Here we are: the week that changes the year. We’ve still been living in 2020 energy even though the calendar date changed. But the energy doesn’t shift into the New Year until we reach the New Moon in Aquarius which signals the Chinese New Year (this year of the Metal Ox). This year, that date also heralds in The Age of Aquarius, full and proper!

While the Aquarian Age energy of harmony, equality, and humanity took over on December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius for the first time in 800 years, we have been in that limbo period of adjusting to the new reality without the presence of the old. It’s felt like we have freedom after years of confinement but are afraid to try to fly. Yet. That Great Conjunction started us on the path that has brought sanity to the world, even though there are many who are still living in fear. But not too many to change the course of the New Age of enlightenment, justice and truth from becoming prominent. While it might not seem so at the moment, it is inevitable.

Now, this week, we get that shift that we’ve been waiting for since the sixties introduced us to the concept of the Age of Aquarius. It’s been a long time coming and we’re finally here! But that’s not the only thing going on this week that changes 2020 into 2021. Here’s the breakdown in order of appearance:

  • Mercury retrograde
  • Saturn square Uranus
  • New Moon in Aquarius
  • Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox
  • Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

We’ve been in a MERCURY RETROGRADE since January 30 (until February 20), which brings its usual challenges of technical, travel, and communication glitches and the demand to slow down to look into self, which we rarely do. With the pandemic still restricting us (and unfortunately, too many fighting that restriction in arrogance), it’s just reinforcing that need, the left-over 2020 demand, to assess self. And it still tells us not to sign any legal document or buy any big-ticket items or expect things to go smoothly in communication, electronics and our personal lives, so take the usual precautions.

While the Mercury retrograde is the least of the events happening this week, from now on every astrological event will be felt more than it normally has as we physically, emotionally, and spiritually become more sensitive. Being affected by the mini-chaos that Mercury retrograde offers, every time it happens this year (again at the end of May and then at the end of September), it’s a major event. If we feel extra susceptible to its energy, it’s not the energy of it that has heightened, we are leveling up and feeling it more, as we will every astrological event, especially the Moons (New and Full) and the time right before them.

Then, on February 8, we start a month of the biggest challenges 2021 has to offer. SATURN SQUARE URANUS. This runs until March 2 with the peak on February 17. This is a square (conflict) between Saturn, representing status quo and conservatism, and Uranus, representing revolution and forced change, usually abruptly. We will see this daily as those in fear try to hold onto Piscean Age concepts to continue their power-over (“me”) ideology, versus those already in the Aquarian Age mindset of the inevitable enlightenment and equality, or the “we” ideology.

This challenge will happen two more times this year (in June and December) as a reminder of lessons learned in 2020 that have yet to be put into practice. While 2020 was one Great Negative Lesson, forcing us to face and change what no longer works or is acceptable (the epitome of Trump’s four-year purpose), 2021 will only have three months of the Great Negative Lesson as follow-up. It’s giving those who choose to remain stuck a final opportunity to wake up. I don’t see that they will, but that’s they’re choice. They’ve already had their power taken away. In this moment, they’re like Wile E. Coyote running off the cliff and pausing in sudden awareness that he’s going to fall before he actually does. The stuck people are now in that moment of awareness, which scares them all the more knowing they’re about to fall, so they scream their fear stronger and louder.

On February 11, we get the NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS, which also brings the CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE METAL OX (technically, February 11/12, depending on where you live in the world). Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson writes in his book, “The Astrology of 2021: Out of Darkness, Light”:

Oxen are known for their honesty, and Goddess knows how much we need truth after the pandemic of misinformation and fake news that spread in the world over the last five years. Ox brings to 2021 a great deal of stability, accountability, patience, and strength. Since the Ox is the second animal in the Chinese zodiac, the year could be good for relationships, partnership, and connections with significant others. The colors associated with the Ox are yellow and green (although wear red on that day and make sure in your house or office there are red objects).

Since it is a steady and hard-working sign, we can expect a slow and steady recovery with an emphasis on long-term goals. The element of Ox this year is metal, and it brings sharpness to the Ox, an Artificially Intelligent Buffalo, if you like. Metal can help with innovation and technology and the Ox makes these innovations practical.”

Please get his book—it helps us navigate through 2021 to the best of our ability as it tells us what’s going on and why we feel the way we do when we feel unusual.

And, as has been written before, February 11 (technically, February 10 through 12), we have the DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS, with seven planets in that sign: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athena/Minerva (considered a planet for this event). The last time this happened, we began the Renaissance Age. So look forward to not only a difference in density of energy and in easily wading through the fears of others, but finding meditating and connecting with Higher Source easier and more successful (and sometimes, exceedingly surprising and overwhelming in a good way).

