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Did you feel something hit the fan on Tuesday? Or Wednesday? Or Thursday or Friday? What a week! I had five emergency readings on Tuesday and several others throughout the rest of the week that were all based on fear. The fear that surfaced was bad enough yet none of it was new. But an unidentified energy exploded some deepest fears for certain people until they became unbearable and uncontainable. That brought severe over-reaction, freak-out, or in some cases, meltdown.

It hit on Tuesday with the rest of the week riding the wave like an atomic blast followed by nuclear fallout. When I looked at the wave closer, I realized it wasn’t influenced by our Moon or planetary activity, which is always the first thing I check. It felt like it was a sudden and intense release, like the bottom dropping out of a pressure cooker.

We’ve been tensed up for most of this year, keeping our radar on High Alert with our spidey-senses at their maximum level to protect us (and our children, and sometimes our lovers/spouses) from the chaos of others while we were going through our own lessons. We’ve gotten so used to that inner pressure-driven attentiveness, it’s become second nature. When the energy that required it let go, our need to keep those barriers up dropped away like two people who equally push on opposite sides of a door. When one suddenly steps away, the other falls through. A lot of people were falling this week.

It got better as the week wore on, as we adjusted to being in a void of lessons, but the lingering fear was intense. There are times when no matter how self-aware we are, fear can plow through all defenses and shake us up.

Gratefully, when we moved into December on Saturday, everything felt completely different. There was a deep calmness and peacefulness that settled in. It felt permanent to me, not another wave that would pass within days. While we still have some time before the energy shifts into 2019 activity and success (on February 5 – Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Pig/Boar), I think we’ve been given a break – just in time for the holidays to be filled with genuine celebration rather than the forced need to be happy.


With the calmness and peacefulness becoming the norm, our only completion of challenging energy for the rest of the year is this week until Mercury goes direct on Thursday, December 6. This will be very good news for holiday travelers (no Mercury-driven miscommunication or airline snafus) but be aware we still might experience brain fog while we’re adjusting to this release. Basically, have patience (which will be easier after Thursday than it has been all year). Keep calm and carry on. Or as Douglas Adams wrote: “Don’t Panic!”

With Mercury direct, we will begin a rare time when none of the planets in our solar system are retrograde until January 6 when Uranus goes retrograde. Since that is an outer planet and moves slowly, it will not affect us day to day – it will have more influence on our societal growth. The next retrograde won’t happen until March 5 (Mercury again) so enjoy being influence-less for a while. Friday brings a time for us to release, recap, and recoup for the upcoming speed of 2019.

We also have a New Moon in Sagittarius late on December 6/early December 7 (depending on your time zone) to start this new energy out with a cleansing and a growing awareness of next year’s unstoppable action. Remember Jupiter is in its home of Sagittarius until December 2019 so expansion, good luck and success will be prevalent.

However, a lot of us will feel a little stunned or stupid for the rest of this year which happens whenever the pressure of a long lesson lets go. Have you ever noticed when driving on a road that has recently been paved but has yet to have the center line repainted, that most people don’t know how to visualize where the line would be so they are all over the road? That’s where we are now. Out attention is split with leftover weariness from the year’s intensity combined with holiday planning/celebrating and finishing our karmic catch-up. We can’t see a line to follow yet, but it is there. We see it when we need it.

So enjoy being stupid. It provides a great advantage of not having to be aware of every little thing. We not only need it, we deserve it.


Not all of us are going to experience this peace. While we will all feel a release, those who refused to learn what was in front of them this year will continue to struggle, although their issues will get harder and harder to put off on others. Still, everyone “gets” the lessons of this year but some cannot or will not put them into practice until they reincarnate. Those still in a level of crisis mode, especially friends and family, can influence us in negativity only if we let them. Know they are their own worst enemy and nothing anyone can do can help. So let them be. Let go of responsibility for anyone but your children. Take a break from holding up loved ones. If we choose to pick that up again next year, give it a break now while the energy is easier.

We may lose friendships as we come out from under this year’s pressure. We might not be able to recognize certain friends and family members as we have all grown (or not grown) with the challenges forced on us. Unfortunately, that’s the way of the world. Everyone is on a different level of learning (or not learning). People who may have seemed equal to us in all things – energy, sensibilities, actions, attention – may now seem unrecognizable. It’s not that we were wrong about them before, it’s that we’ve all changed. Not everyone changes in the same way or at the same speed. It helps to practice distant compassion and understanding now without taking on their chaos.

One last note about karmic catching-up: many have been experiencing physical manifestations of the stress we’ve been under, mostly those who are sensitive and open to energy and vibrations. It has manifested in severe insomnia, undiagnose-able health issues and old issues resurfacing. The physical problems that are because of this year’s energy should ease up now. If they still persist or linger, then we simply need to release our self-judgment and know we are all perfectly fine exactly the way we are.

The end of this week brings a time of being able to balance out our new selves, a time of relaxing and renewing. And a time of enjoying not just the holidays but the positive shift in energy 2019 will bring.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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