Manifestation 9/22/2012

With all the shifting energy around us and the need and responsibility to manifest the positive in the face of so much scary change, here are some suggestions on how to maintain balance and to manifest for ourselves, others and the planet.  I highly recommend doing some kind of balance exercise before working on manifesting otherwise sneaky subconscious anti-productive glitches can deter what we’re trying to create.
For the general state of ourselves and the planet, do the Gandarvas meditation mentioned in a previous newsletter to create perfect unconditional love around you.  Even if it’s only five minutes a day, it makes a difference for everyone and everything.  If you didn’t get the instructions, let me know and I’ll forward them to you. 
The Gandarvas is a balancing and manifesting exercise except the manifesting isn’t specific to, for example, love, money or health.  In the state of perfect love, what you attract is perfect love which then makes everything fall into place, including love, money and health.  It brings serendipity – the energy of unexpected positive events.  Serendipity is one of the great benefits of staying in balance and being positive during this difficult time.
If you aren’t conscious of regular communication with your Guides, Angels and Ancestors, work on the connection.  We all have this “posse”; they help us all the time.  The more aware we are of them and participate with their energies, the more actively they can help.  Here’s how to strengthen the connection:
Before you go to sleep, in the quiet before your mind shuts off, connect with your Guides, Angels and Ancestors by simply opening your mind and heart and asking for clear information or instructions for situations or problems you have.  Please try to stay out of ego when asking, it only messes up the work.  Ask for them to teach you how to better communicate with them, how to listen to them, how to understand what they say.  Then go to sleep and know the answers are being downloaded.
They’re not going to start talking in your ear; they don’t want to freak you out.  The answers come as if your own thoughts.  Anything you need to understand or learn, ask for it, then be open to receiving their information.  It usually isn’t how you expect it will be.  They always respond. 
Another suggestion to stay in balance is to see the sacredness in all things.  Native Americans call inanimate objects and animals brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle.  We, all life on the planet, are part of the same energy, especially that which is non-human.  Recognizing that regularly helps us understand we’re all in this together.
We’re all psychic.  If culture and religion have denied it in our upbringing, we tend to call it “gut instinct”.  Being aware of what intuition or gut instinct or psychic hits tells us helps us learn to trust it further. Trust your gut.  Even if you don’t follow it, acknowledge what it’s telling you.  You’ll find out it’s right every single time and then be able to use it actively.
Truly observe people around you, generally and specifically: in the office, on the road, in the mall, at a party or gathering whether they’re right in front of you or don’t even know you share the same planet.  Take yourself out of how they’re presenting themselves to you and observe what you feel coming off them even if it seems obvious.  You might perceive a boss scowling as he’s angry at you when he might be worried about something that has nothing to do with you.  Everyone handles fear, anger, stress, change differently.  Be aware how much your own perception is about your reaction, not what he’s putting off. 
We are used to living with what’s called Transference, the ability to take anger (or any negativity) out on someone who has done nothing to make you angry.  Do you think everyone driving angry is actually angry about driving?  Being aware of where negativity truly originates puts it in perspective.
The next step after observation is to imagine a scenario that would make people negative.  Do this also by watching people in general and try to figure out why they could behave as they do, even if you have to make up a scenario such as getting bad news earlier in the day or perhaps they were abused in a previous relationship.  The more we understand someone’s negative actions, the less they seem negative.
Be aware of your output of energy with other people; that includes letting anyone take more than you want to give.  If they make you angry, take responsibility for them showing you something that you don’t need to hold onto anymore.  Purposefully stop feeding the black holes that are around you.  This may mean your relationship with family members and close friends may become very different.  Try to stay out of the “shoulds”.  Your brother should treat you better, but he doesn’t.  Deal with what’s happening, not with what you think should be.
A safe trick is to deflect instead of confront.  If a friend who has gone all 80% on you wants to hang out and you know it’s going to be a full afternoon bitch session with you as the unwilling listener, avoid confrontation by having something else to do.  Deflect.  Calling peole on their 80%-edness doesn’t help, it usually makes things worse as they’ll never understand what you’re talking about and only resent you for what they see is criticizing them.   I’m sorry to say that if people are still in their own way going into the Fall of Consequences, they aren’t going to change in this lifetime.
Once you feel you’ve achieved a level of balance, even if you’re seething with emotions at injustice, use the strength of your feelings for your best and highest interest…not the anger, the power beneath the anger.  The following is what I consider one of the best and easiest ways to manifest for yourself.
Write down what you intend to manifest.  One thing at a time.  Keep it first person, present tense, without negatives, without the words “want, need, wish, desire”.  Spend time being very clear what you write.  This is a technique most commonly used in creating vision boards.  Lists and vision boards are so successful because they give a focal point, whether it’s just words representing what you’re calling to you or pictures that stimulate in more visceral ways.
Once you are crystal clear what you’re calling to you, set aside time every day to focus on it.  It can be as simple as sitting quietly for five minutes concentrating on the list.  Use all your senses to create it.  If it’s about health, feel yourself in complete health, or recall a time when you experienced complete health.  Be aware of what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel, both physically and emotionally, in that state of perfect health.  If it’s about security, as in having a job or increasing income, again create with your senses a five minute moment where you experience (or recall having experienced) that  success.
The subconscious creates what we suggest it to.  Most of the time people are unaware of what they really want, or are so clogged with past issues that when they ask for what they want, the issues confuse the through-line and the desires are unclear.  For example, if a girl wants to call the perfect guy to her, she has to first subconsciously feel she deserves to be loved.  If she feels she’s overweight or has issues from an abusive previous relationship, that clogs the path.  Again , the more balance we have achieved within self, the easier it is to manifest.
Whenever asking for help from your Guides, Angels and Ancestors or doing a manifesting meditation, complete the session by saying something like: “For the good of all”, or “In my best and highest interest”.  Then let it be.  
Manifest also for the good of the Earth.  People have been so selfish and unkind to her in the past.  Anyone putting loving, healing energy out to her helps more than you might think.
Humankind does get better, we do learn the lessons, we do more than just survive.  But it’s crunch time now, so do what you can for yourself, others and the planet.  Thank you all for participating.
with love and gratitude…

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