Manifesting Positive Vibration 9/8/2012

Manifesting Positive Vibration

And so, September kicks in.  

Did you feel the energy shift on September 1st?  I certainly woke up perceiving a difference.  The energy felt lighter and easier.  I wasn’t carrying piggybacked anger, frustration or fear that usually attaches itself in the middle of the night.  I felt more myself, unaffected by others’ energy.
But while the oppression has lifted, it doesn’t mean the lessons have stopped.  We’re still in that polarizing separation of the 80% and the 20%. There have been several instances among my clients and their people where the Big Karmic God-Smack hit in the first few days of September.  It’s as if right up to the end of August the lessons were in play and if not learned, the full weight of consequences came down in one fell swoop without mercy.
These big hits cover multiple levels of karma in the same event.  An example:  The shocking, unexpected action of one person (of the 20%) being fired from a job includes a fine-tuning or karmic completion for that individual about past  pride, superiority or disdain, while it also forces the person in authority who did the firing (of the 80%) to face the lesson of self importance taken to the extreme.  This spurs others, who would normally do nothing, to take action.  Their action brings change in the Piscean Age-entitled hierarchy.  While all this is going on, there are whirls, eddies and levels of intertwined emotional growth (or refusal thereof), enlightenment or the cementing-in of Fate like never before.
All of this accomplished in the one-fell-swoop of a threatened ego, who has lost power to energetically affect others, trying desperately to pulverize someone – not just beat down – to feel better about self.
Last week I said that the 80% would lose their manifesting ability, would feel it in some subliminal yet visceral way and would react by taking extreme action.  That’s what’s happening.  They can’t energetically affect anyone else, but they can certainly try their best to strike out in the material world.  It’s the action of a drowning man to grab on to whatever or whoever is around to take down with him if he can’t save himself.
But know this action puts things in their rightful place and you may be used to force someone else to step up or get smacked down, even if it causes you distress and seems unfair.  For reasons that may not be clear, we all agreed to be here and we all agreed to help.  The end result is much better than would be expected so continue to do the right thing, follow your gut and know we’re all working for a higher purpose right now.  It’s so very important to stand in integrity as structure crumbles and is rebuilt before our very eyes.
Manifesting positive vibration helps rebuild that structure faster.  I have many suggestions to help manifest a higher vibration for self, others and the Earth.  I’m saving the majority of those for the next newsletter because there are so many, but I’ll share what I consider the first and most important exercise here and now.  It’s called The Gandarvas.  You may have experienced it in one of my classes.  Doing this meditation not only sends healing and higher vibrational energy out into the world, it also heals you and raises your own vibration. 
First, get into a quiet space, physically and mentally.  Create a sphere of protection around you using white light.  Every meditation or manifesting exercise is 100% more powerful if you use all your senses. Start by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling (physically and emotionally) the sphere of protection around you before you move on.  It gets you in the zone quickly.
Now remember a moment in your life when you experienced unconditional love – the love that exists and is expressed without reciprocation or strings attached.  It can be a moment with another person, an animal or just you and Creator.  Use all your senses to recall it in complete detail:  what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted and felt physically and emotionally.
One of the moments I use is from when I was in middle school in Detroit in winter.  My father would always wake me up for school.  I would always put my hand up from under the covers with my fingers spread, silently saying “Five more minutes please.”  He would always kiss my palm and come back five minutes later.
I recall the darkness in my room and outside the window, the light from the bathroom down the hall, the chill in the air, the smell and taste of the cold, the warmth under the blankets, the sound of my father approaching, his words to wake me, the scent of his aftershave faded from a night of sleep, his lips and the soft prickles of his mustache and beard on my palm and the overall sense of love, comfort and belonging that his presence always brought.
With a moment like this clear within you, take a deep breath and express the unconditional love you’ve recalled with an “Ahhhh”.  Continue sending that feeling out with the “ah” for a length of time (five minutes, half an hour, whatever works for you).  The physical vibration of your voice carries that moment of perfect unconditional love into the world and changes reality.  If you do it often enough, it changes reality permanently.
Those who have done this exercise with me in a group have felt the profound difference in the ambient energy of the room when, after 10 or 20 minutes of expressing the moment, we all stop “ah-ing” at the same time.  No one wants to talk as we’re all basking in the physical manifestation of unconditional love.
Do this alone, in morning or evening, for five minutes at a time.  The sound doesn’t have to be loud.  The clarity/feeling of the memory may be hard to hold onto in the beginning.  The more you do it, the better you get.  Do this in a group once a week, even only with one or two other people.  Manifesting is made stronger by doing this with others.
This is not to accomplish manifestation on specifics, like peace among co-workers or a better situation for self (those suggestions come next week).  It has a broader and deeper purpose.  It goes to the core of what’s out of balance – within self, others and the Earth – and soothes and heals in perfect love.  Unconditional love is the strongest power in the universe, without question.  I’ve said that before, vehemently, because I know it to be true.
Try it.  I think you’ll get addicted to doing it.
Be aware that everything that is happening now is necessary and we can make a difference by recognizing negative actions as deep fear the desperate egos are trying to hand out and by sending unconditional love into the world.
Stay sane, protect yourself and stand in gratitude for being here on the Earth while such a magnificent, inspirational evolution of humankind happens around us.
With love and gratitude…

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