LOSING CONTROL (It’s a good thing)


Mercury is now direct as of Sunday, January 8, ending the fourth of four retrogrades in 2016 and starting the four of four in 2017! Expect a little light-headedness, confusion, and an inability to concentrate this week as the oppressive energy is lifted. Even though this one was less oppressive than any of the others last year, these reactions are standard coming out of a retrograde.

Confusion will continue, however, and be added to emotionality and sensitivity as we head toward the Full Moon on Thursday, January 12. Then as the Full Moon energy hits on the twelfth, we can feel very lost. It’s a testy combination so be aware that the self-judgment and fear that have been lingering from 2016 can become pretty strong between the ninth and the twelfth. While we’re all tired of 2016’s Dark Cloud, this testy combo is a good thing because it’s the last purge-assisting energy we’ll have to get rid of what we don’t want to take into the new energy of 2017.

It’s an important time to pay attention to our own energy and what we’re not only picking up from others (consciously and unconsciously, i.e., piggybacking emotions), but what we’re sending out that can affect others. The evening of the Full Moon brings relief. It’s good to spend that time consciously recognizing love – of others and of self (as in “power-within” not ego). We’ll all feel better on the morning of Friday the Thirteenth! How we deal with that day depends on what we believe in.


During the 2,000 years of the Piscean Age while men learned how to be good fathers and leaders and developed their “power-over” abilities, women learned how to multitask and be supportive and developed their “power-within”. As with any lesson that lasts a long time and has many nuances, understanding can become self-indulgence. After the lessons were learned (and they have been, very well), while waiting for the new vibration of the Aquarian Age to clarify our next lesson, we’ve been in limbo hanging on to the old until the new showed up. Then when it did, the change was so profound, the first reaction was no way!!!!

That’s where we are now. While many embraced our new journey, many are still stuck.

The best way for the men to develop their “power-over” during the Piscean Age was to have actual power over everyone and everything. To be in control. The best way to control was through fear. Living with fear has been so ingrained in us for 2,000 years, we aren’t even aware our reactions and beliefs are rooted in it. We’ve developed the ability to deal with fear daily by being in control of whatever we can, even if that control is totally false.

Whenever energy has been at its roughest, I’ve gotten calls from clients desperately looking for insight because they suddenly wanted to move locations or change jobs when where they lived and worked was fine. It’s a basic reaction of trying to control what we can when we feel we have no control over our lives at all. We can’t change or run away from what’s going on energetically, but we want to do something. Once the energy passes, however, the desperation also passes.

Most of us aren’t aware why we get those desperate feelings. However, since the energy shifts are coming at us stronger and more frequently, it’s going to be a lot more helpful for ourselves and everyone on the planet if we work on becoming aware. Right now.

Being aware isn’t always that easy, though. We automatically thought “must control to survive” for 2,000 years, which was brought on by fear of what would happen if we weren’t prepared, which is a version of being in control. Even if we are consciously aware of the energetic changes going on now, we don’t always recognize when we’re holding onto the old concept.

Example: in dealing with a sociopathic ex-husband in a custody battle, the ex-wife wants to be in as much control as possible. That might seem to make her more prepared, but it can be harmful. She can’t control the court, the judge, her ex’s lies or the ex’s lawyer changing the court date at the last minute. If her preparations made her feel ready (in control as much as possible for fear of what happens if she isn’t), the change in court date throws her off, which is what her ex intended. It makes her feel more out of control so she then struggles to be in even more control while trying to recover. The cycle escalates until she’s in a frenzy and doesn’t recognize the real “why”.

That isn’t to say “don’t be prepared”. But “preparation” and “fear of not being prepared enough when we’ve done everything we can do” are very different.

We’re so used to having to control to survive, we’ve come to constantly and unconsciously try to control other people, their reactions, events and timing, even if it’s just in our own minds. How many times have we gone into a difficult situation with another person where we feel we’re totally prepared for what we’re going to say? Then it all falls apart because the other person didn’t react or speak the way we thought he would in our heads.

Trying to control timing, or think we’re controlling it, is the worst and yet easiest to recognize. Wanting to make something happen when we want it to (a job comes through, a new boy/girlfriend shows up) does nothing but give us a false sense of security for the moment.

Basically, needing this false sense of security not only shows how much fear is still part of our daily lives, but tells us how out of balance we are within ourselves. It also takes us away from our natural rhythm which gives us the intuitive sense of knowing that everything happens in its own time and that we’re all okay even when facing difficulty and challenge.

Fear and the desperation to control was well-earned last year and will be one of our greatest battles within ourselves this year. We will have the Piscean Age Poster Boy and his like-ego-minded hold-outs seemingly in charge. They’ll be trying to hang onto the old ways and their own “power-over” by eliminating any forward-moving, for-the-good-of-humankind-and-the-Earth action that was made over the last eight years. That is something to be afraid of (more on that next week).

But as I’ve written before, Spirit’s got it. The election was not a mistake. What’s coming is not because one man won the presidency. We’re all facing the challenge of breaking with the concepts and vibration of an Age that is already gone and embracing the concepts and vibration that are already here. This president’s actions are going to give us the greatest negative lesson we’ve ever had. And we all learn faster and better from a negative lesson than from a positive one.

This year is about the major transition of moving forward or, if we don’t, shooting ourselves in the foot. There are no other choices. If we’ve learned what the last ten years has been trying to teach us about self and self-awareness in the New Age, releasing the Piscean Age necessity of control for survival’s sake and learning to go with the flow helps us adapt and progress just as fast as the energy is shifting.

The truth is that the only thing we’ve ever been in control of is who we are and how we present it to the world. Who we are, how balanced we are within, how knowledgeable we are of the grander scheme of things and trusting we’re okay (even if we don’t like what’s going on day-to-day), puts us exactly where we need to be and keeps us safe and sane in a seemingly insane time.

Fear and control are heightened right now because they’re making us have to see where we are out of balance within ourselves. Last week I mentioned that now, more than any other time in our lives, it’s important to embrace the “Let Go, Let God” (or Goddess, Spirit, Creator) concept and trust– Creator, karma, self. By actively being aware of when we’re afraid of something we can’t control and how we try to control it, then trusting it’s there for a reason, helping us learn something, we make our journey into the Aquarian Age better and easier. Try it and see.

I offer this in love and gratitude…

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