It has been said (and shown in hilarious pictures) how animals (pets) look like their humans.

Part of the job of our animals is to take on the out-of-balance energy of their humans and channel it into the Earth or into the aether to help heal us. But there are other, deeper lessons they teach us if we care to pay attention.

Assuming everything that happens is karmic and has a reason, even in small ways (and I do), there are innately purposeful reasons we have our animals in our lives. Not only are they with us to give us companionship, healing and, most of all, unconditional love that we don’t get from anywhere else in the same way, they also reflect who we are. Not just in how they are happy due to love, or angry and afraid due to abuse, but personality-wise (and health-wise, too). Whether that is Nature vs. Nurture, I’m finding it to be true more and more.

Our animals are constantly giving us loving, furry bio-feedback. And we can access and use the information anytime. All we have to do is look.

So try this experiment and I bet you’ll learn something about yourself you didn’t know (or remember).

Make a list of your current animal(s). Then include those you’ve had throughout your life, whether they are passed or are living with someone else. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t personally choose the animal (as in you were born into a family that already had animals) because you chose that family and those animals before you came in.

Starting with the animals who are with you now, describe them with adjectives or in short phrases – both their physical and personality attributes, and their health issues (if there are any). Here is an example of how I describe my current cats (according to descending age):

Luna – 17, blonde, pretty, delicate, small and extremely soft like a bunny. Very, very sweet, psychic, understanding, loving, patient. Always puts me first. Currently suffering with kidney issues, a heart murmur and arthritis.

Gus – 16, black and white, sturdy, solid, a real guy, thick fur. Stubborn, affection his way, frustrated, never gets enough, stuck, angry and possessive of me. Can be violent against Katie and Luna. Bites without caring that his love-bites hurt no matter how many times I let him know. Deaf, with the beginnings of kidney issues but otherwise healthy.

Katie – 8, Bengal tabby, black and brown with stripes and spots, solid, cushy and soft. Wraps herself around my arm or neck or legs, depending on how we sleep together. Very affectionate, very definite, a lot to say, playful, lonely but self-sufficient, possessive of me, adventurer, brave in Nature, not so much in civilization or with other people. In good health except for being slightly overweight.

Emma – 3, black and white, very small, lean and slim, delicate, very fast. Sweet, innocent, loving, trusting to a point (more than she should be according to statistics about rescued feral kittens), a sweet voice when she’s in heat, silent when not in heat, quiet sense of humor, scared (from early this life and past life trauma). Never spayed due to her incredible fear. Hides a lot. Good health.

Once you have the list complete, go back over it and read what you wrote as if it’s describing you. Take in the things that might not seem to fit – like the fur color, or stripes and spots – without being literal. Black and white can indicate a condition of being in balance, being able to see both sides of something, or being in opposition. Blonde can be seen as the stereotypical vision of beauty (which Luna is) or a dumb airhead (which she is not). The Bengal black and brown with the unusual pairing of stripes and spots can indicate a different kind of attractiveness, or one who adapts to varying situations.

Even if some of the descriptions don’t seem to apply to how you see yourself, look deeper and I bet you’ll find they all apply in some way. Perhaps not to how you are right now, but how you were growing up. Some attributes that are core to us can take a back seat as we get older and have to fit into society. Someone who was very sweet as a child may have put that sweetness away in order to survive in a chosen dog-eat-dog profession. That doesn’t mean the sweetness isn’t there. It means it’s not active in how we are presenting ourselves currently. And sometimes, we all need to be reminded of who we are at our core because functioning in the day-to-day can make us forget.

Regarding the health issues, use either Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” or Vianna Stibal’s “ThetaHealing Diseases and Disorders” to figure out how the state of your animal’s body is telling you something about yourself. This doesn’t have to be a direct reflection of the state of your body (i.e. deafness in your cat doesn’t mean you are going deaf). It can be more of a suggestion of what to look at to avoid an issue.

As Vianna Stibal writes about Hearing Impairment:

“The ears are an important processor for intuitive information. Do you hear what you should? Do you have any blocks to hearing other people? Do you accurately perceive what is best for another person? Are you tuning out the world because you don’t want to hear things that will hurt you? Are you giving the other people in your life a chance to be heard? It’s common that very stubborn, headstrong people actually create their own hearing loss. Is that where you’re headed?”

Without getting into specifics, my descriptions of my cats have turned out to be very accurate for who I am, where I’ve come from, what I’ve forgotten about myself and what I need to face within to be the person I’d like to be.

When your animals behave in certain ways that you notice, whether it’s being very affectionate or sweet or insistent or angry, know it’s a reflection of you. That reflection can be a temporary reaction to the energy you’re putting off in the moment, or it can be the mirror of life-long issues. It can also be pointing up lessons you had decided to face when you came into this life which you since might have thrown to the side. Now they might need more attention.

So please try to notice what your animals are telling you about yourself. I’d appreciate hearing how this experiment goes for you, so please email me at lauriecjohnson@yahoo.com.

With love and gratitude…

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