Here is Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s take on the Mars retrograde starting tomorrow, Tuesday, June 26 through the end of August. After a previous post about my deductions on how it’s going to affect us all, it’s always good to hear another voice.

Gahl writes:

As you might have read/seen in the news, Donald Trump, being true to his nature, submitted to his inner joker and fool, Uranus, who moved into Taurus, economy, in May. Adhering to the call of Uranus to act irresponsibly, Trump made his enemies his friends (dictators around the world) and his friends, enemies (refusing to sign G7 agreement). In addition, he unleashed a trade war that would cause ripples, waves and tsunami in the world economy especially during the unpredictable period of the summer (July 26-August 18 when Mars and Mercury is retro, as well as eclipses), in November (when Jupiter in Scorpio will no longer protect the economy) and in March next year (Uranus returns to Taurus).

Last time Uranus was in Taurus was during the 30s Great Depression and the aggressive protectionist policies that were practiced at that time. The trade wars of the 30s (Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act) ended escalating into a real war. We must all take heed and help change these destructive policies. Cycles repeat…Always. 

However, in this email, I want the focus on the upcoming Mars retro between June 26 – August 28.

One in a million – a Mars Retro case study
On March 1 1950, in the town of Beatrice, Nebraska, a wonderfully terrible series of synchronicities occurred. The little town had a church choir that met once a week on Wednesday at 7:20pm for rehearsals. There were all together 15 members in the choir and on March 1, while Mars was retrograde, a series of unfortunate events took place that cased all the members of the choir not to show up to rehearsal. Here is the list of events, all great examples of Mars retrograde:

  • The minister, his wife and daughter (pious family indeed) were delayed because the wife couldn’t get the iron to work. And one does not leave the house with wrinkles in the daughter’s dress. What would the neighbors think!
  • One member could not solve a geometry problem and lost track of time as she wondered through the wonderland of angles and degrees.
  • Another woman and her unruly daughter did not arrive on time since the mother had to call the girl twice to wake up from her siesta.
  • Two members were glued to the radio and could not leave before the end of an exciting radio show.

All fifteen members of the choir did not show for the 7:20pm rehearsal, thus leaving the church abandoned. At 7:25pm, a gas pipe broke and the church was completely destroyed in an explosion. Mars retrograde save them all.

This story was exposed by the mathematician, Warren Weaver, in his book: “Lady Luck – The Theory of Probability”. Of course he does not talk about Mars retrograde. I did the chart of the explosion after I read the story and discovered Mars was retro in Libra (the sign of music) but he calculated the odds for all these incidents to happen and it was one in a million. Expect such synchronicities between June 26 – August 28.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn
Mars retrogrades in Aquarius between June 26 – August 13 and then in Capricorn from August 13 – August 28. During Mars’ transit in Aquarius, there could be more conflict and confusion with your friends, within your company or organizations, as well as challenges with government and official. During Mars’ retrograde in Capricorn it can cause similar difficulties with bosses, father figures, politicians and in your career.

What to avoid?

  • Don’t start any wars. Whoever shoots first loses. For example, Yom Kippur War started on Mars Retrograde and the countries who attacked Israel lost.
  • Don’t sign any truces as it will turn to war. For example, the infamous German-Soviet nonaggression treaty called Molotov Ribbentrop (23 August 1939) lasted less than 2 years and was broken when Nazi Germany invaded Russia.
  • Try to avoid surgeries unless you absolutely need it.
  • Avoid impulsive reactive actions.
  • Avoid buying big machinery and appliances.
  • Avoid starting your own company.
  • Avoid initiating a new sexual relation (you can reignite an old one if you must)
  • Avoid over training

What to do?

  • Great time to revisit and reconnect to old projects.
  • Change your physical exercises.
  • Deal with anger issues.
  • Quit drugs, alcohol or any negative destructive behavior.

Hope you have a great summer/winter and dance well with Mars in his reversed hot sexy tango.

See you in person or in dreams…


I offer this with love and gratitude…

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