While we’re making our biggest humanity transition this lifetime, this decade, last year and this year, this week and today, where the growth of humankind supersedes the growth of the individual, we can still do our inner work, even though it may not seem to have an immediate effect. It does. So much energy is shifting within and without us, we may not be able to feel our inner work giving us peace because the outer world chaos is so strong.

While we may not think it, we learned a lot about ourselves in 2020, not just on the surface as “normal” life was changed and we had to face things we haven’t faced in this lifetime. The energy/vibration changed us within but the changes are so deep, we might not have been able to integrate them into our consciousness. This year, we can.

On a general note, the chaos will continue this week. I believe there may be a spat of intended violence, but I don’t think it will be even close to what happened on January 6. That will take a while to sort out. The Inauguration will happen, we get a new president and vice-president and the Aquarian Age energy will start to calm things down. Not completely, because the lessons we’re facing, specifically, the lessons that the younger souls alive right now are facing, are major. And we have a Pluto return for the United States coming, which is us redefining our place in the world. As we can tell from all the turmoil among our citizens, we’re starting to work that out ahead of time.

Meanwhile, when we’re all being forced to take a break one way or another with the pandemic ramping up for its run to the end of May, doing our inner work not only gives us peace in the turmoil, but connects us with the new vibration of the Earth and prepares us for the changes to come. I’ve written about this before but I feel it’s important to repeat and repeat until we get it…about how our own personal energy makes a difference on everyone and everything. We have to be in harmony with the Earth or we really don’t belong here. And she’s not waiting for us or helping us. It’s up to each one of us, and “us” as a collective, to pull each other up.

But that works in a lot of ways. The first is to be aware of self as completely as possible. Most of us aren’t. And that doesn’t just mean the young souls on the planet. Our society has required us to pay attention to what’s happening outside us more than inside. We’re affected by local, national and world events and other people’s energy far more than we need to be. But most of us weren’t taught to do it any differently. Now’s the time to change that.

Given that, are you aware of how you affect others? Are you aware when you’re in a justifiably bad mood how that energy hits anyone around you? Most of us don’t think about it. Young souls are only thinking about how things effect them, not on how they affect others. The rest of us are thinking about just getting through the day or our mood or the problem. But look at it this way: when smoking was at its zenith, no one was aware about how secondhand smoke affected others. Even when the damage it did was discovered, smokers didn’t want to admit it because it meant they had to be aware of how their habit affected others and change that. It took laws from non-smokers to limit the damage by limiting the smokers’ access to everyone else.

And it wasn’t just one smoker affecting a partner or smokers on planes affecting Flight Attendants. The non-smokers effected then had an impact on their family because of their health issues, on their work, on the medical profession, on the insurance companies and on the tobacco companies in a domino effect. So it had to be force-ably curtailed.

But no one is going to curtail how someone’s negative energy is going to affect another. It’s going to take quite a while for that awareness to come to the surface and then how to you make a law to affect an energy exchange? Won’t happen. Won’t be needed, even though it is now.

Part of our growth in humanity is to become human. To be aware of ourselves and how we affect and fit with others and the planet. Even those who have already been working on it are still growing and expanding awareness and sensitivity. With the Aquarian Age vibration raising our innate vibration, we’re all lifting up to become aware, even those young souls who are riddled with fear about the changes.

The fastest way to achieve any kind of self-awareness is to meditate in whatever way best suits and is easiest to get started. For those who meditate, expand what you already do to include other modes. For those who are new to it, if we take only a few minutes a day at key times to get into self we connect with the higher vibes of the planet and find ease that smooths out the underlying fear that is still pervasive right now. Easing your personal vibration affects not only yourself but the people around you in the same but opposite way being angry or crazy does. We’re going to be working on awareness and control of how we affect others for quite a while. The more we do for inner selves, the more we stop making other lives difficult, even if we’re not aware we’re doing it.

In 2012 when we started this great transition with “The End of the World” (which was and wasn’t), an image came to me that consistently explained what was going on. On December 21 of that year, it felt as if all of mankind was thrown into a raging river. Eighty per cent of the people tried to swim upstream to where they were thrown in to get back to their “normal” but they were swept along with the current, fighting it all the way, some of them drowing. Others relaxed, laid on their backs, trusted the river and allowed it to take them where they needed to be. They watched the sky and heard the rushing water of change and the birds heralding their journey. They found the current by not trying to find their current and were taken exactly where they needed to be in a way they wouldn’t have found for themselves.

