As you know, I’m a big fan of Colin Tipping ( or and his Radical Forgiveness work. In his recent newsletters, he’s talked about the vibrational changes we and the world are going through. Since this is what I write about all the time, I thought you might enjoy his take and explanation of what’s going on.

The first take is on “luminaries”, what he calls people who are learning the heavy Piscean-Aquarian Age lessons and standing in their own awareness and responsibility. It’s a lovely way to describe those who are “getting it”. The second is his explanation of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimensions and how they define our progress.

Mr. Tipping writes on luminaries:

As the captain of a large tall sailing ship that’s being tossed around on a very stormy sea on a dark night, imagine how happy you would be to catch sight of a light piercing the darkness knowing that it’s source is a single lighthouse.

You would know it to be a warning of impending danger and of rocks that could sink your ship in minutes if you struck them. How grateful you would feel for that light and how thankful you would be towards the keeper of the lighthouse.

The human race is navigating very stormy seas right now. We are in great peril of a shipwreck of major proportions. We could be sunk without a trace if, as seems likely, we flounder upon some very jagged rocks, many of which are largely of our own making.

The need, therefore, for a large number of lighthouses (luminaries) to show us light sufficient to wake us up to the dangers ahead, while leading us to much calmer waters, has become extremely urgent and desired by many who are already awake.

So what is a luminary, and how does one become such a person who can shine a light on our current low level of consciousness, raise us up and save the world?

A luminary is someone who embodies an inner light and is able to use that light to show others the way to a higher level of spiritual awareness. That light comes from their having raised their consciousness to the point where they are connected to the Source from which that light emanates, and it shines through them.

A luminary is a person who has seen beyond this current three-dimensional world of separation and duality based on fear. And has begun to operate with the consciousness that is of the fifth dimension – a dimension based on love, harmony and oneness.

It’s not that being a luminary necessarily means doing anything other than living in a way that others perceive to be a desirable way of being. You will simply be someone nice to be around and a person to emulate. Just by being the light, you can be a way-shower.

And Mr. Tipping’s take on dimensions:

Three-dimensional reality shows up as the world we know. A world of duality and separation composed of things and beings in physical form existing in a space-time continuum. It is the reality we are born into, and since it accords with everything our five senses tell us, it appears to us to be the ONLY reality.

The consciousness that creates and sustains this reality of separation is essentially fear-based, ego-driven and survival oriented. It is maintained by greed, lust for power, control and exploitation of others and an unending quest for money and material wealth.

Victim consciousness is the main driving force of this reality. That leads to being judgmental, blaming, projecting, eye-for-an-eye justice, aggression and violence, exploitation, competition, abuse of the environment, religious bigotry, persecution and discrimination.

The fifth-dimensional reality is not so easy to define because the frequency at which it vibrates is virtually impossible for us to discern its nature through our five senses. The world beyond the veil, as they say. We can only tune into that vibration by using other senses which, in most of us, are much underdeveloped. (Becoming a luminary is a matter of developing these senses to a high degree so you can tune in, see the truth and share it with others.)

The fifth dimension is a reality that is not limited by the ‘normal’ rules of the space/time continuum and things can exist in both physical and etheric form as required. Us, too. It is a world of abundance where all material, emotional and spiritual needs are met. A world of oneness, harmony and peace, where human interaction is based on cooperation, respect, compassion and caring for each other. Unconditional love is the energy that sustains this reality.

Existing in this dimension of Oneness, we have a direct connection to Source, so there is no need for religions of any kind whatsoever. We have a total trust in the Universe and are willing to surrender to what Spirit gives as a challenge to work through, knowing that everything that occurs is what we need to experience and is a gift.

People who have become aware of fifth dimensional reality and choose to be there for much of their time, albeit still living in this three-dimensional world for now and able to shift between one and the other, will be vibrating at a much higher level than people still living in the third dimension with no awareness of the fifth.

Essentially the 4th dimension is where we exist vibrationally while we are in between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. It is the bridge over which we make the journey from one to the other. It’s actually where most of us are at this point in time.

In this vibration, we have a foot in both worlds so to speak. We are awake and aware of there being this other vibrational existence to which we aspire and are working towards. Yet we still spend a high proportion of our daily living in the dense energy of three-dimensional reality making our living, doing what we have to do to survive and so on.

In the beginning, we may have, say, 95% our consciousness in the old paradigm of reality which we are pegging as three-dimensional reality and only 5% in the new one. But as our awareness increases and we progressively expand our consciousness and raise our vibration the proportion changes until such time as it reaches around 50/50. At that point, we become more and more committed to the paradigm that connects us to the feeling quality of the fifth dimension. We are well on our way to being a luminary.

We are attracted to the energy of the fifth dimension because it is finer and less dense than that of the third. When we spend time here in the fourth, contemplating the fifth, life becomes more joyful and peaceful. It feels good to be on the far side of the bridge with the goal in sight. Having reached this point, we have become a luminary, determined to grow to the highest possible level and help shift the consciousness of the planet in the direction of fifth-dimensional reality.

We use the energy of the fourth dimension to cleanse the pain of the past, clear generational pain on behalf of the collective, balance any remaining karma from past lives and be of service to others. It’s a time for releasing all negativity and for practicing the spiritual discipline of trust and surrender, accepting what is, as is.

The focus is also on cleansing and re-building our bodies, making healthy choices, being true to ethical principles, healing our damaged planet, taking care of the flora and fauna that share our space on the Earth. All this raises our vibration.

It also about transforming the three-dimensional matrix of the 3D system like the legal system, the healthcare system, big corporations, corrupt government and so on, to where they embrace the frequencies and energies of the fifth dimension.

Obviously, no one person can do all of this, but as each one of us commits to doing the work on ourselves and being all that we can be as a luminary, the shift will happen. The higher our vibration, the greater the effect we shall have.

Thank you, Mr. Tipping. As always, I offer this…

with love and gratitude…

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