Happy Labor Day! May this day have more meaning than it usually does in helping us be grateful for the work we have, the work we lost and will have again and the abundance we have in this country, even though we can easily forget that. I hope you’ve had a wonderful long weekend.

So here we go into the awakening of the New Male Aquarian Age Identity by having the Old Male Piscean Age Identity pushed to self-destruction. The problem can be that this push can hurt a lot of people (and countries) in it’s wake. Not every male on the planet is having an identity crisis. Many have already gotten with the Aquarian Age and are waiting for this Piscean Age tradition of male self-entitlement overlord mentality to crumble so we can get on with our evolutionary change.

But no evolution happens without a revolution first and that’s where we are. Mars retrogrades on Wednesday, September 9 until November 13/14. While we are dealing with other Mars-related Godsmacks, this will just deepen the lesson. We all know we need this awakening. So when we encounter men who are lost and taking out feeling lost on everyone else, remember the depth of the lesson they’re learning and act accordingly.

Here is Master Astrologer and Sage, Gahl Sasson’s take on Mars retrograding which was posted over the weekend, in case you missed it. Stay tuned at the end for his information on what Mars retro means for each Zodiac sign.

Gahl writes:

Every 26 months for two and a half months, Mars, the planet that rules energy, identity, leadership, passion, death, war, seeds, intimacy, and transformation, appears to retrograde in the sky. He will do his reverse race driving in Aries, the sign he rules, which means he plans to drive backwards on a highway over speed limit. Since he also rules police and army, he will not be stopped by cops for speeding, so if you see a ruby-red car racing in reverse, stay away from it and quietly change lanes.

In the Tarot, Mars is represented by the card “Tower,” which stands for false philosophies crumbling down, and the need to wake up to a new reality. I think all over the world we are being slapped in the face and the Universe is saying “What’s up with you guys?” What makes this alarm clock ring so loud is the fact that Mars is in Aries, so we are talking about Mars on steroids. I cannot think of anything more absurd, false, and dangerous than the rise of QAnon stories circulating even among your circles of friends. I can only hope Mars retrograde will bring the intellectual fire needed to purge the internet and people’s imagination from these terrible conspiracy theories that occupy otherwise essential brain-centers and neurons.

When Mars is retrograde we feel a bit more lazy, unmotivated, wanting to give up, retreat, change direction. It is a good time to rest a bit and regroup, as well as try to find new approaches to solve old problems. Mars in Aries, the sign of leaders, can also cause health problems or injuries to heads of state, CEOs, or whoever is a position of leadership. In other words, the shepherd has fever and can’t take out the sheep today.

Last Mars retrograde was in 2018 between June 26 to August. I remember that summer of discontent very well since I went through a major breakup. With me, in a relationship exodus, many others were delivered out of bondage. I remember I had no time to lament my heartache since reading after reading people shared their own divorces and breakups. This does not mean that whatever happened in those months returns, but some of the action and reactions from July/August of 2018 might replicate or come to resolution.

What to avoid:
Undergo surgeries (unless emergency); start new wars (whoever shoots first loses); start a lawsuit; begin campaigns (the Brexit referendum happened two Mars retros ago and look where it is now); buy machinery like cars or appliances; start new intimate or sexual relationships, over train, overdo, and being reactive.

What to do:
Reevaluate your training or exercises; undo long lasting animosities or conflict; start projects you have given up on in the past; review your goals. Changing behaviors; anger management; winding down and relaxing. A good time to change leadership or change the way you manage, lead, boss, or direct.

Sensitive Dates:
Mars retrograde is obviously challenging but there are a few days which the celestial atmosphere can turn red, as in more aggressive. These are pressure points that can create situations where we have to be careful not to be reactive or act out:

  • September 17-27 (exact September 22) – Conjunction with Lilith in Aries. This aspect can cause us to see the worst in other people or in ourselves. Aggression, riots, brutality and anger.

  • September 24 and Nov 4: Mercury opposite to Mars: verbal conflicts that can lead to violence.

  • September 26 – Oct 1 (exact September 29) Mars squaring Saturn – fights with figures of authorities, authoritative attitude. Young versus old.

  • October 5 – 11 (exact October 9) Mars squaring Pluto – these two planets are the co-rulers of Scorpio but once squaring can promote criminality, manipulation, power struggles, investigations, wars.

  • October 13 – November 4: Mercury retrograde in Libra and Scorpio: misinformation, leaks, sex scandals, lies.

  • November 9: Mars opposite Venus: gender related conflict, issues in relationships and justice.

Mars Retro in Signs or Rising Signs:

This transit takes place in your first house, the house of identity and leadership. You will hear a call to action, feel a need to go on an adventure, to boldly go where no one has gone before. It is a time for pioneering. However, be careful from overtraining or stretching yourself too thin. You will be prone to accidents and or injuries. So be warned.

Mars is traveling through your house of letting go, so don’t be a stubborn bull. Learn how to surrender without declaring defeat. Learn how to recompose without retreat. Dreams and memories from past lives might become very intense in these months. Take it easy during this transit as it can create conflicts that might make you feel jailed or isolated.

If you are working in a corporation or a large organization, there might be some power struggles and conflict. However, it is also a good time to take charge, ask for a promotion, and push your agenda. You might be called to rescue a friend in need or fight for a close comrade. Be careful dealing with the government.

This transit takes place in your career and can manifest as conflict with father figures or superiors in work. However, you can use this time to assert your leadership abilities and take actions towards achieving your goals.

This is a good time for education but be careful if you need to travel abroad. There could be some conflict with teachers, mentors, in-laws, and foreigners. It is a time to fight for what you believe in and believe in what you fight for. Your philosophies might be challenged but hold on to your truth.

This aspect of Mars can help connect you to your passion and sexuality as well as to your life force. Joint artistic and financial affairs might force you to take a leadership role. There could be a call to action concerning working with other people’s talent and money. Mars will also give you the will and power to let go of things that hold you back.

Mars is in your house of relationships and partnership suggests that there could be a great deal of conflict, or just increased energy, with your significant others. Be careful of enemies and antagonists and choose your battles wisely. Any sport or physical activity done in partnership is favored.

Mars is in your house of diet, health, and work. This is a time to start a new exercise routine, initiate a project in work, fight for a promotion, or explore leadership roles in your workplace. Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them manifest! Watch your health, head injuries as well as accidents. Mars in this house can manifest as conflicts with employees and coworkers.

Mars is plowing through your house of children, love, and happiness. Mars wants you to be active, entertaining, and fun. Spend time outdoors and initiate recreational activities; it is also a good time for a creative project or a new hobby. Something is opening your heart.

Mars is in Aries, which is your square sign. It can get hot and you might find yourself being overly aggressive with family members or feel abused by someone in your family. Since Mars gives you energy, it is a good time to fix your home, renovate, or even move.

Mars is traveling in your house of communication and relatives. He gives you a boost of energy in study, writing, and socializing. However, he can create some challenges or a need to work with relatives and siblings. Watch the way you speak, right, text, post, it can cause conflict or a backlash.

Mars is traveling in your house of money, talents, and self-worth. Be careful not to be too impulsive or overconfident with your finances. This retrograde can create situations where you will feel that money is slipping through your fingers. So be extra careful.

Try to accomplish whatever you can before September 10 and then rest a bit…

I offer this with love and gratitude…



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