When something big happens in the astrology world, I turn to the wisdom of Gahl Sasson. He has an easily understandable way of explaining what’s coming up to help us get through the challenges. Here is a reprint of his recent Cosmic Navigator newsletter about the upcoming Mars retrograde, which is going to be very interesting. About midway through the article, he mentions how the retro will affect each sign, and further down, gives a list of what to avoid. Happy reading!

He writes:

On April 17, Mars, the red fiery planet, symbolizing energy, leadership, seeds, passion, sexuality, blood, and drive, goes into reverse mode (retrograde) until the end of June. As you can imagine if Mars, our cosmic chauffeur, is driving our lives in reverse, it can be a bumpy ride. As with every phenomenon under the Sun, Mars retrograde can also be a good thing, as you will soon find out. You can also look back to the last few times we had Mars retrograde and see how it affected your life: Jan 23 – April 13, 2012; March 1 – May 19, 2014.

Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio

Mars retrogrades in Sagittarius between April 17 – May 26 and then it crosses over into Scorpio from May 26 – June 30. Sagittarians will feel lower energy (don’t overload your schedule), more prone to sickness and a bit less hyperactive than their usual self. Scorpio, however, since they are ruled by Mars, will experience the affects differently (see below). Regardless of your sign, until the end of May, be extra careful when you travel to foreign places, don’t bend the truth (however tempting), and be patient with your teachers and students. FromMay 26 til the end of June, you might feel your drive reduced, as if you lost your mojo. Also in this period, be careful with investments, productions and how you deal with other people’s talents and money.

Adding to the Mix: Mercury Retrograde April 28 – May 22

The most challenging dates of this retro are when Mercury, the planet of communication, business, contracts, work, diet, and health is retrograde itself. It is a terrible time to sign documents or begin new projects. The two planets retrograding together can spark a war of words, aggression via email and text, and misunderstandings that can lead to war. Watch the market around that time for volatility since Mercury is retrograding in Taurus, the sign of finance and money. Since Mars and Mercury retro together, it can cause health issues and problems with co-workers, so be nice.

Mars Retro Affects on Signs:

First, let’s consider the two signs that are ruled by Mars: Aries and Scorpio (or people with strong emphasis in these signs). Imagine a hyperactive child taking amphetamines or any other stimulants. While other children (or signs in our case) will go berserk with too much energy, the hyperactive kids will actually be chilled and relaxed, more focused and grounded. Same with Aries and Scorpio. During Mars retrograde, they would be less impulsive, able to focus better and seem almost in Nirvana. Below is the list of how Mars retro works on the different signs:

Aries – will experience its rule retro in all aspects of their lives but it is not all bad. They can use this time to reconnect with their body and their identity. A great time to re-brand themselves head to toe. But Mars retro will be traveling in their house of death, sexuality, and occult, so take heed. It is a good time to be a pioneer and look for future possibilities and territories to explore.

Taurus – being the opposite sign of Scorpio, will experience the retrograde in their relationships, marriage, and sexuality. Better learn to compromise in all partnerships and avoid conflicts with enemies because they would surely stand like matadors with a red cape in front of Taurus’ horns trying to provoke. You will be asked to accept endings and letting go. Be extra careful end of April until May 22 since Mercury is retrograding in your sign so you will feel its affects stronger than other signs.

Gemini – the opposite sign of Sagittarius will also experience the affects in the sphere of relationships but mainly with co-workers and employees. Gemini must take extra care of your diet, routine, and health as well as be alert about injuries and accidents. Watch what you say and what you do, especially April 28 – May 22.

Cancer – will experience the retro motion with their kids (rebellion and unruliness), also with their health and diet. Past lovers might reappear from past lives or the past in this life. You might find yourself working a lot with little recognition.

Leo – will feel the affects with lovers, creativity, and children, as well as some hiccups around family and real-estate. Careful of over training! It is a time to reconnect to physical activities or hobbies from the past.

Virgo – While you are protected by Jupiter this year, still be extra careful with what you say, write, and communicate. Contract disputes might arise, so careful what you sign. Be mindful who you connect and who you refer and recommend. It is as if your crossroad has no traffic lights. When Mercury (your ruler) retrogrades, be extra careful at work and with your diet.

Libra – your tribe will have to be careful with your money. It can also affect your self-worth and self-esteem. But since it will also retrograde in the house of communication and business, take heed in those aspects as well.

Scorpio – Mars, your planet, retrograding will help you sit back, relax, and edit your life. It can affect your body and sense of direction as well as your income. Unexpected expenses, so careful with credit cards.

Sagittarius – since Mars is retrograding in your sign, you cannot gallop through life in the same speed you are used to. Trot if you are lucky, or just walk slow. You will encounter many people and skills from past lifetimes as well as be presented with a new way of managing your life.

Capricorn – the retro will affect your company, groups of friends, and even your relationship to your government so take heed with permit and taxes. Friends from the past might return to your life and perhaps an ability to manifest a dream you had in the distant past.

Aquarius – for you it will be about career, maybe a change in direction and how people perceive you. Watch for conflicts around your direction in life, with bosses or father figures. It can also affect your standing in your community and your company.

Pisces – Mars retro will create setbacks around travel and career. If you are in school, pay extra attention in tests and papers you submit. It is a time to edit out of your life any fantasies regarding your career.

What to Avoid?

Since Mars is the seed and represents initiation and new beginnings, be careful when you start new projects. Overall there is a general rule for Mars retro: “Whoever initiates loses”. Even if you are in a fight, let the other sue you first or throw the first punch.

  • Do no initiate a fight or a lawsuit.
  • Do no start a sexual relationship.
  • Do not be hostile, it will haunt you again later.
  • Do not buy machines; if you must, insure heavily.
  • Do be nice to your computers, they will easily malfunction.
  • Do not take extra risks, be careful of injury, do not dare Mars.
  • Do not begin a new exercise regime unless you used to do it in the past.
  • Do not invest.
  • Do not do surgery.

What can you do?

Anything that connects to editing and reviewing your projects, your intimate relationship, and your direction in life. It is a great time to re-brand yourself and your career.

  • Reconquer lost territories or go back to projects you left in the past and reignite them.
  • Reconnect to a diet you dropped.
  • Look around you, people from past lives might return to your life.
  • Change campaigns that did not work or activities that failed.


As Mars retrogrades for the next two and a half months, take it easy, meditate longer, walk slow, breathe slower, and be patient with yourself and others. People will be very combative and yet lethargic, demand a lot, yet not follow through. But once you read this email and are aware of the astrological climate, you have the responsibility to help those who did not.

Pay attention in the next two and a half months if you too are traveling to a new place or meet someone new since Mars retro in Scorpio (sign of death and resurrection) could mean someone coming back from the dead (past lives).

As always, I offer this with love and gratitude…

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