Last week was a doozy. We finished the impeachment trial which turned out as expected but with little flourish or importance because the Trump roller-coaster ride is done. It may not seem like it at the moment because his leftover impact is still being covered by the news, and his followers are scrambling to find a place to belong (which they can’t do by screaming louder than anyone else but seem to think they can). But he’s done.

As I mentioned last time, he and his acolytes are like Wile E. Coyote after he’s run off the cliff. They’re in that moment when gravity hasn’t hit him yet and he looks at the camera realizing what he’s done and what’s going to happen next, which is his fall, and he can’t prevent it. It’s inevitable. So, wait for it. We’ll all see it happen in real time.

We are still divided, and we’re playing not just for the stakes of this country but for all of humankind. Our powerful hole-card is that we’re in full-on Aquarian Age now and that underlying energy and vibration of equality, harmony and humanity is more powerful than any individual. There will still be yelling, specifically during the next couple of months, but it’s really just hot air which the old fear mindset maintains. Step out of fear, step out of Trump and the Piscean Age. Those in fear identify themselves more everyday. Let them do it. It sorts itself out.

That doesn’t mean avoid doing something to stop voter suppression or racism or inequality. It just means there are energies that have our backs and are helping us everyday and they are more powerful than the loudest and most fearful blowhard.

Winter storms swept through state after state to remind us we have power over nothing and are still, after 2020 lessons, less prepared for challenge and change than we think we are. Until we get on top of that, and we easily can, we’ll keep getting these kind of reminders.

Texas had it extra hard because it’s still choosing to be stuck in the power-over Piscean Age mindset, which now seems is on steroids (part of the leftover Trump-effect). What better lesson can we get than understanding we can’t control the weather? Even for those who don’t believe in climate change, we’ve never been in control of the weather as long as we’ve been on this planet.

And we finished the week with Mercury retrograde making its energy felt up until the last second until it went direct (or rather stationary) over the weekend. That had a lot to do with the stupidity of response in Texas government and the private owners of the power systems to the ongoing crisis, and their stubbornness in reacting slowly or not at all. If it costs them money to change, their response is to ignore and obfuscate and people will eventually forget and “this won’t happen again, or will happen so long in the future, we won’t have to be responsible til then”. No, that’s not going to happen. The last “generational” storm was ten years ago. It won’t take ten years for this to happen again. If Texas and their independently owned power systems don’t listen to the people now, they have no choice in the near future, but they can make things bad for a lot of people until then.

The next Mercury retrograde comes May 29 through June 22 but we are at this moment retrograde-free until April 27 (then, it’s Pluto’s turn). Once the Saturn/Uranus dance ends on March 2 (see below), we are given some recuperation time from the last fourteen months. That doesn’t mean we sit it out and wait til the next lesson hits us in the face with a sledgehammer, as much as it suggests we take what we learned, or were trying to learn from the 2020 experience, and build our changes on it now to create our New Normal! Well, after March 2, anyway.

We’re still in the throes of the contradicting aspect of Saturn square Uranus (status quo and conservatism vs. revolution, change and progress) that started on February 8 and ends on March 2. Both are incredibly strong planetary influences that this time bring noticed change (when normally the larger planets at play usually feel like an under-the-surface change). Their clash brings things to a dangerous head for us to clear the air for inevitable change to happen. Saturn doesn’t care about change but holds its own like a fortress. Uranus doesn’t care about fortresses, it brings battering rams and catapults and does not stop!

Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson writes in his book, “The Astrology of 2021: Out of Darkness, Light”: “Saturn square Uranus. Most challenging aspect of this year. Will take place three times. Economic difficulties, high unemployment, indecisiveness, forces of progress clash with conservatives. Young versus old, left against right.” Guess he called that one.

Luckily, instead of having an entire year of conflict as we did in 2020, this square happens three times this year (next starting on June 14 and lastly on December 24) for less than thirty days at a time. It does the world and us so much good in breaking down the old and clearing the path for the new, but we don’t always like how that happens because we can’t control it. Still, be aware this is only happening three times this year instead of throughout the entire year. It’s like we get the Saturn/Uranus download with a splitting headache that we then get to recover from and put healing lessons into practice so the next time, it won’t be as bad.

Unfortunately, how bad it gets is dependent on group consciousness (or lack thereof), not as dependent on the individual. And as we know, not everyone is choosing to get the memo. So we may get sledgehammered two more times before this year is done with us.

With us struggling to pull ourselves out of the leftover fog of 2020 intensity, even with the Age of Aquarius in full bloom now, a lot of us felt lost last week with a general lack of clarity and control over our lives, along with feeling dissatisfaction, impatience, and aggravation, which wasn’t helped by the end-of-Mercury-retrograde-push and the loss of control many of us experienced during the storms, whether that was because of the unexpected and extreme cold and snow/ice over many states or the clusterfuck that happened (and is still happening) in Texas.

