Lunar Eclipse in April 2013 4/25/2013

Lunar Eclipse in April 2013

We have a significant Lunar Eclipse on April 25th in Scorpio. Lunar eclipses bring an ending or a completion to arcs of challenges, issues or lessons. They clear the way for the new beginning that comes with the ensuing Solar Eclipse, which is in two weeks on May 9th in Taurus.

Eclipses are rare and have always been important in history, even before they were considered portents of fear-based negativity, because they are threshold points of endings and beginnings, of death and birth. The pairing of these specific Lunar and Solar Eclipses brings release and restart opportunities in an incredibly deep, meaningful and more powerful way than usual.

This Full Moon is very special because it’s the first Lunar Eclipse of not only this year but of the Aquarian Age. It’s purpose is to help us focus our attention and awareness on the bigger picture and ultimately to actively bring new spiritual awareness and connection into our physical or material existence, i.e. bringing heaven to earth.

With all the transforming and vibrational shifting we’re doing to get in sync with the New Age this year, for many it feels as if these last months, especially the last several weeks, have been brutal. People are nastier than ever, whatever we want to do has ridiculous obstacles or delays, relationships are grating and filled with misunderstandings, and self-doubt and self-blame run high.

All of that is because we’re breaking from the past concepts of the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age and adapting to a new energy. The underlying pulse or anchor of what we innately knew to be true is shifting. People who still want to hold onto the old way of thinking are finding their power and knowledge doesn’t cut it anymore, even though that’s more under the surface than right in their faces at the moment. It hasn’t actually physically manifested – yet – but the concept of their rightness or righteousness is gone. And while they’re still in whatever power they’ve attained so far in this life, that doesn’t sit well.

For others, it’s just the discomfort of adjusting to a change that most don’t even know is occurring. Hence, dis-ease is all over the place. And when people are out of sorts, most – those who are stuck and those who are adapting – will take it out on others and have no idea why. If we physically have a constant high fever, we tend to be short of temper and have neither patience nor compassion. Even though the energy we’re experiencing is vibrational and spiritual rather than physical, the result is the same.

This Lunar Eclipse gives us the opportunity to purge and release what is stopping us from embracing this new energy so we can be more in harmony with it and take advantage of it come the Solar Eclipse. We’re getting an opportunity to find a balance point in dealing with the changes, as if finding perfect footing on a surfboard at the top of a 50 foot wave. When we’re in balance, we’re more secure…when more secure, we’re less likely to either take out our issues on others or accept the issues others are trying to put on us.

When these arcs of challenges, issues and lessons reach a high point, like now, we see excessive, plow-over-everything drives to succeed and misplaced competition, sometimes presenting itself in physical reaction because the force is too strong to remain pent up within. People want to be heard when they feel they’re not so they are more aggressive in their opinions, especially about injustice, whether it’s political, global or personal. Blame and playing the victim are in high gear.

If we stay in the awareness that everyone is acting out because of some pain or dis-ease within, it’s more understandable and calls for a lot less blame, so try to see these people with compassion rather than letting your own dis-ease react in kind.

Here are some things to do to utilize the eclipse energy.

For the Lunar Eclipse, take stock of what is annoying you now, what seems an obstacle, what’s making you blame someone or something. Then turn inward and see why whatever is in your way is pushing your buttons. Remember, everything is a reflection of what to shift within, what to let go of from past wrongs. Even though none of us like to not get our way, look at what’s not going your way as something to release.

Write down everything you can think of that you consider in your way. After dark on the 25th when the Moon is high (even if you can’t see it because of clouds), burn the paper and symbolically release it all. If you can, do this safely outside. Try to actually feel these obstacles and issues lifting from your shoulders or your heart and being burned up with the words you wrote. Then take a salt bath or shower to cleanse your aura of any lingering negativity.

If you can’t get the Lunar Eclipse list written in time to be burned on the 25th, do it no later than the 26th.

For the Solar Eclipse, make another list. If you can, make it on the same day that you do the Release List. The Solar Eclipse list, however, delineates your rebirth in the new energy: what you call to yourself, what you know you deserve. Be very conscious of the main themes of letting any Piscean concepts go, seeing the bigger picture and balancing spirit and physical. Write it with only positive, hopeful belief that you get it; avoid writing from desperation, anger or manipulation. Write in the present tense without negatives.

Put the list in an envelope and keep it in a sacred place, an altar or a place where it’s not going to be disturbed. On the night of the Solar Eclipse on May 9th, burn the envelope with the list inside and feel what you have called to you coming and surrounding you. Take a bath or shower using uplifting scents like Frankincense and Myrrh or something with a flowery fragrance.

Any use of ceremony or ritual as we move further into the Aquarian Age, any thing done symbolically has great impact these days. So take the writing of the lists and the burning of them seriously.

We are more powerful in manifesting now than we have ever been, and it’s only going to get stronger and better. We are being fine-tuned how to do it, what to focus on and the best way to accomplish our goals, sometimes by letting go and trusting more than pushing and demanding. Everything – positive and negative – in our lives is a template for what we need to know about ourselves and our place and purpose. Try to connect with yourself, your inner core. If you look deep enough, you’ll find that place where we’re all connected to each other, to the Earth, to the Universe and to Creator.

With love and gratitude…

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