kim Jong Un and Trump never happened.

As Margo Channing says in the musical, Applause, “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Hang on. Have patience. This is hard on everyone. Observe and identify what’s really going on within us and without us. We will be okay, even though it may not seem like it over the next two months.

I apologize for what can seem like a dire post, but, as always, I feel it’s better to be prepared than to be unaware.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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