While we will still be dealing with Saturn and Uranus battling it out when this first happens, our recognition of the New Age energy gives hope that we can get through anything. Enlightenment and a higher vibration now have our backs as angelic energy is more present and purposeful than ever before. The Arts in all forms will flourish, especially in summer, as will anyone genuinely in Metaphysics who are here to help.

Celebrate this opening if for no other reason than we made it! Those who were born in the Piscean Age with Aquarian Age vibes will feel the weight lifted as if we can hear the radio signal clearly instead of through static. The mother of one of my clients is 84 years old and finally started feeling comfortable in her own skin after the December 21 transition last year. She’s happier, physically feels better and is communicating with her daughter in a way she’s never done before. And she’s acknowledging her psychic ability which she’s kept hidden all her life for fear of judgment and condemnation. Her daughter can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on February 11!

Last year, we had an Aquarian Age enlightenment, or download, that took from the end of January to December 21 to complete. It wasn’t just getting our minds into a more equal way of thinking (left and right brain hemispheres working together instead of left being dominant). It was physically changing our bodies’ vibration to start us on our Aquarian Age journey of becoming less dense, heading us, at the end of the next two thousand years, to be as energetic as we are physical. This download sometimes made us feel unfocused, overwhelmed with emotion or exhaustion, and confused with reactions of self-doubt and self-judgment that made our lives difficult above and beyond what was going on around us.

That nearly year-long download is over. Everyone got it, whether or not they decided to accept or act on it. Now, 2021 enlightenments or downloads will be happening more often, for shorter duration and can be a lot more intense. We can feel completely disconnected, as if we can’t keep our minds in check or focused, for a day or a week (and judge ourselves accordingly) and then wake up the next morning being able to perceive on a higher level. Our kids are doing that, 84 year-old women are doing that. Our ground was sowed and now we’re ready for the planting.

2021 is another important year in human development, and it’s a huge transition for humanity to stand in human values. We don’t have to have everyone on the same page as quite a few are still “getting the memo”. But, as President Biden has said, we have enough of us (on the same page) and that makes the difference. The changes we experienced last year and will this year set us up for hundreds of years to come. Know that the next five years are significant in getting everyone into human awareness and unity, even those who have chosen to remain stuck. We all get there. Again, it is inevitable.

SIDEBAR: With Piscean Age leftovers still adhering to Trumpism in a desperation to hold on to the past to keep things the same, please know that he really is a non-issue and they’re just playing catch-up to that fact. I don’t believe he will be alive at the end of the year. It feels to me October brings change, but it can happen at any time. It was very interesting that the last Executive Order he made before he left office was to keep the Secret Service detail active for his entire family for six months. When I heard that, a possibility fell in line.

I don’t think he’s afraid of radical Aquarian Age thinkers coming after him, I think he’s afraid of Putin. He’s no longer useful to Putin except as a puppet to stir up trouble in our country and we have enough of that without Trump’s constant input. Those still following will be given a chance to step out of Trumpism on their own, but that cult will be put down permanently with his death. Just be a little suspicious if he dies of a heart attack as there has long been a drug to do that and it’s undetectable. Putin may have a final say in that before he is ousted from power.


In the Piscean Age, miracles were rare not only because of the path we were on in learning the two-thousand-year lesson, but because our linear, left-hemisphere-dominant thinking didn’t allow for the concept of miracles to happen unless they were rare. As we shift into balanced hemispherical thinking, miracles, Divine Intervention, angelic assistance, synchronicity and unlimited possibilites are now becoming the norm. They’ve been happening in 2020 but we’ve been too caught up in our transition to notice a lot of the time.

So, stop thinking logically and let your mind come into balance with its spiritual and creative side. Throw out the “shoulds” and judgment because that’s left-hemisphere dominant Piscean Age thinking. We can become conscious of how we think and change it purposefully which levels us up even further. Letting things flow equals letting miracles happen.

And be aware that the glut of young souls who reincarnated to take advantage of the karmic work possible in this lifetime are now part of the older generation. Our old souls coming in to teach and clean up the mess are now coming of age and will be doing so as this transition continues.

We’re in good hands, but given what we see and feel around us, and what the news tells us, it can certainly seem we’re on the brink of the Seventh Circle of Hell. We’re not even close. We’re just in transition. It’s that simple and that hard. The more we take this change seriously and don’t fight it or ignore it, the more it doesn’t have to be serious to get our attention.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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