When there is an emergency situation, generally the first thing to go is manners and concern for others because people get into a self-survival or family-survival mentality. With the Piscean Age mindset still lingering, that means extreme reactions to anyone not me! What has been so amazing and telling in an Aquarian Age way is the number of people and groups who had no responsibility that stepped up and took responsibility for others while those who had responsibility failed. Thank you AOC for raising $3.2 million and giving it directly to those who need it. Thank you Ted Cruz for once again proving why you don’t need to be a Senator anymore.

While the Biden administration did not drop the ball, the government and those responsible in the state of Texas did. Still, take the interviews with the current FEMA acting head, Bob Fenton, (leftover from Trump’s administration until Biden’s choice is confirmed). He did not answer questions when asked why generators that FEMA delivered to Texas were still sitting in the loading dock. He never touched it but spouted prepared rhetoric as Trump’s people usually have while AOC and other people and groups were already handing out food and water. That’s a very clear indication of us moving forward with fearful, stuck people still trying to put chains on our ankles.

Overall hint for what last week was teaching us: Go with the flow! Adapt! Know and rely on self! Kindness over hate! Know thyself! Trust!


While the Saturn/Uranus square will continue to break up Piscean Age constructs this week, how hard or easy that affects each individual depends on what we’ve learned from the 2020 lessons. The more we are able to see the bigger picture (far-sight…history didn’t start when you were born), know we are in a time of the biggest and most intense change humankind has ever experienced (perspective), and chill out (trust there are higher powers at work here and we have angelic help every day), the better we will be able to handle the chaos we see around us this week.

The news does its job but is still stuck in seeing things in the Piscean Age way. Take that into account when watching, no matter what station it is. Things are not dire, they are in flux. And that flux has a theme which is changing old into new, even if the focus of the reporting is from the old stuck perspective.

We can still feel stuck this week and lost and without clarity, but mostly that’s going to be due to it being the last week of this square. Again, no more retrograde lessons til the end of April. However, we do have a Full Moon coming next Saturday, February 27, which brings release of what’s been going on since the last Full Moon on January 28 and that covers a lot! But before that release, it will bring high emotions no matter how attuned we are (especially for those highly attuned).

So when we’re feeling unusual emotions or unusually high reactions to things, know where it’s coming from. If we can’t find an obvious source, try to avoid pinning it on self in some way and know we’re picking up fear, sorrow and loss from others. It won’t make the heaviness of the emotions go away, but if we understand what’s going on, we can handle it better. And please avoid taking out these emotions or blaming anyone around you. There is no fault here. There is change and everybody’s involved.


I was lucky to have never lost power or water last week, but my internet and landline were out until late Thursday, which given the state of others’ suffering, was barely an inconvenience. I lived half my life in the northeast or northern midwest so the snow and ice didn’t freak me out as it did a lot of Texans who had never seen it like this (it was a record breaker for Austin with three degrees on Tuesday night).

I also was well trained in emergency preparedness having lived in Los Angeles for twenty-five years so I always have three weeks’ worth of food and water, and had restocked my active water supply the day before we got the “boil water” notice (which we’re still under). Unlike many of my fellow Texans, I have survived this well, except that I felt the fear and sorrow like it was an EMP (Electomagnetic Pulse) blast all week.

I’m finding that my ability to have clarity when I want to write these newsletter is foggy of late and I realize that I might need a bit of a break. So please be aware if these posts don’t go out every week, it is me taking that break. If I have something relevant to say, I’ll post. If I don’t, or I’m not clear on what I want to say, I’ll wait until I do. We made it through 2020. We’re making it through the beginning of the 2021 transition. We still have chaos coming into order in a big way until the end of May, so hold on.

Thanks for reading and for commenting.

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  • I found this very helpful! Thank you. Please take care of yourself and glad to hear you were not too inconvenienced by the storms. I am grateful when you do post- and no pressure for weekly❤️ just know I love your posts

  • I like what you said about every news outlet…they all have amnesia. With the finger pointing going on about the Jan. 6 Insurrection, and blame being put on the Pentagon and “intelligence”, I can’t believe that NO ONE, not even Rachel, refers to the removal of the Pentagon head in December and other personnel changes within the military before the Insurrection, replacing these heads of vast agencies with people of no experience or distinction. This is not a meaningless coincidence but for some reason no one wants to point to the obvious. This is a direct result of our all, collectively, having “made it OK” to look the other way to gross atrocities committed by the completely unsuited one we elected to be Commander in Chief in 2016. There’s no mystery here; political power rules, still, not us, hence the complete disconnect with common sense…

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