As I’m still in brain-fog, here is some info from two inspiring sources that are about what we’re experiencing now and what’s coming up. The first is from Alex Myles about the Class G1 solar storm that’s been going on this week and will last into the beginning of March (i.e., the weekend). I’ve mentioned before about how our body’s electromagnetic system is thrown off by solar storms, sun spots and solar flares. Here’s her take on it that pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling this week:

A huge coronal hole on the Sun is currently facing Earth and is ejecting streams of high-speed magnetic solar wind in our direction, buffeting our planet’s magnetic field. The divine light radiating toward us during and after intense geomagnetic storms is know to bring an awakening that reconnects us to internal and external knowledge and wisdom. We are being upgraded and permanently altered at a cellular level.
This transformational energy period may cause:
– Deja Vu, Synchronicities, Rapid Manifesting
– Anxiety, Mood Swings, Feeling Overwhelmed
– Sensing Something Big/Major Change Coming
– Unfocused, Forgetful, Temporary Memory Loss
– Flu-like Symptoms, Aches and Pains, Ears Ringing
– Chronic Fatigue, Restlessness, Difficulty Sleeping
– Sensitive to Negativity – Breaking Away From Drama
– Irritability – Preferring to Spend Time Alone/Introspecting
– Enhanced Awareness and Intuition, Premonitions, Insights

Yeah, it’s been a fun week, especially for those of us who are already tuned into energy shifts. We’ve been getting hit wicked hard this week. Relief is right around the corner, however, as Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson writes in his latest post about what to expect with the coming of March. He says:

March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war and vegetation. Martius, as the Romans called March, was also the month that initiated the season of war. Spring! I guess ancient warriors reasoned that if nature comes to life, then war and death should follow suit. Be it as it may, many calendars such as the Astrological, Roman, Biblical, and Persian, to name a few, begin in the end of March. In March we march back to life. It is the time of Exodus, when we are liberated from the slumber of winter and ready to spring into action. And this March is indeed full of action.

Right on March 4/5 we have a new moon in Pisces that sails right on top of Mercury as he starts his backward swimming in Pisces until March 28/29. Something is starting (new moon) to unravel (retrograde Mercury) that relates to imagination, mysticism, movement, meditation, yoga, but also lack of boundaries and addictions. While it is a new moon, since it falls right on the first days of Mercury Retro, it is best not to start anything new unless it relates to editing, reconnecting to old projects, undoing any shackles that hold you back or starting a spiritual or therapeutic process. You can expect a great deal of revelations and exposing of lies, deceptions and cover-ups in your personal life as well as politics and world affairs.

On March 7, in a puff of air, Uranus, the Joker, the Fool, reenters Taurus and will stay there until 2026. Uranus first transited into Taurus last May and stayed with the bull until November. Then he left to Aries until March 7. Now once Uranus is securely in Taurus, his rebellious nature will begin to manifest. Countries that are Taurus such as Yemen, Ireland, Israel, East Timor, and Cuba, will be more prone to change.

Since Taurus is the vessel of finance we can expect major changes in the economy. Uranus is associated with technology, innovation and inventions. We can expect artificial intelligence becoming an integral part of our lives. It might be through self-driving cars, deep/fake news, and much more incidents of cyber attacks, but also new innovation and technologies we did not dream possible. Astrology is not about blindly following the cycles, good or bad. If we know that the last time Uranus was in Taurus we experienced the rise of Nazism, the Great Depression, WWII, protectionism, and isolationism, we must learn from the past and break the cycle. Thank God, we are still able to vote leaders out of office around the world.

On a personal level, it is time to think of new ways to manage or generate income. Uranus can bring about a chain of events that would help you rediscover or familiarize yourself with a talent that can bring a boost in your finances. Uranus can bring innovation and originality as well as ingenuity into the way you make money. Try to identify in your chart what house is ruled by Taurus and that will be the area of your life where you experience revolution and change.

On March 20/21 we have a wonderful alignment, the full moon in Libra taking place right on the Equinox. The full moon in Libra is the Astrological reason behind Passover and the Last Supper. The origin of Passover and Easter is the barley celebrations that took place in the Northern Hemisphere on the Spring Equinox. Life returns and nature awakes. To have a solar phenomenon (equinox) converge with a lunar (full moon) is a wonderful treat. The masculine and feminine come together and usually it means some sort of metaphorical pregnancy coming into our lives.

In the old days, the Equinox was a time of sacrifice, a renewal of the lease of life. Try to do something special that day, something that can mimic the equinox balance of day and night, masculine and feminine, action and reception, giving and receiving. The equinox is the Astrological new year and the beginning of the zodiacal year. It is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Since it is also the full moon in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, it is a great day to meditate on achieving an equilibrium in your life. Libra is also the sign of peace and beauty, so try to incorporate that into your life.

I hope you enjoy the swell of martial waves coming in March. I think it presents us with a grand time of initiation and growth. I hope to see you in person or over the web of life, dreams or meditation.

Love, gahl

We’re in for a ride for the next month until things settle into more balance in April and the acceleration of 2019’s serendipity and synchronicity kicks into their full glory. Honor self, honor the Earth, honor Spirit and the rest takes care of itself. Trust. Go with the flow. You know, learn to swim in our new water-like environment.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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