In honor of that imagery, here is a quick guided meditation that can help us attain a feeling of security in the vast chaos, if you need one. If this kind of meditation is new to you, there is some preparation that helps. Record this and play it back so you can be in the moment. Or have someone read it to you. Take your time with the imagery. Avoid forcing it, let it come. If you don’t get anything clearly, let it be and move on. It’s there but our conscious mind may be unable to bring it to the surface at the moment.

Before you begin, make sure you’re in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Give yourself time to do this or you’ll be thinking about what you have to do in five minutes that stops the full effect of letting go. Sit or lay comfortably without legs or arms being crossed. Take several deep cleansing breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and feel your muscles relax. Close your eyes and let yourself fall inward. Then…


Imagine yourself on the bank of a river. Be aware of your surroundings. You are outside, but where? Are you in the country, in a city? Do you recognize the place? Do you recognize the river? What do you see when you look three hundred sixty degrees around you? Is it sunny or cloudy? How does the air feel? Is it cool or warm? What do you smell? What do you hear? How do you feel, physically? Are you comfortable? Warm? Cool? How do you feel emotionally? Are you filled with the chaos of the world or at peace, anxious, anticipating? What is your intuition telling you?

Focus on the river itself. How wide is it? How active is it? Can you see white water on top from the water’s reaction to the bed underneath? How fast is it moving? This is your path to your own enlightenment and awareness by connecting with the vibrations of the Earth so know its importance. It is the River of Life. Your River of Your Life.

Without hesitation, jump in. Immediately be aware of the temperature of the water. Even if you expected it to be cold, it may be comfortable. It’s your river, after all. Avoid trying to swim. Lay on your back and find a comfortable position that lets the river take you where you need to be.

Be aware of what you see around and above you. Are the banks within easy distance to reach? Are there trees or building on the banks? What do you hear besides the rush of water? What do you see directly above you? What do you smell? What does the water taste like? What do you feel, physically first—is the river going too fast or too slow? Is it easy for your body to float with it? Are you cold or warm in the water? Is it caressing you or shoving you about? What do you feel emotionally? Is there a feeling of anxiety or ease? Do you trust the river? Do you trust yourself? Are you comfortable with the flow taking charge of your life?

Be aware of the current of the river moving you from one side to the other. It feels like a gentle hand of water is pushing you slightly sideways and lifting you from underneath. Feel the differences in the temperature of water as you are moved. They’re slight but they’re there. Feel the differences in the speed of the water from one area to the other. Feel how comfortable you are in each one of these locations.

Then you find a location that suits you perfectly and you stay in it. It’s the right temperature, the right speed and you feel uplifted and at home at the same time. Relax into having found your personal current.

Feel the water caress your entire body, easing aches and pains, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Take a deep breath and release it and everything tight inside you. Breathe in the ease. Lift your head a little from the water to see where you’re going. Is it more country or more city? You can see a light there that anticipates your arrival even though you can’t really tell what it is or how far away it is.

Feel the excitement of being taken exactly where you need to be, to a time and place that will be exactly right for you. Trust the river. Trust yourself. Trust the timing. Trust also that all is revealed in its own time and if you need to know ahead of time, you will know. Be one with the river. You belong there. You belong in your life exactly where you are. You belong. Give yourself time to enjoy and embrace the feeling.

When you’re ready, take a deep cleansing breath and allow yourself to come back into your body. One at a time, slowly move your toes, feet, ankles, knees, hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and head to bring yourself back to the physical world. Then open your eyes, breathe deeply again, and get on with your day or night.

This meditation purposefully does not take you to a finale because our finales are yet to be written. And we wouldn’t be able to perceive them as we are right now because so much is changing, rules of how things progress aren’t the same as they were. Remember, every time something wonderful has happened to you, you usually never saw it coming. Trust that that’s where we all are now.

Wishing us all a New United States this week and awareness coming to all, no matter how that manifests itself.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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