Over the weekend, Venus went direct so the hardest part of spring (last week with Mercury also retrograde and a powerful Full Moon on Monday, April 10) has passed. Obviously, we still must be careful until Mercury is direct on May 3, but the oppressiveness of the compounded energy has lifted. With the New Moon coming next week (on Wednesday, April 26), we should finally feel Spring’s breath of fresh energy.

While the difficulty in communicating with partners was part of the Venus retrograde effect, it also potently challenged how we saw ourselves. Frequently, that came with a lot of self-judgment. We should start feeling better about ourselves if not immediately, than shortly. No retrograde is without purpose, no matter how annoying it is. If we remember what we faced during that last six weeks, we can see not only who we are in both good and bad aspects of ourselves more clearly, but how we affect others and the world.

On a bigger scale, one of the unpleasant side-effects of the monumental and accelerated shifts we’re experiencing, especially highlighted last week with all the emotional hits the compounded energy gave us, is a profound sense of loneliness. This is a deep reaction to waking up to our own transformation with the Age-to-Age transitions. It leaves us feeling isolated, even among family and friends we’ve previously felt very close to.

Many clients have expressed their loneliness in the last few months, surprised at the feeling and its intensity because they’ve never encountered it on this scale. Most people blame themselves first, or feel they must be doing something wrong, which is a natural human reaction, at least in this society. Some younger souls blame others and go on the offensive, attacking those around them. They don’t recognize “loneliness” as they’ve stopped being consciously aware of any feeling that isn’t good. Some also feel like a victim and, again, turn that on themselves.

And yet the reason for this loneliness is not a personal emotional “problem” or a rash of people turning against us. It’s a much more profound issue relating to the profound times we’re living in.

On December 21, 2012 (the “End of the World”, remember?), the Earth had a birthday that was 26,000 years in the making. She lifted her vibration to a highly refined state as part of her personal growth. We as humans must vibrate at the same level as the Earth does or we don’t belong here. We are in a symbiotic relationship with our planet that is all about personal enlightenment heading toward our perfection as souls.

Sometimes, human beings lift our vibe (as we did in the Renaissance Period) and the Earth follows us. Sometimes, far more rarely, the Earth shifts and we follow her. This time, hers was a leap as if across the Grand Canyon when all we can ever do is take it step by small step. Her shift in 2012 was and is huge – a 26,000 year event – and will be impacting us for generations. We haven’t had this kind of vibrational demand of us in living memory.

With the vibration of the energy changing by the minute, we all adapt as best we know how (consciously, yes, but mostly subconsciously). That adaptation – or shift in our own vibe to match the changing vibe of the Earth – is accelerated or delayed based on individual experiences, current life, past life, age of soul, karma and choice. Young souls who are lost in the speed and requirement of these changes adapt much slower (or not at all) than older souls who have been there, done that.

The point is that every individual, even those who are twins, are on a much more separate journey now. People who have been extremely close, such as a newly married couple who are very much in love, can find themselves feeling lonely for what seems like no apparent reason. Best friends for forty years can feel the separation without anything concrete happening to change the friendship. Isolation, self-doubt, self-recrimination, sorrow, anger and/or resentment creep in. We’re not used to taking the time to deal with the depth of this situation, so we are left with the feeling of loneliness as we go through our daily lives.

If we recognize the feeling for what it is – an individual growth of personal vibration – and not a version of loneliness we’ve all felt at one time or another, it makes it easier to get through this. Shifts like this always come in waves and we’re on the crest of one right now. After Mercury goes direct, the wave will settle down and the severity of the loneliness with ease up. But it won’t go away.

We are in a time of demanding human evolution. While these vibrational shifts are very personal, they’re also helping us form where humans fit in the big scale of things as one of many lifeforms on the planet. It’s important work, both personally and for all life.

On a day-to-day basis, the loneliness can manifest with a heart-felt pull to connect with someone close yet we can end up feeling very unsatisfied, as if we’re each talking a different language, or we don’t have the words to explain how we really feel. Explaining using standard descriptions falls very short because what we’re experiencing now is so much more than that. For those who have never understood depression, this loneliness gives us a taste of what others who do go through all the time.

Those who are already connected with self, with a strong sense of spirit/energy and the Earth herself, who have chosen to come here at this time to help with the transition, are having a harder time. We’re feeling the loneliness within self, within those around us and of the Earth herself (yes, the Earth can feel lonely).

Anytime there is a shift in awareness, such as when coming to a revelatory understanding of Creator within any spiritual practice, there is a separateness that keeps us from vibing with our normal group of people. We’re vibing with Creator or angelic energy, which can feel as if we’re flying high, but we’re trying to get those we love to join us and feel that “high” when it isn’t their time to lift off the ground. This is like that experience except on steroids.

The answer is to work with and allow the higher vibration to become our vibration because fighting it doesn’t change it or make it go away. Fighting it, resenting it, wishing it away without facing it only makes things worse. In this year of “Go With The Flow” or “Let Go, Let God”, this is the time to do that. The more you accept and carry on without resentment, even while feeling lonely, the easier and faster we get through this.

Give ourselves a break. Growth is hard, especially when we’ve never experienced anything similar before (in conscious memory). Concentrate on what we need within our own vibrations and let those around us find their own way. We can’t change another’s vibration and awareness. We can only be comfortable in our own, which shows the way for others who might not know how. Be aware that some people we are close to will be unable to match the vibe-challenge in front of them. That may mean we lose those people from our lives, not through death but because we no longer understand each other.

As Gandhi says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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